Amy Garden Weighted Blanket Review

Weighted blankets are all over the place these days and people are raving about the benefits that they have experienced after sleeping under one, from faster sleep to fresh and productive mornings, weighted blankets are helping a lot.

Amy Garden is one of the top weighted blanket brands out there, it has so many positive reviews and many customers are happy with their purchases and experiences with the product, so that’s why we have decided to give the blanket a full review so you can gain more insights into the blanket and decide for yourself whether it is a suitable choice for your needs.

Check the Amy Garden weighted blanket and continue reading the review to learn more about it.

Weight Options

Amy Garden offers 5 weight options for their weighted blankets and they are:

  • 5? lbs
  • 10 lbs
  • 12 lbs
  • 15 lbs
  • 20 lbs

Choosing the weight is the most important step when you are buying a weighted blanket, this is why you are buying it in the first place.

The recommended guideline for choosing the weight is that to choose the weight of the blanket to be 10% of the weight of the user of the blanket so that it becomes:

  • 5lbs for 30-70lbs person
  • 10lbs for 80-120lbs person
  • 12lbs for 100-140lbs person
  • 15lbs for 120-180lbs person
  • 20lbs for 170-230lbs person

This is just a guideline and it’s not a hard rule to follow. If your doctor have recommended a specific weight for your case then you should go with your doctor recommendation.

The important thing to note when choosing weight is that a lot of people experiences with weighted blankets get ruined because they’ve picked the wrong weight.

A too heavy weighted blanket might make you feel trapped under it and it will probably have a negative effect on your sleeping instead of helping out.

So my recommendation to you, if it’s your first time trying weighted blankets and you still don’t know what your preferences are, is to go with lighter weights and try it out, and you can always upgrade to heavier weights if you want.

Filling Of The Blanket

Amy Garden fill their weighted blankets with glass beads, one of the two most common filling options for weighted blankets and the higher quality one.

Glass beads are extremely tiny pieces of glass that have the texture of sand, which makes the blanket feel really smooth and soft. They are also tiny in size so the blanket takes less space when it’s filled with glass beads compared to other fillers.

The other filling option available on the market is poly-pellets. poly-pellets are small and round pieces of plastic that have a texture similar to tiny pebbles, they are the more economic option that allow the manufacturer to reduce the cost of the blanket considerably.

Fabric Of Amy Garden Weighted Blanket

Amy Garden is made of cotton, which one of the best choices to go with in weighted blankets. Cottons main advantage in weighted blankets is the breathability, it doesn’t warm you up or trap heat inside itself so temperature is not that high when you are sleeping under it.

Keeping the blanket in the right temperature will allow your body to relax and fall into sleep and stay asleep. If the temperature of the blanket is high you probably won’t be able to sleep well and your sleep will be interrupted quite often because the high temperature of the blanket won’t make you feel comfortable.

So cotton adds breathability to your blanket so it doesn’t trap heat and it allows the user to sleep well.

What Customers Have Loved About The Blanket

What made the customers love the Amy Garden weighted blanket is that it actually solved their problem, many people have slept better, longer, and faster after sleeping under the blanket.

People suffering from insomnia and sleep apnea and those that sleep have been a trouble for them, the blanket helped improving the situation if not eliminating it completely.

Also, people suffering from anxiety have benefited from the blanket since it is able to reduce anxiety and provide a comforting feeling that helps you overcome the hard moments when anxiety hits.

The comforting and relaxing feeling that the Amy Garden weighted blanket offers has helped many, kids and adults, improve their sleeping, reduce their anxiety, and relieve the stress over their shoulders.

Common Causes Of Dissatisfaction

Even though the majority of customers have loved the product and are happy with what they’ve got, it’s important to look at what made the customers dissatisfied in order to know what to expect.

One cause of dissatisfaction is that the blanket is dry clean only, it’s not machine washable, so you will have to buy a duvet cover for that. The duvet cover will make the task of washing the blanket a lot easier since all you are going to have to do is take of the cover and put it in the washing machine, instead of washing the whole blanket.

The other common cause of dissatisfaction is the low durability of the blanket. Even though lots of the customers have endorsed the durability and quality of the blanket, there are some customers who have complained about the same point, so we decided to present both sides so you get the full image and take the best decision that suits your case.


So the Amy Garden is a great weighted blanket to try out, it has a lot of positive reviews and has made a lot of the customers happy with their purchase.

The most important step is to pick the right weight for you so it’s not too heavy so you don’t feel trapped under the blanket.

The blanket will give you a calming and a relaxing feeling that will help sleep faster, deeper, and longer. it will also help comfort your nerves in a stressful day and calm you down during the hard moments.

Click the link to purchase the Amy Garden weighted blanket, or if you prefer to check out more weighted blankets here’s our list:

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