How to Get Rid of Bed Head Without Taking a Shower

Isn’t it boring and time-consuming to wake up every morning with your hair in a state of disaster and you have to brush it down and get it straight so you can move on and continue your day?! It’s boring for all of us who suffer from bed heads, and it gets more boring when your only choice is to take a shower to solve this issue.

Bed heads can be eliminated by other ways than taking a shower and in this article we are going to answer the question of how to get rid of bed head without taking a shower.

Why Does Bed Head Happens?

Well, this is a legit question that needs to be answered because the first step to solving any problem is understanding its roots, however, there hasn’t been an extensive research done in this area explaining in detail why exactly does bed head happen.

The information available for answering this question is that when we are asleep we tend to toss and turn every now and then and when we do so our hair gets to be pulled in every direction, the pressure applied to your hair plus the angle of that applied pressure tend to shape how your hair is going to look like in the next morning.

So the short answer is that because you toss and turn while you’re asleep you tend to have bed heads in the next mornings.

How to Get Rid of Bed Head Without Taking a Shower

You wake up with a terrible bed head, so now what? Is the only option available for you is taking a shower so you can take control back over your hair?

Well, no this is not the only option, here’s what you can do instead:

1- Wet a Comb And Drag Through Your Hair:

You don’t have to get all of your hair wet instead you could simply wet a comb and drag through your hair, it will have a very close effect to getting your whole body wet.

2- Try to Apply Some Gel:

Applying some gel to your hair will make your hair soft and smooth which will ease the process of getting it into place.

3- Use Some Heat:

Heat your hair with a hairdryer and while doing so start styling it with a comb or a small brush this will also help to get your hair into place.

4- Use a Hairspray

When you’re done styling your hair use a hairspray to hold that style into place so your efforts don’t get lost after half an hour, to avoid a plastic look, hold the spray a few feet away from your head and walk into the spray cloud.

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