Do Silk Pillowcases Help With Wrinkles

The importance of a pillowcase might seem minor at the first glance, we might care about the bed, the mattress, or the pillows but a small portion of us who might actually care about choosing an appropriate pillowcase. If you are one of those who care about your pillowcase then welcome to the club.

Do Silk Pillowcases Help With Wrinkles

A few questions might raise in mind when you are thinking about your pillowcase and the one we are going to care about in this article is do silk pillowcases help wrinkles?

We are going to try our best to provide a full answer to this question, so let’s get started …

Why Do Wrinkles Actually Happen?

One cause of loss or breakage of collegen and elastic fibers is the repeated motion of the skin, repeated creasing and folding, anything that causes the skin to fold and increase repeatedly causes the skin to break the collegen fibers inside the skin and the collegen fiber what gives our skin the elasticity it has.

It’s like a piece of paper, once you fold it you can’t restore it’s original shape but with our skin we have elastic fibers that restore our skin to it’s original shape again but after repeated folding and creasing it breaks.

What Is The Relation Between Your Pillowcase And Wrinkles

What does the pillowcase has to do with wrinkles you might ask.

Well, your pillowcase stays in contact with your skin for the third of your life and that is a huge portion which makes even the tiniest impact huge -time has great powers.

You tend to move while you are sleep and this movement generates friction with every element you are sleeping on, your face skin gets folded and creased when this friction happens and with the repeated action of folding and creasing on long period of time your collagen and elastic fibers tends to break which causes wrinkles.

Do Silk Pillowcases Help With Wrinkles, And If Yes? How

Silk is one of the smoothest fibers that pillowcases can be made from, it causes very low amount of friction when you start to move on which causes your skin to be folded and creased fewer times which ultimately slows or prevents you from getting wrinkles.

So do silk pillowcases help with wrinkles? yes, defenitly, because it causes lower amounts of friction with your skin so you which saves the collagen and elastic fibers from breaking and your skin gets back in place when it’s folded or creased for any other reason.


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