CuddleBug Weighted Blanket Review

Are you tired of lying down on the bed waiting for sleep but it never shows up?

Have you been looking for a solution to your sleep struggle and stumbled upon weighted blankets and have decided to invest in one?

You have come to the right place.

In this article we are going to review the CuddleBug weighted blanket, it’s a blanket that has been getting a lot of positive reviews lately so we’ve decided to give it full exposure in order to help you decide whether it’s the right product for you.

Here’s a link to CuddleBug weighted blanket on Amazon.

How Is This Blanket Supposed To Help

Weighted blankets represent an implementation of what is called deep pressure therapy. It is the kind of therapy that is made to promote relaxation and calmness to your nervous system.

Weighted blankets are one form of it.

Weighted blankets help you sleep better, so if you are an insomniac or has been suffering from sleep deprivation, weighted blankets can help.

It also helps reduce the stress levels in your body, so if you have any source of stress in your life whether that’s a job or any other source, weighted blankets can help reduce the stress stemming from the source of stress.

Also, weighted blankets promote relaxation and calmness and help your body shut down the fight or flight response and to produce the happy hormones such as serotonin and melatonin.

Weight Options For The Blanket

Weight is the most important part of the blanket, that’s why you are actually buying it. I will explain to you the bits and pieces of how to choose the right weight for you but lets first view what weights does CuddleBug offer for us?

CuddleBug offers 2 weights: 10 lbs & 15 lbs

The recommended way to choose weights of the blanket is by picking the weight that’s 10% of ideal body weight, so it should go like this:

  • 10lbs blanket for an 80-120lbs person
  • 15lbs blanket for a 120-180lbs person

That’s the recommended way to chose the weight, but of course, you can pick whatever weight you are most comfortable with.

It’s important to note that most people in their first experiences with weighted blankets find that the weight is too heavy for them and they start feeling anxious and worried instead of calm and relaxed under the blanket.

So if this is your first experience with a weighted blanket, I would recommend you to go with the lower weight to minimize the losses so in the worst case scenario you are not feeling trapped under the blanket.


The filling of the blanket affects the experience that you’re going to have with it. The main two options are glass beads and Polly-pellets.

Glass beads are like the texture of sand, they are extremely tiny and they make the weighted blanket feel very smooth, and due to the tiny size of the beads the size of the weighted blanket becomes less compared to weighted blanket filled with different material.

The other common option you will find for weighted blanket fillers is poly-pellets. polly pellets are small and round pieces of plastic that have a texture similar to tiny pebbles, which can be irritating for some people.

The poly-pellets filling is a more economic choice but the downside of them is that they take more space and they feel like pebbles, generally glass beads are higher quality than poly-pellets and thus more expensive.


The fabric of CuddleBug weighted blankets is cotton, a natural material that increases the breathability of the blanket thus cooling it down in order for the customer to not feel that it’s too hot on them.

Blankets that are made from synthetic material breathe terribly and they become too hot that temperature is going to prevent you from sleeping well.

Instead cotton, which makes CuddleBug weighted blankets, breathes naturally cooling the temperature down to bearable degrees.

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