How to Get Dust Out of Furniture

You are annoyed by the amount of dust that is buried inside your furniture, every time you sit on a couch or a sofa dust keeps coming out of it, it is not only about the negative energy it actually carries health risks as experts say, besides the allergies, it can also irritate dust can actually expose you to cancer because of the plastic particles it has.

Dust has this strange ability to get everywhere, it can reach any place inside the house and can spread the negative energy everywhere, so keeping dust under control can be a hard task to manage but it is doable, in this article we are going to answer how to get dust out of furniture and we are going to discuss every detail that relates to it so your furniture is dust-free and you can enjoy a home with no dust.

The Tools

For this kind of task you are going to need some tools to do the job efficiently, first you will need a cloth, a cloth is good for dealing with surface dust, it could easily pick up and remove dust from surfaces and help you regain the original clean state of the surface.

You are also going to need rubber gloves, these are going to be used to remove the buried dust inside the furniture.

An old tennis racket, I?ll explain why you are going to need it, just hold on.

And finally, you are going to need a vacuum cleaner with the upholstery tool, the crevice tool, and the dust brusher tool which are going to pull the remaining amounts of dust in your furniture that you couldn?t reach with the cloth or the rubber gloves.

How to Get Dust Out of Furniture

To get dust out of every piece of furniture you are going to clean you need to do the following:

  1. First, smack the piece of furniture with the tennis racket to get every particle of dust out of that piece, it is recommended to do that outside of your house if possible so the dust doesn?t spread inside your house. If it?s hard for you to do that then it?s okay the vacuum cleaner can solve that problem.
  2. Second, wipe the piece of furniture with a dampened microfiber cloth that is electrostatically charged so it picks up all the dust that is on the surface of that furniture piece.
  3. For couches and upholstered pieces of furniture rub the gloves against those pieces so it creates electrostatic charges that make grabbing hair and dust particles easier.
  4. Finally, use the vacuum cleaner to grab the remaining amounts of dust that couldn?t be reached with the other tools, with upholstered furniture use the upholstery tool, use the crevice tool for corners, edges, and hard to reach areas, and use the dust brush tool for bookshelves and other non-upholstered furniture.

How to Get Dust Out of Couch Cushions

To get dust out of cushions you are going to follow the same general steps I?ve laid down for you, beat, then vacuum, you could add to that sunbathing the cushions once or twice a year which will help kill the bacteria that might have reproduced because inside them.

You are going to beat the cushions outside your house with a tennis racket or any broad object at your disposal, keep beating the cushions until there?s no dust getting out of them.

And as an extra step to suck the remaining dust that you couldn?t get out with beating use your vacuum cleaner with the upholstery tool to pull all the remaining dust that got into your cushions.

Best Way to Dust Wood Furniture

The best way to dust wood furniture is to use both the cloth and the vacuum cleaner.

You first dampen the cloth with water and wipe the wooden furniture with the cloth and you then use the vacuum cleaner with the dust brush tool to remove all the remaining dust from the wood furniture that has accumulated over your furniture.

To protect your furniture from dust you could put some cream on a clean cloth and wipe the cloth over the wood furniture, this will help keep your furniture free of dust for several days.

How to Dust Shelves

To dust shelves, you are going to need a cloth and maybe a vacuum cleaner, you are going to follow the top-bottom approach, you are going to start at the top so the dust can fall off to the bottom and you could pick it up easily when cleaning the bottom instead of starting from the bottom and getting it clean and then dust falls off from the top over it when you clean the top.

Use a cloth dampened with water, wipe the shelves back and forth until it?s clean, and then get to the bottom and do the same.

You could also use the vacuum cleaner with the dust brush tool to remove any remaining dust particles that the cloth didn?t remove.

How to Get Dust Off Fabric Headboard

To get dust off a fabric headboard you are going to need the tennis racket and the vacuum cleaner with the upholstery tool.

First, you are going to beat the fabric headboard with the tennis racket to get much of the buried dust inside it as you can, this will get a significant amount of dust from your headboard and will make it easier when you use the vacuum cleaner.

Next, use the vacuum cleaner with the upholstery tool to suck the remaining amount of dust off the headboard, that way you ensured that you have cleaned the headboard and it is free of dust.

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