Emotional Effects Of Sleeping With Lower Back Pain

lower back painEverybody knows that sleeping with lower back pain can be difficult in a physical sense. However, it?s not as well known that suffering from long term pain issues may also cause emotional issues to arise as a result of sleeping with low back pain ? or more accurately ? lack of sleep because of low back pain. Pain, in essence, is a physiological response to something that is wrong with the body. With something as problematic as lower back pain, your body doesn?t just physicalize that pain ??the pain may also start to affect your quality of life in many different facets. This is especially the case when you suffer from both on-going pain and sleeplessness.

Here are some of the emotional side effects that might arise from sleeping with lower back pain.

One of the biggest emotional effects of sleeping with low back pain is that it can start to affect your mood. Indeed, sleeplessness has been linked to mood swings and changes in your mental outlook during waking hours. Basically, the longer that you let your low back pain keep you up at night, the more likely you are to start showing signs of mental wear and tear while awake.

Another emotional side effect of sleeping with lower back pain is stress. In many people a lack of sleep can increase stress during waking hours. One particularly negative effect of stress in many people is weight gain and extra weight can make your back pain worse. If you search ?sleeping back pain? ? there is a good chance that you will see countless accounts of people talking about the stress that has resulted from the sleeplessness associated with low back pain. Not only can it start to affect your relationships, but it can also start affecting your work performance as well.

Speaking of relationships, your sleeplessness can be a serious drain on spouses and significant others. If you have back pain and you are tossing and turning all night, there is a good chance that you are keeping your significant other up too. This can start to cause some serious strain on the relationship. In fact, if you search ?lower back pain sleep? there is a high probability that you will find chat threads with people talking about how much their bed partner?s tossing and turning is keeping them up at night. Indeed, lower back pain isn?t only causing sleeplessness; it is also causing people difficulty in their relationships.

In the end, this is exactly why you need to seek help for your lower back pain?

Not only may sleeping with lower back pain be causing you fatigue, but it may also start to affect your day-to-day life, which can have emotional consequences ? not just physical ones. When it comes to finding support for your lower back pain, you may be interested in trying out an adjustable bed. An adjustable bed will allow you the opportunity to adjust your sleep experience for more support ? so that you can fall asleep more soundly. In the end, changing your sleep experience may just change your life for the better.

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