Benefits of Sleeping With Silk Pillowcase

It might not be obvious or it might seem minor the effect of pillowcases on our look, we might care about make up more, we might care about creams and lotions, but we would rarely care about pillowcases when we think about our beauty, yet it’s a factor that has an important effect on our look.

Pillowcases stay in contact with our faces for the third of our lives, that’s a significant amount of time that definitely makes an impact on how our skin looks like.

So let’s go through this article to find out the impact of silk pillowcases on your skin and the benefits of having a silk pillowcase to sleep on.

The Impact Of Pillowcases On Our Skin

Pillowcases stay in contact with our skin for the third of our lives, so what?

Well, while you are asleep at night your body still produces oils that end up at the outer surface of your skin, when this happens your pillowcase starts to soak up these oils, also any creams or lotions you put on your skin before sleep a considerable portion ends up at your pillowcase, combined with the dirt and dust that the pillowcase collects over time you end up with a perfect habitat for bacteria to grow and flourish which will eventually cause you acne and breakouts.

The other point that needs to be mentioned about the impact of pillowcases on our skin is friction,? when we are asleep we toss and turn and our skin moves over the pillowcase surface which generates friction, this friction has two impacts, the first one is on the hair which gets pulled in different directions as we toss and turn, the other one is on our skin that gets wrinkled due to pulling it by the pillowcase while we are asleep.

So What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping With Silk Pillowcases

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase benefits your hair and reduces acne and wrinkles.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, pillowcases make friction with your skin and hair, this friction leads to your hair being messy the next day leading to what’s called “bed head”. Silk pillowcases are very smooth and make a very small amount of friction compared to other types of pillowcases, the reduced amount of friction leads to your hair being less messy and it becomes in place when you wake up in the morning.

Also, the reduced friction leads to less irritation to your acne and pimples which is a good thing because irritating your acne makes it worse. In addition to that, silk pillowcases are naturally moisturizing and don’t suck up all the oils on your skin, sucking up oil mixed with dirt and dust makes a perfect environment for bacteria to grow as we have mentioned earlier so sucking less oil lowers the chance of bacteria growing up on the surface you’re sleeping on.

Finally, with the lowered friction of silk pillowcases doesn’t pull your skin in every direction and you don’t get morning creases that take a while to go away and in the long run this develops into permanent wrinkles that make you look older than you might be.

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