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Airbnb is a great source of income as well as a handy place to stay for visitors. One of the most appealing features of an Airbnb for a guest is the range of amenities on offer, which typically includes access to a private or shared kitchen.

This means they should have access to the microwave, food in an assigned cupboard, and hot drinks such as coffee.

Best Coffee Machine For Airbnb

Sure, giving your guests access to a kettle and instant coffee grounds technically means they can have free coffee, but if you want to secure a 5-star rating, you need something a little more luxurious. Something that adds a nice touch to their overall experience.

If you run an Airbnb, you should invest in a coffee machine. Coffee machines add a personal touch that encourages guests to stay a little longer in your property as they divulge into a cup of Joe. So, here are our top 5 picks to help you find the best coffee machine for Airbnb!

Black+Decker 5-Cup Coffee Maker

You don’t need to go all out for a coffee machine for your Airbnb – just a standard coffee maker will do the trick. Coffee makers provide a little more luxury than regular instant coffee, and they don’t overwhelm the guests with endless buttons and features.

Instead, a coffee maker does exactly what it says – it makes good coffee.

This Black+Decker coffee maker is ideal for those running an Airbnb. With its compact design and user-friendliness, this coffee maker is designed to brew coffee within a matter of minutes without the need for replacing pods or pressing multiple buttons.

Instead, simply fill the carafe with coffee (which goes through a permanent filter) and turn it on.

This coffee maker comes with a carafe that can make up to 5 cups of coffee at a time, which is ideal for a family renting an Airbnb.

It even comes with a feature that temporarily stops the brewing when you remove the carafe to pour your first cup of coffee, helping to prevent mess.

When testing this product, we appreciated the low price of the coffee maker.

Despite its budget-friendly price point (which is ideal for those who don’t want to spend tens of dollars on a fancy coffee machine), this coffee maker works brilliantly to make coffee fast.


  • Budget-friendly – Ideal for Airbnb hosts on a budget, such as beginners
  • Easy to use – Built-in permanent filter and one-button system makes this an incredibly easy machine to use
  • Multiple cups – Can make several cups of coffee at a time


  • Just coffee – Only makes a standard cup of coffee, meaning no lattes or cappuccinos

Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker

If your Airbnb can host multiple people at a time, such as a large group of friends who rented your property for a night out, then you should consider buying a coffee maker that can make a cup of Joe for every single guest.

That’s where the Mueller Ultra coffee maker comes in. This coffee maker comes with a large water reservoir and carafe, both of which are designed to brew up to 12 cups of coffee in one sitting.

This is ideal for large groups of people who have rented an Airbnb – especially when they’re feeling a bit fragile after a night partying!

Unlike some other coffee makers, this product has slightly more features at the press of several buttons.

Some of these features include a delay brew, which temporarily stops the brewing process for you to pour a cup of coffee, and a strength feature that controls the strength of the brew.

When testing this product, we liked how the carafe is constantly sat on a heated platform that works to keep the coffee warm. So, you don’t have to worry about reheating your freshly-brewed coffee.

Plus, it comes with a 2-hour auto shut-off, which automatically shuts off the power after 2 hours of inactivity to save energy.


  • Makes lots of coffee – Ability to make up to 12 cups of coffee at a time
  • Several features – Slightly more advanced compared to one-button coffee makers
  • Energy-saving – Shuts off after 2 hours of inactivity to save energy


  • Run water through – Make sure to run water through the machine several times to prevent plastic flavor

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

Sometimes, it’s nice to spend a little more on a coffee machine that is slightly more luxurious than a regular coffee maker. Sure, coffee makers get the job done, but a coffee machine that uses pods adds a little more elegance to your Airbnb.

This is especially true if your Airbnb isn’t located near a coffee shop!

The Keurig K-Classic coffee maker is slightly more money than the other models on our list, but it’s certainly a worthwhile investment.

This coffee machine is only compatible with K-Cup pods, which are filled with high-quality, freshly ground coffee beans. These pods are brewed with gentle pressure to extract the hidden flavors and aromas, making for a delicious cup of Joe.

