Cmfrt Weighted Blanket Review

So you are having troubles with your sleep and looking for a solution?

Weighted blankets have the ability to end your sleep struggle every night and it is based on science. It is called Deep Pressure Touch therapy and it is used to calm the nervous system down which then allows sleep to happen. It feels like a warm hug that calms you down and makes you feel safe and grounded which promotes relaxation and sleep.

Cmfrt weighted blanket is one of the best weighted blankets on the market right now, it has been getting lots of positive feedback so we’ve decided to give it full exposure and review the blanket so you can decide whether it’s the righte product for you to purchase.

Here’s a quick link to the Cmfrt weighted blanket.

Weight Options

Cmfrt offers three weight options and they’re:

  • 12 lb
  • 16 lb
  • 20 lb

Weight is the most important element and choosing it properly is essential to have a great experience with any weighted blanket, the recommended weight is to choose a weight that’s 10% of your ideal body weight so that:

  • ?12lbs blanket for 100-140lbs person
  • 15lbs blanket for 120-180lbs person
  • 20lbs blanket for 170-230lbs person

Choosing the weight properly is important because if the weight is too heavy you would feel like you’re trapped under the blanket and you would get more anxious which is the revrse of what the blanket should do.

So my advice for you if it’s your first time trying the weighted blanket is to go for lighter weights instead of heavier ones that way you don’t get to experience that negative feeling of being trapped under the blanket.

Filling Options:

It’s not clear whether the filling of the Cmfrt weighted blanket is glass beads or poly-pellets, but we will mention both so you have a general idea of the differences between both of them.

Glass beads are like the texture of sand, they are extremely tiny and they make the weighted blanket feel very smooth, and due to the tiny size of the beads the size of the weighted blanket becomes less compared to weighted blanket filled with different material..

Polly pellets are small and round pieces of plastic that have a texture similar to tiny pebbles, which can be irritating for some people.The poly-pellets filling is a more economic choice but the downside of them is that they take more space and they feel like pebbles, generally glass beads are higher quality than poly-pellets and thus more expensive.

Fabric Of The Blanket

The fabric used for the blanket is cotton. Cotton is a natural material that breathes really well, and that’s its main advantage for weighted blankets.

If a synthetic material were used the tempreature of the blanket would be high because the synthetic material is trapping heat under it, which will result in making sleeping harder than it should be.

Using cotton allows the blanket to breathe well and not trap heat so the tempreature of the blanket is bearable.


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