Best Coffee Roaster Machine

There’s one thing that every coffee lover can agree on – the best way to drink coffee is with freshly roasted beans. The key here is the word fresh, because experts say that coffee is best consumed 2-14 days after roasting.

If you wait too long, you risk the coffee losing its flavor and aroma.

best coffee roaster machine

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to run a coffee shop or be a barista to know how to roast your own coffee beans.

There are countless coffee-making appliances out there, including coffee roasting machines that work to roast beans within a matter of minutes.

Problem is, you’ve just got to know where to find these machines, because they’re not too common. Here is our guide to help you find the best coffee roaster machine!

Angelloong Coffee Bean Roaster Machine

There are two types of coffee roaster machines – automatic and manual. For those who are new to the world of coffee roasting, automatic machines are arguably the most user-friendly option.

So, if you’re a beginner coffee connoisseur, you should try this Angelloong coffee bean roaster machine.

This automatic machine roasts up to 1.65 pounds of coffee beans in just 25 minutes, providing enough coffee to make enough coffee for yourself and your household. This is achieved by its large roasting chamber.

The roaster works to prevent beans from sticking or burning to the chamber thanks to its food-grade, non-stick pot.

The cover is transparent to allow you to watch the beans roast, matched with a ventilation system that simultaneously provides a nice coffee aroma in your home.

Its user-friendliness is the real selling point of this roaster machine. This unit doesn’t take long to set up – simply adjust the temperature and timing to your liking and press the On button.

Its convenience and quick roasting time makes this a great machine for home use as well as small coffee shops and restaurants.

When testing this product, we appreciated its versatility. Not only does it roast coffee beans, but it will roast other foods including chestnuts, peanuts, popcorn, barley, dried fruit, and more.


  • Easy to use – Simply turn on the On button and adjust the temperature and timing to your liking
  • Good chamber size – Large chamber means a lot of coffee can be roasted
  • Versatile – Also roasts other beans and foods


  • Capacity – While convenient for home use, large coffee shops might need a larger roaster

Jiawanshun Coffee Roaster Machine

One of the most affordable automatic coffee roaster machines is the Jiawanshun coffee roaster, making this an ideal unit for beginner coffee makers and coffee lovers on a budget.

Roasting machines aren’t necessarily expensive, but it certainly helps to have some affordable options on the market.

This coffee roaster machine is equipped to roast up to 1.1 lbs of coffee, making it suitable for household use. While the capacity isn’t large enough for a coffee shop, this will suffice for fueling a family with several days of morning coffee.

Make sure to not exceed this amount, as this can lead to uneven roasting and burning of the beans.

The Jiawanshun coffee roaster is incredibly easy to use, working with simply the flick of the On button and temperature control. The option to adjust the temperature is great for those who want to experiment with light and dark roasts.

The ventilation holes and transparent cover means you can observe the roasting to record any chances to the beans.

When testing this product, we appreciated both its user-friendliness and versatility. It can roast other beans, including soybeans, peanuts, popcorn, and more, all with a handy guide that shows the temperature and roasting times for each food.


  • Affordable – Great for coffee lovers on a budget
  • User-friendly – Only need to adjust the temperature and turn on the On button to roast
  • Small and mighty – Ideal for providing several days of coffee for a household


  • Capacity – Won’t roast more than 1.1 lbs of coffee at one time

Fresh Roast SR540

The one downside to the classic automatic coffee roasters is that they tend to have a bulky design that takes up space on the counter.

If your kitchen is fairly small and you’re concerned about taking up too much space on the countertops, you need to find a slim roaster.

That’s where the Fresh Roast SR540 comes in. This is a slim coffee roaster that looks similar to a regular blender, thanks to the electric base and glass chamber that roasts the beans, along with a robust lid.

Its slender design means that the roaster can easily slot inside a kitchen cabinet when not in use.

This coffee roaster machine is easy to use, featuring a dial that controls the heat, fan, and roasting time. These levels are then displayed on an LCD screen.

Simply adjust the temperature to your liking, press the On button, and wait for the beans to roast!

When testing this product, we liked how entertaining and interesting it was to watch the beans roast.

