How Do I Clean My House

Nobody enjoys house cleaning, even cleaning experts!

But it is a chore that needs to be done because this is the way life works we don?t get to make only the things that we like.

In this article, I will not discuss how to deep clean your house, I will leave that for another article, what I will discuss is surface cleaning, how to clean your house in a quick and efficient way so it looks clean and organized.

Surface cleaning and deep cleaning go hand in hand, they work together to keep your house organized and clean with no mess and no bacteria to cause you any negative energy or health risks. If you surface clean your house regularly then you will find it easier and faster when it?s time to deep clean your house.

So even though it is a boring task to do its benefits weigh way more than its negatives and the boring feeling will just vanish once you?re done with cleaning your space.

How Do I Motivate Myself to Clean

The best way to motivate yourself to clean is to remind yourself of the consequences, the consequences of cleaning, and the consequences of not cleaning.

When you do the cleaning you will have an organized house that provides you with positive energy and one that allows you to relax in it, plus the health benefits you are going to enjoy when you live in a clean space, no insects, no bacteria, no allergens, less stress, more productivity. These things deserve the effort from you to do the cleaning.

On the other side, if you don?t do the cleaning you will be living in a messy unclean house and you are going to share the space with uninvited creatures and insects, you are going to be less productive, more stressed, and negative energy will be flowing in the air slowing you down.

This is one way to motivate yourself.

If this is not enough for you to get motivated and you still find it a lot of work to do then you might follow the divide and conquer strategy, divide the big task into small and doable tasks that won?t take you that long, like in 10 minutes, for example, you can pick up the trash in your house, in another 10 minutes you could organize your clothes. This way you are starting out the process with some tasks that won?t take you that long and you are still making progress towards a more clean house.

What Order to Clean Your House

There is a concept in cleaning called MIAs or Most Important Areas, before you start cleaning you will need to determine your MIAs and these should be the most used areas in your house, these areas should be given the highest priorities while you?re cleaning so your effort goes in the right direction and you become more efficient with your cleaning.

Once you have determined your priorities and which areas you want to be cleaned first you can start the cleaning process and work your way towards a clean and organized house.

Your MIAs will most probably be the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the bedroom so these are going to be the rooms that we will be focusing the article about.

How to Clean a House Fast and Properly

Cleaning a house fast and properly is very similar to cleaning your bedroom. You are going to take very similar steps to the ones that you take to clean your bedroom and you are just going to generalize and customize the steps according to every room.

Take Out The Trash

The first step in cleaning your house is to take out the trash, use your wastebasket to collect all the trash in your house inside the wastebasket.

This way you are moving forward towards a nice and clean house, your living room will probably have a lot of trash that you could get rid off and your bedroom and kitchen also would have a lot of stuff that you could put into the trash.

By finishing this step you have made progress and you can continue to the other steps that you need to take toward a clean house.

Declutter Your Space

Return every item to where it belongs, get the clothes back into the wardrobe, the shoes into the shoe cabinet, the food into the fridge, and anything that isn?t in its appropriate place return it back to where it belongs.

This way you?re taking back control over the space and reducing the amount of mess and chaos you are dealing with in your home, you will be more efficient when you are done with the step.

Clean The Furniture

The bed, the couch, the tables, clean the main objects in your room that needs to be cleaned, take out the sheets and bed linens and wash them in your washing machine, wash the cushions and the throw pillows and organize them on your couch, and dust every object in your room if it can?t be washed so there it is cleaned properly.

The main objects in your house are the objects that are used the most so if it isn?t cleaned properly they would be a source for health risks and negative energy, so take special care when you are cleaning these objects and clean them properly.

When you are done with cleaning the main objects then you have accomplished 70% percent of the cleaning task so pat yourself on the back and keep reading so you can finish the remaining 30%

Organize and Clean The Surfaces

Just like you have decluttered your house you will need to organize the surfaces so they don?t look messy and unorganized, put everything where it is supposed to be, and get rid of the trash so nothing is on the surfaces unless it is necessary.

Next, you will need to wipe down all the surfaces so it is clean and shiny and make sure there?s no dust on these surfaces ruining how it is looking.

Clean Curtains and Carpets

Dust and wash the curtains and carpets if possible because these things collect huge amounts of dust, so make sure you are cleaning them carefully, if you are in a hurry you might only dust them and make them clean again but if you have some time it would definitely be better to wash them so you make sure they are totally clean.

Wipe Windows and Mirrors

A house is never fully clean without clean windows and mirrors, get a piece of cloth and wipe down the mirrors and windows so they are shiny and clean again.


After all that cleaning you will want to vacuum the dust that has pilled everywhere around your house, this is the final step you will need to take so you can enjoy a clean and tidy house.

Get to every corner inside your house and make sure you have collected every atom of dust so your house is as clean as it should be.

Should You Vacuum or Dust a Room First

You should dust before vacuuming so the vacuuming would be easier and more efficient, by dusting you are getting all the dust that is buried inside your stuff out to the surface which makes it easier for the vacuum to collect all of this dust.

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