What are The Best Bed Sheets to Sleep on (Review & FAQ)

Excellent sheets are the key to a quality night’s sleep. After all, you won’t feel comfortable if you’re wrapped up in scratchy fabrics or materials that get you warm easily at night. And since nothing feels worse than investing in a bed sheet that constantly needs a replacement, you’ll want to purchase long-lasting sheets. So you might question: what are the best bed sheets to sleep on?

Here’s the good news: we researched a lot of sheet sets and discovered the best bed sheet you’ll love to sleep on.

We evaluated these sheets based on fit, washability, fabric strength, and more. We also invited consumer tester to assist us with finding the softest and best materials in a tough comparison. Read on to find out about our picks of the best bed sheets to sleep on.

  1. Best Overall Sheets- LL Bean Pima Cotton Percale Sheet Set

Woven from 100% Pima cotton to provide the softest and smoothest feel, thumbs up to L.L Bean for this top-notch percale sheet set.

As with percale sheets, these model comes with a “crisp” finish, to feel good against the skin.

They are one of the best sheets for summers, and if you reside in a cold climate or just love to experience heavier winter sheets, L.L Bean is cozy enough for winter months with a heavier blanket.

And when you have these sheets tossed in your washing machine, they come out clean, unwrinkled, and prepared to coax you into the dream world.

Designed to fit perfectly in mattresses with a thickness of over 15 inches, these 100% Pima cotton sheets won’t slide or slip during sleep, and they stick to your mattress firmly.

L.L Bean is available in seven different colors; however, brights colors are not available.

L.L.Bean shoppers love this percale sheet as they refuse to pill, are wrinkle-resistance, and last long.

A common remark among customers who have purchased these bed sheets severally was, “I won’t stop telling everyone to buy these sheets.”? The sheets have a softer feel and were cool to sleep on.


  • Crisp feel
  • Durable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Smooth


  • Only perfect for mattresses of around 15 inches thick
  • Fewer prints
  • No available bright colors
  1. The best luxury sheets- Brooklinen Luxe sheets?

If you’re serious with your sleep comfort, the beautiful look and pampering touch of Brookelinen’s luxe sheets will escort you into the dream world like a baby.

Started in 2014 as a small project, Brooklinen has surprisingly soared higher in business, due to its excellent beddings at a reasonable price. Luxe sheets are one of the best long-fiber cotton, woven into yarn for the softest, finest threads, and with a finished 480 thread count.

Brooklinen Luxe sheet is made out of a sateen weave. Because sateen is more tightly woven than percale, these sheets are more warm and cozy, with a calmly “heavy” feel, loved by many sleepers.

Even if you wash these sheets every week, you will never experience a degrade in quality.? In fact, they’ll soften with time and won’t hold on to stains.

As a bonus, the softness and wrinkle-resistance of Brooklinen Luxe sheets increase with each wash.

Brookliner currently sells the luxe sheet in seven different colors, with patterns like grids and stripes. The brand allows you to mix and match colors and patterns within these sheet sets. Brookliner luxe sheet fits mattresses of over 15 inches thick, so always measure before you order.


  • Soft
  • Excellent quality
  • Mix and match options


  • A bit expensive


  1. The best linen sheets- MagicLinen

If your best bed sheet material is linen, MagicLinen should be your go-to. Lithuanian company may not be a popular brand, but its bed sheets rival the industry big players when it comes to quality and price.

That’s because the company deals explicitly with linen materials only. Being a linen sheets aficionado, we start by these sheets from MagicLinen. But why? It’s cool, cozy, and keeps you out of sweating throughout the night.

Brand new, MagicLinen sheets are not as soft as you think. However, they become softer overtime. After a thorough, constant wash, instead of fading out, these sheets only age with grace. Unlike many brands that treated their linen sheets with chemical softeners and conditioners, MagicLinen is carefully stonewashed- a completely natural softening process- and Okeo-tex certified, which means no harmful chemical was used during its processing.

Although these sheets are manually cut and sewn, MagicLinen has managed to sell at a reasonable price.


  • Soft
  • Ages well
  • Available in different colors and patterns for thick mattresses.
  • Naturally processed


  • Not the softest at the moment.


  1. The best Supima sheets- Casper’s Cool Supima Sheets

Supima is inarguably some of the best quality cottons around. It is considered a trademark for longer-fiber cotton grown in the US. While the history of most cotton is hard to figure out, Supima strictly contributes to only 1% of cotton in the world. This makes the Casper’s Cool Supima Sheets a unique and comfy option.

The fitted sheet comes with a rubberized elastic band, which makes it effectively grips into the mattress so that they won’t pull off.

At first, you may find the sheet looking bigger than normal- however, a couple of wash will bring down the size.

Casper’s Cool Supima Sheets are comfortable, pilling resistant, long-lasting sheets that are definitely worth its price. The percale weave gives the sheets its cool, crisp feel. These sheets are ideal for both warmer and summer climate, or even if you want to stay warm in your sleep. When it comes to prices, the sheets are affordable.


  • Made from rare, excellent quality US-grown cotton
  • Crisp and cool
  • Aesthetically designed
  • Rubberized elastic


  • May not fit into deeper mattresses


  1. The best color pattern sheets- Crane & Canopy

Crane & Canopy started selling simply to use duvet covers since 2012. Since then, Crane and canopy have extended its service into pillows, comforters, sheets, towels, blanket, and more. We tested these sheets from the company, and we were amazed at their quality. Not only are these sheets soft and silky smooth, but they are also available in different fun colors and prints.

If you’re not a fan of solid colors or the normal pile of white sheets, you’ll have fun checking through the selections of Crane & Canopy’s sheets.

Feel free to select from stripes, polka dots, embroidery, herringbone, and other special prints.

You can also find fun solid colors like lilac and viral, including more traditional shades like white, cream, blue, and gray.

Crane & canopy sheets are generous with size, so you will never run out of fabric when tucking it under your mattress.

The sheets are made with Belgian linen or long-staple cotton, while the bedding is Oeko-Tex certified, which means your sheet has no harmful chemicals.


  • Soft
  • Fun prints and colors
  • Reasonable price for someone who needs it
  • Long-staple cotton


  • May be pricey for those on budget



What is the right thread count?

The right thread count for high-quality materials like long-staple cotton ranges from 250-800.

Avoid beddings with a thread count of over 1000 as most are woven from low-quality fibers.

Which sheet is better, cotton or bamboo?

When shopping for sheets, it all comes down to individual preference. Many sleepers find bamboo-type bedding as cooler and breathable than cotton.

However, cotton is the most common bedding type because of its softness and different weave styles.

What type of sheets are the best for hot weather?

Sheets made with Linen, bamboo, or cotton percale are ideal for hot water because of their lightweight, breathability, and moisture-wicking feature.

Final Thought

So sleepers, we’ve listed out the best sheets to sleep on, and you should be able to pick the sheet sets that are suited for you.

Our best overall is LL Bean 280 Thread Count. They are woven from 100% Pima cotton to provide the softest and smoothest feel.? On top of that, this model also comes with a “crisp” finish, to feel good against the skin.

However, always consider the thread count, weave style, and the type of material used so your shopping experience can be effective and fun too. Happy sleeping!







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