This coffee machine features a water tank large enough to make 6 cups of coffee without refilling, and can fill 3 sizes of coffee cups. So, if your guest wants to take their coffee outside in a travel mug, they can!

When testing this product, we liked how easy it was to clean. This coffee machine comes with a descale option, which works to remove scale and calcium deposits, ensuring that the inside of the coffee machine remains clean at all times.


  • Luxurious-feel – Fancier than other regular coffee machines to make guests feel extra special
  • Brews great coffee – Gentle pressure extracts flavors and aromas of high-quality K-Cup coffee beans
  • Easy to clean – Descale option helps to keep the insides of the machine free from scale


  • Capsules only – Capsule-only compatibility means you have to frequently stock up on coffee pods

Ninja CP307 Hot And Cold Tea And Coffee Maker

Not every guest who stays at your Airbnb will want to drink coffee in the morning. One of the nicest ways to show that you care about your guest’s experience is to supply them with a machine that can make a variety of hot and cold beverages, such as tea and coffee.

This Ninja tea and coffee maker is ideal for providing a bit of versatility for your Airbnb guests.

This machine exudes versatility, with its ability to make both hot and cold variations of tea and coffee (including delicious iced coffee) and five tea settings, allowing you to brew black, herbal, oolong, white, and green tea within minutes.

Of course, the real star is the coffee. This machine can make five types of coffee, including classic, rich, over ice, cold brew, and specialty, allowing guests to make their favorite coffee without having to go to a coffee shop.

Plus, the machine has 6 brew sizes to make a drink for a regular cup or even an extra large travel mug.

When testing this product, we were impressed with its smart basket recognition. This feature recognizes whether coffee or tea is in the basket, before then showing the appropriate brewing options.


  • Versatile – Makes both coffee and tea in several ways, including iced drinks
  • Luxurious feel – Shows your guests that you care about their drinking habits
  • Smart basket technology – Recognizes what’s in the basket before displaying the brewing options


  • Price – The most expensive coffee machine on our list thanks to its versatility

Gevi 4-Cup Coffee Maker

Sometimes, you don’t need to impress your guests with a fancy coffee machine, especially if your Airbnb is located near artisan coffee shops.

Instead, this coffee maker allows your guests the freedom to make a quick coffee and curl up in bed before starting their day.

If you want something that looks good and does the job, look no further than the Gevi 4-cup coffee maker.

This coffee maker features just one button to allow for easy brewing within minutes, which is ideal for guests who need a quick cup of Joe before their check-out time.

As the name suggests, this coffee maker can make up to 4 cups of coffee at a time. While this isn’t the largest capacity on our list, this is enough to fuel up to 4 guests in the morning, making this an ideal machine for small Airbnb apartments or rooms.

Plus, its small design means the machine doesn’t take up much space on the kitchen countertop.

When testing this product, we appreciated the little features that made the experience enjoyable and convenient.

This includes the keep-warm function, which keeps the liquid in the carafe warm and fresh for up to 2 hours, and the dishwasher-safe removable basket to make for easy cleaning.


  • Easy to use – Brews coffee at the press of a single button
  • Small yet effective – Brews up to 4 cups of coffee and doesn’t take up room on the counter
  • Easy to clean – Removable parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning


  • Nothing too special – Simply brews coffee, but doesn’t do much more than that

Buyer’s Guide 

When finding the best coffee maker for Airbnb, it’s important to consider several factors before making a purchase. Here is our handy buyer’s guide to help you find the right product for you.

Types Of Coffee Makers 

Firstly, let’s take a look at the main types of coffee makers: manual coffee makers, automatic coffee makers, and stovetop coffee makers.

Manual Coffee Makers

As the name suggests, manual coffee makers rely on manual work to brew coffee. The most popular manual coffee makers are pour-over or French coffee press makers. These coffee makers are easy to use and produce coffee quickly.

However, virtually everyone has a manual coffee maker at home. If you want to impress your Airbnb guests, you should look into an automatic machine that will brew coffee with little effort on their behalf.

