How To Deal With Anxiety At Night

anxiety is one of those guests that have never been welcomed, when you have anxiety you start asking yourself when does this torture going to end and how can I end it right now?!

Having anxiety at night and close to bedtime is considered annoying and for some a torture because the need to sleep is a necessity as we have talked in the last couple posts.

In this post we are going to discuss what does anxiety at night looks like and how to deal with it properly in order to have a peaceful night.

How To Deal With Anxiety At Night


The way to deal with anxiety at night is through logical evaluation.

Is the thing I am worried about truly a big deal or it’s not a big deal but my thoughts are making it look huge?

Is this thing I am worried about under my control or is it a thing beyond my control and I have no control over it?

Is it something happening in the present moment or is it something that’s going to happen?

This type of questions help you evaluate the situation, is it a serious case of anxiety or is it a false alarm from your body or is it something in between.

Evaluating the seriousness of the situation is the first step to properly handling it.


Based on the evaluation of your anxiety you should handle it, we’re going to list three scenarios: a low seriousness situation, a mid seriousness situation, a high seriousness situation.

  • Low Seriousness Situation: in a low seriousness situation try to contain your thoughts and sensations, remind yourself that this is not a big deal and remind yourself why this is not a big deal and that you can face whatever is making you anxious without losses or with low ones that they don’t matter.


  • Mid Seriousness Situation: A mid seriousness situation you maybe like having an exam tomowrrow and you are worried and anxious about it, the answer is to be as prepared as possible, if you have time to prepare for the exam get prepared, that’s the part that you can control, which is to get prepared, without sacrificing sleep, because sleep is important for doing well in an exam.


  • High Seriousness Situation: A high seriousness situation maybe public speaking, you having to talk in front of many people. In a situation like that you need to control what yo can control and remind yourself that the worst case scenario is not that bad, that even if you didn’t perform well on the stage people are going to forget about it one day later, that the wheel of life will not stop spinning in the worst case, that’s how to deal with a high seriousness situation.


The conclusion for this post is that the right way to deal with anxiety is to use logic in the face of it, when you have an anxious thought and you are starting to feel anxious use your mind to grade the degree of the anxiety and based on that you should properly deal with it.

Most of the time your anxiety will range from low to mid anxiety, that way you are going to save power and nervs for the? highly stressful situations by dealing properly with the lower stressful ones.

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