Celestial Silk Pillowcase Review

Celestial Silk pillowcase is one of the top competing brands in the silk pillowcase area where it offers a great touch and feel and lots of customers are happy with what they have got from Celestial Silk.

The pillowcase has compelling features that make it hard to skip so we decided to review it for you and we hope you will like ityou can check more about the pillowcase from here.

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25 Momme Mulberry Silk :

Momme weight is the most critical factor to judge silk products, it basically means how much silk there is per square inch. 25 momme is more than what the most silk pillowcase brands offer for their products, and this means that the quality of the silk in this pillowcase is higher than it’s competition.

The quality of the silk is one of the major factors that comes into play for judging silk pillowcases and with 25 Momme The Celestial Silk pillowcase is one of the best. Having higher quality silk means that the pillowcase will be a lot softer on your skin and it’s over all properties will be better because we are having more of the desired material, so it will be softer, better at moisturizing your skin, and it your hair will look better after sleeping on it.

900 Thread Count :

Thread count is the second most important factor to judge the softness of your pillowcase It is the number of threads woven together in a square inch of fabric. and a 900 thread counts means that the pillowcase fabric is a fine one that will give you the softness you are looking for.

Thread count isn’t the only player when it comes to the softness of the silk though there are many other factors such as the quality of the material itself and how it is processed.

Variations of Celestial Silk Pillowcase :

The Celestial Silk pillowcase has 14 different color variation you can choose from so they offer you lots of option so you can buy a silk pillowcase that can match your taste.

It also has three different sizes which are :

  • Standard Size
  • Queen Size
  • King Size

Consumer Reports :

Customers who have bought the Celestial Silk pillowcase are falling in love with it, it got 211 customer reviews on amazon with 91% 5 stars and average of 4.8/5 stars.

This is the highest rated product on amazon and the customers are absolutely happy with what they’ve got saying it is truly all natural silk and the feel and softness of the pillowcase is great and it has helped many with their skin and hair issues with less wrinkles and pillow creases and less frizzy hair.

Some consumers commented on the design of the pillowcase that it may not be the best? out there and they’d prefer a better design with zippers for the pillow not to slip out of the pillowcase, but the majority have said that they would purchase the pillowcase and again and again and that it is absolutely lovely pillowcase that they are happy with.

Conclusion :

The Celestial Silk pillowcase is a pillowcase you probably wan’t regret buying. It has 25 Momme weight of high quality mulberry silk which means the softness you will get is what you are looking for and desire, this means less wrinkles and frizzy hair and your skin will be hydrated and moisturized.

buy the Celestial Silk pillowcase from here.

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