How Do You Clean Dust

Dust is not only a sign of unclean, unorganized, messy home, it actually exposes you to health risks such as allergies and cancer as recent studies show, so answering the question ?how do you clean dust? becomes essential not only for how your house looks but also for your health.

The tools we are going to use to clean the dust are a microfiber cloth dampened with water, a mop, and a vacuum. These are the most efficient tools when dealing with dust that will help you get rid of it.

Before we start with the tips of how do you clean dust it might be helpful to understand what is actually dust, dust in human-occupied environments is made of dead skin cells, pollen, textile fibers, paper fibers, and pet dander. So if you ever wonder where does dust comes from in a closed room then that?s the answer, the majority of dust is actually dead skin cells so it doesn?t come from outside sources because your body is actually the source of most of the dust.

How Do You Clean Dust

Dust is the natural result of life, so here?s how to clean it so your house gets back to its original shape:

The first tip to clean dust is to work top to bottom because when you clean the bottom first and then clean the top what you will find is that the bottom became unclean again, so the solution for that is to be strategic and start from the top so any dust falling off to the ground can be picked up once you get to the bottom and you don?t have to clean the bottom twice.

The second tip is to use a wet microfiber cloth, some people wonder is it better to dust with a wet or dry cloth and the answer is the wet one, it is better at capturing dust to use dampened with water cloths especially if it is microfiber one because microfiber is the best when it comes to cleaning dust.

Make dusting a weekly habit so it doesn?t accumulate in your house and make it messy and unorganized and expose you to health risks such as allergies or cancer.

Buying a mat would be a great solution for reducing dust coming from outside sources, a huge contributor to indoor dust is actually the dirt that is stuck into our shoes that we get when walking outside.

If you ever wonder how to get rid of dust floating in the air then an air purifier with a HEPA filter is the answer, air purifiers are great for getting rid of dust and purifying the air from it.

So these are the most important tips about the best dusting method, now let?s check some more points relating to dusting.

How to Dust Shelves

The steps needed to dust shelves are very similar to the general steps to cleaning dust.

The first thing you will need to do is to empty the shelves from all the items that are on it and put them inside a box and make them in the same order if possible.

Then you will need to start from top to bottom for the same reason we?ve mentioned before, starting from the top will ensure that the dust particles that are falling from the top are picked up when you get to the bottom so you don?t have to clean the bottom twice.

Use a surface cleaner, it will help collect dust particles and make your shelves look clean and shiny.

Wipe the shelves with a cloth dampened with a surface cleaner and allow the shelves to dry for several seconds.

Return the items back onto the shelves in the same order.

And finally, clean the ground around the shelves with a vacuum cleaner to pick up the dust that has fallen into the ground when you were cleaning the dust.

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