How to Clean Bed Sheets Without Washing Them

Whether you want to save energy or for any other reason you are wondering how to clean bed sheets without washing them, I have the answer for you.

Here are three ways you can clean your bed sheets without washing them:

  • Hang your sheets on a clothesline,
  • Slap your bed sheets with a paddle or with your hand
  • Clean your bed sheets with a vacuum cleaner

Hang Your Sheets on a Clothesline

If you happen to be living in a sunny area you can make use of the sun to clean your bed sheets for you, but take into your consideration that this method will reduce the life span of the sheets.

Hanging your sheets on a clothesline and letting it there for a while is a great way to clean your bed sheets because sun can kill the bacteria on your sheets.

Slap Your Bed Sheets with a Paddle or with Your Hand

Slapping your bed sheets is another way to cleaning up your bed sheets, this way you are getting rid of all the dust and dust mites and bed bugs that are sticking on your bed sheets.

Using a paddle in this method is preferred over using your hand because you can take leverage of the paddle and hit harder so you can get rid of more dust, but your hand can also do the job if no paddle is available.

Clean Your bed sheets With a Vacuum Cleaner

The final method you can use to clean your bed sheets without washing them is using a vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner can suck out all the dust that is in your bed sheets and it can make your sheets clean again without much effort on your side.

The Best Way

The best way to clean your bed sheets without washing them is to combine all the three methods together, with the power of the sun for killing the bacteria and the slapping of the paddle to clean the dust and the sucktion of the vacuum cleaner to finish the cleaning mission.

Combining all the three methods together is considered the most powerful strategy to follow and even if you wash your bed sheets you can consider using these method to insure that your bed sheets are extra cleaned.


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