The glass chamber means you can watch the beans turn from green to gold to dark brown, which also means you can stop the roasting process when the beans are at your desired color.


  • Slim design – Doesn’t take up much countertop or cabinet space
  • Easy to use – Simply turn on the On button and adjust the temperature with the dial
  • Easy to gauge doneness – Glass chamber means you can watch the roasting process


  • Appearance – Slightly outdated design isn’t as modern as other automatic roasters

Dyvee Coffee Bean Electric Roasting Cooling Machine

Something that a lot of coffee roaster machines often don’t have is a cooling feature.

Cooling freshly roasted beans is a great way to maintain the freshness of the beans and maintain the flavors and aromas released during the roasting process. It also means that the roasted beans can be immediately used for coffee.

The Dyvee coffee roaster is great for those who want to use their coffee beans the minute they have been roasted. This is thanks to its cooling feature, which works to protect the flavor and aroma of the beans whilst keeping them fresh after roasting.

Plus, it means you don’t have to wait around for the beans to cool down.

The way this roaster machine works is with a large suction fan and stainless steel basket. When plugged in and turned off, this roaster works to roast beans within a matter of minutes.

While it doesn’t feature a temperature adjustment knob, this is great for roasting beans quickly and conveniently.

When testing this product, we appreciated its simplicity.

Sure, it’s not the most attractive roaster on the market (it seems to resemble a piece of camping cookware), but its small design and convenient user-friendliness make it a handy and simple roaster to use.


  • Cooling feature – Works to cool beans quickly to preserve the flavor, aroma, and freshness
  • User-friendly – Simply press the On button and it roasts the beans for you
  • Convenient – Small size means this is great for couples and small households


  • Limited adjustability – Temperature and roasting time cannot be adjusted, which might be limiting for those with a roasting preference

Zeveloo Electric Coffee Roaster Machine

Another fantastic automatic coffee roasting machine is the Zeveloo machine.

This unit is designed to hold up to 300 to 500 grams of coffee beans thanks to its large 750 gram capacity basket, allowing for enough room to roast beans suitable for many servings.

Its capacity means this is a great option for household use and cafés alike.

As with most electric roasting machines, this product comes with an adjustable temperature knob that controls the temperature of the roasting.

This is ideal for coffee connoisseurs who understand different roasting temperatures for specific beans, allowing you to observe and adjust the roasting temperature to your liking.

Despite being able to roast a fairly large amount of coffee beans at once, this roaster works to prevent beans from sticking, burning, and roasting unevenly.

This is thanks to the honeycomb Teflon coating, which is a food-grade coating designed to prevent sticking and burning. Plus, this coating is easy to clean!

When testing this product, we were satisfied not only with the quality of the roasted coffee beans, but also with the ability to roast other foods, including soybeans, rice, peanuts, popcorn, and more.

This versatility is ideal for coffee lovers and foodies alike.


  • Good capacity – Roasts up to 500 grams of coffee beans, which is ideal for a household or café
  • Adjustable – Temperature can be adjusted depending on strength of the roast
  • Easy to clean – Non-stick hexagon surface is easy to wipe and works to prevent burning and sticking


  • Requires practice – Make sure to practice with a small amount of beans and varying temperatures before roasting 500 grams of beans

Buyer’s Guide 

If you’re new to the world of coffee, buying a coffee roaster might seem a bit daunting. Here are the key factors to consider when buying a coffee roaster machine!

What Is A Coffee Roaster?

Firstly, let’s take a look at what a coffee roaster actually is to determine whether you need one. To put it simply, coffee roasters do exactly what the name says – these machines roast coffee beans.

This works to bring out the freshness, flavor, and aroma of the coffee beans, making for a delicious cup of Joe.

The roasting is achieved by applying heat to the beans. The temperature, humidity, airflow, and roasting time can all determine the success of the roasting process.

Too much heat, and the beans burn, while too little heat doesn’t help to bring out the wonderful flavors.

Now, if you enjoy the occasional mug of coffee before work every day, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth buying a coffee roaster.

Truth is, coffee roaster machines are generally only purchased by true lovers of coffee, otherwise you might find that you won’t bother using it.

