Announcements About The Future of Beds Island

I started this blog with the mind of making money online, it didn’t matter to me how would I make money I just wanted to make money and enjoy the freedom of making money online. I started by looking for the highest commission items on Amazon to promote, this was my criteria for promotion, but it was a bad criterion because it was a lot of work that I didn’t enjoy.

I work the best when I am fighting for something that I believe, I started by exploring sleep -because that was an area I was suffering from- but sleep led me to more of a deeper area that I believe is the area which I should focus my efforts on, it is the area of anxiety and depression.

Anxiety and depression are the roots of many problems we face in our lives and one of those problems that result from anxiety and depression is sleep.

I will make the cause of this blog is to solve the problem of anxiety and depression that many people suffer from.

I am not a psychiatrist nor a doctor, I don’t have any kind of degree in psychology, but I truly want to help those who are suffering and I will do my best.

I believe I am a good learner so I will study the topic and learn all I can about it, I won’t get into medicine, rather? I will lean into cognitive behavioral therapy because that’s how I believe we should mainly treat feelings.

Medications have the role and they can be very helpful, but I won’t focus much on them, rather I will concentrate my efforts at solving the problem by fixing the preception and adjusting the thoughts.

I will still do promotions for bedroom related items, hope you don’t mind that, but the main effort is going to be on fixing mental disorder issues, that is my cause behind this blog…

Thank you.

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