How long do Silk Pillowcases Last?

If you have been asking how long do silk pillowcases last we have got answer for you. Silk has a luxurious look, and its features can help your skin and hair. So, if you want to have a good sleep, you should take care of your pillowcase to make it last for years in your bed. Your silk pillowcase will last only for about nine (9) to twelve (12) months or one (1) year. The silk is very delicate, so you need to take care of your silk by following the tips on how to wash, dry, and iron your pillowcase so will use it for one year.

Steps to Wash Your Silk Pillowcase

You need to wash your pillowcase with the use of your hand so it will help for your silk to last.

  • Always wash your clothes with the room temperature of 30 degrees Celcius and used a mild detergent or soap.
  • Just add one tablespoon of the detergent powder.
  • You need to handle your silk pillowcase gently.
  • Move your silk pillowcase to soak it with detergent.
  • If your silk pillowcase has light colors, you need to soak it for 5 minutes only and rinse it with cool water.
  • If you have dark colors or prints, do not soak the pillowcase. You just need to wash it to the bucket that has detergent then rinse it off with water.
  • In washing, it is important that there will be no detergent excess remains into your silk pillowcase.
  • To ensure that there is no detergent excess, you need to add vinegar to the water that you will use to rinse the detergent.

Steps to Dry Your Silk Pillowcase

You need to dry your pillowcase in these steps so it will help for your silk to last.

  • Get two dry towels and place your silk pillowcase into the towels.
  • Slowly roll the dry towels with your silk pillowcase.
  • It is not allowed to wring or twist to avoid damage in the fiber of your silk.
  • Gently press to remove the excess water.
  • Do not hang it under the sunlight because too much heat will cause damage.
  • Just hang it for two days to dry it with the help of air.

Steps to Iron Your Silk Pillowcase

You need to use the iron in these steps so it will help for your silk to last.

  • You need to prepare all the things to be used.
  • Press the iron that is appropriate to your silk pillowcase since too much heat can harm your silk, so you need to be careful in ironing your silk pillowcase.
  • You need an iron spray to remove the wrinkles so that your silk pillowcase will have a long life and retain its luxurious form.

Benefits of your Silk Pillowcase

Soft and smooth against your skin:

  • It is soft and smooth that is helpful to prevent the wrinkles and acne into your face and neck.
  • You can lay your head in a soft and smooth natural fiber so that you will have a good sleep.
  • There are gliding and friction that help your hair and skin healthy.
  • It prevents drying and itchiness of your skin.

Anti-Aging Potential

Choosing silk pillowcase can help to reduce your skin from aging.
It will help you to maintain moisture in your skin.
To have soft and smooth skin, you need to choose a silk pillowcase to slow down of the aging of your skin.

Naturally Hypoallergenic

Avoid using cotton pillowcase since the dust can easily enter.
Having dust into your pillowcase lead to the formation of bacteria and fungus.
It helps to avoid that dirt will stick into our face.
The silk pillowcase is the best choice to use.
The silk has a natural fiber that has the quality, which is naturally hypoallergenic.
The people who have an allergy must-have silk pillowcase.

Built-in Strength

The silk provides the elastic and strong thread.
It is durable, and it is the most popular type of cloth.
It is long-lasting and has strong fiber.

Pure, Natural Hydration

It absorbs the moisture from your skin.
The cotton pillowcase is absorbent. Meaning, it has the capacity to soak the creams and may result from reducing the quality to ensure that it will help you to prevent aging and dry skin.

Breathes with seamless temperature regulation

If you have sensitive skin to ensure that you will have an allergy reaction and help you to feel comfortable.
Silk is made up of fiber that is considered to be breathable.

Gentle care for your hair

It is soft and smooth pillowcase that can help to take good care of your skin and hair.
The friction and tension of your hand to the pillow can help you to moisture the skin.
There is no itchiness on your skin.
It will help you avoid to have acne on your face.
It has anti-aging effect for you to have smooth and young skin.

Beauty Sleep will be refined

The Silk is the best option that ensures benefits to your skin and hair.
It will be easier for you to sleep.

Reasons to Purchase a Silk Pillowcase:

1- Hypoallergenic

Your pillowcase does not store dust, so it there will be no microbial growth. It will also prevent the dust from sticking into your face that may result in acne and irritation. If you are skin-conscious, you are highly recommended to use the silk pillowcase so you can have a good sleep.

2- Soft and Smooth

You will feel better because your pillowcase is smooth and soft. With these features, you can easily glide your hair and skin. It will also provide you moisturizer in your skin. Your face will be acne-free, and the softness and smoothness of your pillowcase can help you to a have the right amount of sleep.

3- Water-free

It will easily absorb your sweat when sleeping, and it will also help to remove your oily sweat. Your bed will be dry and feel you better because you will feel cool in your head.

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