Why Is My Dog Scratching My Bed Sheets?

Has your dog started scratching your bed sheets and you can’t work out why?

Maybe they have been doing this for a while and you don’t know the cause?

Why Is My Dog Scratching My Bed Sheets?

Or are you curious and want to know more? No matter your question, we are here with the answers for you!

Dog’s have weird habits, there is no getting away from it.

But when they take to your bed and start scratching at your sheets, it can be concerning.

Are they trying to get to something under the sheet? Is it just a weird quirk? Or is something wrong?

You try to find answers but are met with conflicting advice that leaves you unsure where to turn or who to trust.

Well, no more! Today, we are here with the answers for you!

Keep reading to find out all the possible reasons why your dog is scratching your bed sheets.

We have all the answers for you listed below.

Why Is My Dog Scratching My Bed Sheets?

Let’s get straight into it! There are a few reasons why dogs will scratch your bed sheets.

You might notice that they scratch one particular spot, burying themselves under your comforter to do so.

They might also lick the bed sheets, leaving you with a torn and wet sheet to climb into before bed, not pleasant!

Below we have the four most common reasons why your dog is scratching your bed sheets.

These reasons are all backed up by experts, so you can be sure that these reasons are true!

Let’s dive into them now to find out why your dog is scratching your bed sheets.

Natural Instinct

In the wild dogs adjust their beds for a few reasons, temperature, comfort, and protection.

Their beds in the wild are made of dirt, rocks, and sticks, so they often need to adjust their beds to make them comfortable, provide warmth in harsh weather, and protect them from predators.

While domesticated dogs are now spoiled with cozy and comfortable beds, the instinct to arrange their bed is still there.

So you can expect to see them scratching their bed, or your bed sheets as if they were in the wild!

They will be moving the sheet when doing so to provide them with more comfort, warmth, and to feel protected and safe.

Acting Territorial

Acting Territorial

Another reason why your dog is scratching your bed sheets could be them acting territorial.

Dogs identify their areas through smell and the glands on their paws leave a distinct smell behind.

Have you ever noticed that they can smell a little cheesy?

When your dog scratches on your bed sheets, the smell is left behind.

They can then sniff out the smell when the time comes to head to bed, and sleep in their little patch.

If your dog has spent ages re-arranging the sheets to make them perfectly comfy, they will want to return!

Learned Behavior

Another reason why your dog is scratching your bedding could be because they have learned it.

If you have another dog in your home that scratches your bed sheets, your dog might have watched them doing it and has now learned the behavior themselves.

We see this often when people add a second dog or puppy into their homes.

The puppy will grow up seeing that behavior, and if there are no visible consequences, they will copy the behavior.

Before you know it, you have got a whole house of dogs scratching your bed sheets!

Maternal Behavior

Finally, your dogs scratching could be a sign of maternal behavior.

If your dog is pregnant, then its protective instincts will kick in.

She will want to prepare a comfortable environment for her babies, so she gets to work scratching the bed sheets ready.

The cause of this is likely your dog’s hormones. She will be feeling extra protective and want to create a safe space for them.

This does not necessarily mean that your dog is gearing up to give birth on your bed, although you might want to make sure you have a space ready for her and her new puppies!

Should I Be Concerned That My Dog Is Scratching My Bed?

No. Generally, it is not a cause for concern if your dog is scratching your bed and it’s sheets.

If you are worried, you can speak to your vet or a behavioral therapist for some advice and guidance.

It can be frustrating, but your dog isn’t doing it for a bad reason!

If you are worried about your bed sheets getting ruined, you could place a sheet over the bed, or close the door to your room, stopping them from entering during the day and scratching your bed.

Another option is to stop your dog from sleeping in your bed.

We know that not everyone will want this option, but it’s worth considering if the scratching is irritating.

You could also try distracting your dog when they start scratching to stop them, but you will need to be consistent to break the habit!

We have laid blankets over our bed sheets so that our dog can scratch them and not damage our sheets!

It has worked so far and is a good alternative to telling your dog to find somewhere else for them to sleep.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, all the reasons why your dog is scratching your bed sheets!

We know it is frustrating to have your dog endlessly scratching your bed sheets before sleeping, but it is part of their natural instincts and how they get comfy.

You can’t deny your dogs some comfort, can you?

Make sure that you are placing some blankets over the sheets if you are worried about your dog damaging them and do not worry too much about the scratching, it is natural after all!

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