How to Keep Sheets on Bed

It doesn?t matter how smart or intelligent you are when it comes to putting bed sheets on the bed or getting them to stay on it, it seems an impossible task to do and the ones that can do it effortlessly seem to have some sort of superpower. But don?t worry, at the end of this article you will have this exact same superpower and you will be your own hero.

Before we get into how to keep sheets on bed we need to address the question of how to put sheets on a bed in the first place, because this can be the source of all the trouble.

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How to Put Sheets On a Bed

  1. The first step is to make sure you have the right size because there is nothing to do if the sheets aren?t properly sized, if the size isn?t correct that will lead to a lot of trouble and slip will happen and you won?t be able to enjoy your bed sheets as you wish
  2. Second, start with the fitted sheets, grab one corner of the fitted sheet and pull it into the corner of the mattress and tuck it under the mattress until it totally covers it.
  3. Grab the diagonally opposite corner and do the same process with it.
  4. Repeat the process with the other two corners.
  5. Smooth out the fitted sheet and make sure it is tight because if it isn?t the flat sheet will look lumpy.
  6. Place your flat sheet over the fitted one, with the wrong side up. That way when you fold over the sheet at the head of the bed, the decorative side will show.
  7. Tuck in the bottom of your sheet and then move on to the sides, tucking them in about three-fourths of the way toward the head of the bed.

These are the easy and simple steps to put sheets on bed.

Why Do My Bed Sheets Keep Coming Off

Now after we?ve put our sheets on bed the right way we need to consider why does it keep coming off the bed and how to stop it.

There are three probable reasons for why your bed sheets keep coming off the bed:

  1. Size could be wrong, as I have told you in the last point size matters when it comes to bedding if the sheets are too small this will stretch the fabric, which is likely to reduce the product?s quality and increase its likelihood of sliding off the corners. On the other hand, if your bed sheet is too big it could bunch up and become loose, making it more likely to come away from the mattress.
  2. Your sheets are too soft, soft sheets do slip a lot more than other sheets and even though softness is a great feature to have in your bed sheets and you should probably enjoy, slipping is its drawback
  3. Your sheets aren?t tucked enough, you need to put your sheets in a proper way so that it doesn?t keep coming off your bed, check out how to put those sheets so you can enjoy sleeping on an organized bed.

How to Keep Sheets on the Bed

If you have put your sheets the right way and made sure that you have the right size sheets for your mattress and you have tucked them properly and they are still slipping you might make use of some external help. Here are some tips that will help you keep sheets on bed:

Use Sheet Suspenders

The first item you could use to keep your bed sheets in place is sheet suspenders. Sheet suspenders hold your fitted sheet in place so that it doesn?t wrinkle up all over your bed.

To use sheet suspenders put fitted sheets on. Lift the corner of the sheet a little, clip suspender strap on the sheet, tuck sheet cornerback under. Walk suspender alongside the side of the bed, while slipping the strap under the mattress to the opposite front corner, lift the corner of the sheet a little, clip, tuck back under. Repeat steps 1 & 2 on opposite corners to form an “X”. Slides should face the foot of the bed for adjustments.

You can find sheet suspenders online on Amazon and other websites, here?s the one that I recommend: EZNovation Clip’n’Sleep

Use Zipped Sheet

This is my favorite way to solve the problem, you don?t have to stress over tucking the sheets and you don?t have to worry about the sheets slipping in any direction. By using zipped sheets you are guaranteed that the sheets aren?t going anywhere, they are going to stay in place and they aren?t moving so you can sleep with no worries and enjoy your time on bed peacefully.

QuickZip Fitted Sheet is my favorite zipped sheet and I do recommend it for you.

Non-Slip Rug Corners

Originally made for rugs, this product can be used for keeping bed sheets in place and making sure it doesn?t move. It is another great solution that can guarantee that bed sheets won?t be moving and that you will enjoy your time on your bed.

Nevercurl is a great choice for this type of product and it can help you keep things under control and keep your bed sheets in place.

Attach Safety Pins

The last option product I would suggest is safety pins, by attaching your bed sheets to the mattress you are making sure that it won?t move and that it will stay in place. This option is the least reliable option in my opinion because over time it could get unattached and your bed sheets start curling over your bed and wrinkles start to appear.

This one is better suitable as a quick fix not a long term solution.

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