How To Deal With Stress From College

College is one of the major life phases that we go through, it’s where our characters get truly shaped and where we define ourselves and who we are.

College is one of the great experiences we could go through in life, where we meet our friends, people that we adore and respect, and where we crave the path for our careers.

But like everything in life, college life has its downsides, and one of its huge downsides is the amount of shock and stress that it puts on the shoulders of the youth that are aspiring for a positive future and great life.

The Source Of Stress In College

The main source of stress and anxiety in college, in my opinion, is the future. You are worried about what does the future hold for you and you are afraid of the consequences of your effort in your studies.

We tend to amplify the effect of college studies on our whole lives, most of us at least.

When we amplify college’s importance, every single point of stress gets amplified with it, and college is full with points of stress, actually, college is a huge combination of unnecessary stress -in my opinion.

Is college truly important?

What I am sure about is that Education is truly important, and I am sure that college is not the only source of education, but the importance of college? I will leave that for another article because that’s a whole other topic.

But what I want to emphasize here is that college is designed to be stressful, exams, quizzes, midterms, projects, and the list never ends, every single step and action you take in college is evaluated and that’s overwhelming and stressful, and with the amplification of? the importance of the college itself everything related to it get’s and amplified.

And guess what else gets amplified?


Understanding the source of the problem is essential if we want to permanently solve issues, I can tell you quick fixes and techniques to calm you down before an exam and so on, but if the root of the problem doesn’t get solved it will simply regenerate with a different shape, and I will start thinking there’s something wrong with you and that you are ill or something, while the whole issue was that you depended on quick fixes but never really tried to solve the problem.

So yes college is stressful, and in my opinion, it is unnecessary stress that actually makes education harder than it needs to be.

And my opinion is not the final judgment, it is based on what I’ve personally experienced and what I’ve witnessed and heard from other people.

So How To Deal With The Stress?

The first thing to deal with the stress properly is to know it’s truth: most of it is unnecessary!

That’s an argument that needs a further demonstration, so let me further explain:

The main source of all the stresses in college is the fear of the future, the question: what does the future hold for me?

And this is just a part of human nature, we all feel like that, even the wealthiest person on earth feels like that, because his wealth that he spent years building can vanish away in a matter of weeks, and to go from the top to the bottom in no time is a huge hit.

So everyone fears the future, but in college phase, this is the first time that we face that fear, and with no prior experience on how to deal with that fear we tend to amplify it and make it looks bigger than it’s size.

And that’s normal, this is just human nature, there’s no crime in that.

College tends to add to that stress and fear not to ease it, because you start thinking if you do badly in your exams you won’t find a job and you will be homeless and poor and kicked, and every sort of fearful thoughts that go through your mind.

The crime of the academic life is that it ignores the human nature that we are all at, the academic life is a robotic ruthless life that doesn’t care what do you think or what do you feel.

It just cares about the new invention and the next paper to publish and that next Nobel prize to get.

Nothing wrong with that, but to undermine my individual needs is okay, and I am a weak dude by myself and I do need help.

But there’s no there to help, and actually, the system doesn’t really care about you.

That’s what I hate about college.

It’s robotic, soulless, and ruthless. And life doesn’t have to be this way.

So How To Deal With It

The short answer is to give college it’s true size.

It’s a way for you to get educated, but it is not the only way for you to get educated.

Your performance in college doesn’t mean anything, and it doesn’t mean you are a good guy or a bad guy, it doesn’t mean you are smart or stupid, it doesn’t mean you will be rich or poor.

Nobody knows if he’s going to be rich or poor.

If you performed well in college, it means you have performed well in college.

If you performed badly in college, it means you have performed badly in college.

Nothing more, nothing less …

How To Deal With The Stress Of The Exams

Exams are indeed a stressful idea …

Especially when you are studying eight or seven subjects in the same semester, which each subject alone was developed in decades but you are demanded to get good at it in a matter of months or else you are worthless !!

So my advice for you is to do the best you can but don’t worry about the results.

Remember, your main and true goal in college is to be educated, and your score on exams are not always accurate about how educated you are.

So if you are working hard to achieve your true goal, and you know the truth that college is not as important as it seems to be, then you will probably be good to go.

You are a human being after all, and you are asked to be superman/woman, which will never happen.

Even those who strive and shine in college tend to have imbalances in some corners of their life, because college lacks the balance, most of them at least.

I guess that’s it for this article, and I hope I will continue to write more about the stresses of the exams, college, work, and life in general.

Life is easy, humans are hard.

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