Automatic Coffee Makers 

Automatic coffee makers are the best option for hosts who wish to impress their guests and boost their chance of getting a good review.

There’s something inherently luxurious about walking into a kitchen to make a coffee out of an automatic machine, which is why these units are so good for improving your guest’s Airbnb experience.

Automatic coffee machines come in a variety of sizes and types. Some of the most simple designs will make between 4-6 cups of coffee in one tank, while others can make up to 12.

While most can be controlled with a single button, others might come with various features to make the coffee even more special.

It mostly comes down to the type of Airbnb you run and your budget. If your Airbnb is a double room in a shared apartment, then you probably won’t need a huge coffee machine fit for multiple people.

If your Airbnb is an entire apartment or home, then you might want to consider buying a machine with additional features.

It’s important to remember that the more features your coffee maker has, the more expensive it’s going to be. A good coffee machine can be a worthwhile investment, however.

Something you should also consider is the location of your Airbnb. If your Airbnb is located near coffee shops, then your guests might want to buy fancy coffee locally rather than in your property. In this case, they will probably be happy with a manual coffee maker.

If your Airbnb is in a rural setting away from coffee shops, then you might want to consider buying an automatic coffee machine with all the trimmings.

This will help to create a luxurious and special feel to the Airbnb experience, and encourage your guests to stay a little longer as they drink their coffee in bed.

Stovetop Coffee Makers 

The last option is the humble stovetop coffee maker. These coffee makers typically require a little more work than regular manual coffee makers, but they tend to be cheaper to run and easier to clean.

So, if you’re a new Airbnb host or you need a quick option for your guests to make coffee, stovetop coffee makers might be the way to go.

Also, if your Airbnb is in a rustic setting, stovetop coffee makers help to provide a campfire-like feel to making coffee. It’s not something that people will often have in their own homes, so it could make for a unique experience.

However, stovetop coffee makers aren’t exactly the most high-end coffee making option. It’s not likely that your guests will be impressed nor disappointed in these makers.

Factors To Consider 

Here are the key factors to consider when choosing the best coffee maker for Airbnb:

  • Versatility – Will the coffee machine be able to make different types of beverages, such as iced coffee or tea?
  • Price – Will the coffee maker be out of your budget, and will it be a waste of money?
  • Stocking up – Will you have to frequently stock up on capsules or ground coffee beans?
  • Space – Do you have enough space on the kitchen counter to account for a coffee maker?
  • Cleaning – Is the machine easy to clean and maintain to prevent scale and grime?
  • Capacity – How many cups of coffee can a machine make in one go?

Something that’s really worth considering is the stocking up process. You will undoubtedly have to stock up on whatever kind of coffee your coffee machine requires, but the cheapest option is definitely ground coffee beans.

Make sure to look at the compatibility of the coffee machine to determine whether you need to stock up on coffee beans or capsules.

While you don’t necessarily have to spend hundreds of dollars on a versatile coffee machine, it’s important to remember that every guest will have different drinking habits and needs. Not every guest will like coffee, so the option of tea is always a nice touch.

However, this doesn’t mean you need to buy a machine that can brew both coffee and tea. You can simply provide a range of tea bags (including herbal and black) along with a kettle and mugs for your guests to brew a cup of tea within minutes.

At the end of the day, the aim of running a successful Airbnb is to impress your guests and provide them with a good experience.

While you don’t want to waste your money on a high-end coffee machine that doesn’t often get used, it might be the difference between a 4-star and 5-star review.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Energy Efficient Way To Make Coffee?

Undoubtedly the most energy-efficient way to make coffee is with a regular drip coffee maker, but these aren’t likely to impress your Airbnb guests.

While you might want to save some money on electricity, you’ll find that even automatic coffee machines don’t actually use up a lot of energy.

In fact, most automatic coffee machines come with an auto shut-off feature, which turns off the system after 2 hours of inactivity. This is great for hosts who are cautious about their energy bills.


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