It’s no secret that roasting coffee beans before grinding them enhances the flavor and aroma of the coffee beans, which is why a coffee roasting machine is a key piece of equipment for coffee lovers.

So, if you really know your coffee beans and want to experiment with new flavors, then a coffee roaster is a brilliant investment.

What To Consider When Buying A Coffee Roaster Machine 

Manual Or Automatic

There are two types of coffee roasters – manual and automatic. The most popular type of coffee roaster is the automatic design, which is simply plugged into an outlet and turned on to work.

These machines are typically more expensive than manual roasters, however, due to their reliance on electricity.

While manual coffee roasters might be cheaper, they’re far less user-friendly than their automatic counterparts.

These roasters are suitable for coffee connoisseurs who have experience with them, but for beginners and those wanting a simple roasting experience, the automatic models are undeniably more convenient.


You’ve also got to consider how much coffee the model can roast at one time. Roasting doesn’t exactly take long, so if you’re planning on roasting beans every 1-2 weeks, then you won’t need anything too huge.

So, make sure to consider how much coffee you intend on drinking and whether the beans will be in high demand in your household.

Also, keep in mind that most roasted beans will remain fresh for up to 2 weeks after roasting, so you don’t want to end up wasting beans if you buy a massive roaster.

Of course, if you’re looking for a coffee roaster for a restaurant or coffee shop, then you’ll undoubtedly need something with a large capacity to roast lots of beans at a time.


Automatic coffee roasters will occasionally come with adjustable features, including a temperature knob or a timer. Some machines won’t offer any adjustable features, and will simply start roasting the beans at a set temperature and time at the press of a button.

These machines are great for beginners who don’t want to experiment with different temperatures.

However, if you’re particularly knowledgeable about how different coffee beans perform under different temperatures, then you’ll probably benefit more from an automatic machine that comes with an adjustable temperature.


Coffee roasters aren’t exactly huge pieces of kitchen equipment, but if you’ve got a small kitchen, then you might not want to clutter the limited counter space with a roaster.

Some roasters are larger than others depending on their capacity, so make sure to consider whether you have the space for a roaster.


Coffee roaster machines don’t have to just roast coffee beans! Most, if not all, automatic coffee roasters come with the option to roast various other beans and foods, including rice, peanuts, soybeans, popcorn, and more.

While you might not roast other beans and foods in the roaster, it’s nice to have the option there to enhance the flavors of your food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Coffee Roasters Worth It?

If you’re an avid coffee drinker and lover of coffee, then a coffee roaster can be considered a worthwhile investment. Roasting your own coffee beans at home is brilliant for those who admire and appreciate the flavor and aroma of coffee.

Plus, the freshness of roasted coffee can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks, allowing for endless cups of freshly roasted coffee.

Of course, having a coffee roaster will mean you need to then have a grinder to grind the beans, but this is the norm for anyone passionate about coffee.

Is It Cheaper To Roast Your Own Coffee?

While it might be more convenient to buy bags of roasted coffee beans, it’s actually cheaper to roast your own coffee with a roaster.

Roasters typically range in price from $80-$120, but considering their lifeline and the amount of beans they can roast, this is a worthwhile investment in the long-run.

Let’s look at it this way: One pound of roasted coffee beans bought online or from a store will cost anywhere from $12-$24, whereas roasting one pound of beans in your own roaster costs roughly $3-$8.

How Long Does It Take To Roast 1Lb Of Coffee?

The time it takes to roast coffee beans depends on the size of the roaster, the temperature, and how many beans it is roasting.

On average, you can expect to wait about 10 to 15 minutes to roast 1lb of coffee, but this depends on the temperature of the roaster and whether the beans are spread out properly. It’s far quicker to roast smaller batches.

Can You Roast Coffee In An Air Fryer?

There’s nothing an air fryer can’t do, including roasting coffee beans. That’s right – if you have an air fryer, you can roast coffee beans just as quickly as with a roasting machine!

This is because air fryers work similarly to roasters, in that they rely on hot air to roast and cook food.

However, due to the temperature limitations of air fryers, they are only suitable for light to medium roasting. If you prefer dark roasted beans, then you’ll benefit more from a roaster machine.

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