How to Make a Toga Out of Bed Sheets

So you are wondering how to make a toga out of bed sheets? you are probably going to a costume party and you want to have the look of the ancient Romans, the toga was once a symbol for the Roman empire and everyone from both sexes used to wear it as the official costume.

As with anything, with time the Romans abandoned the toga for more practical costumes that helped them perform their daily duties.

And now we want to restore the glories of the past and summon the spirit of our ancestors in a costume party for fun and glory, so how can we do that? that’s what this article is all about.

What Did the Toga Originally Look Like

A direct quote from Wikipedia:

The toga was an approximately semi-circular woolen cloth, usually white, worn draped over the left shoulder and around the body


The main thing to consider from this quote is that the toga is a semi-circular piece of cloth, so the bed sheets are not the best-fit piece of fabric for a toga but it is pretty handy and practical and it succeeds at doing the job.

How to Make a Toga Out of Bed Sheets

  1. Start by making a lengthwise fold so that the width of the sheet is covering the part of your body you want to be covered.
  2. Leaving a foot or two of extra material on the left side of your body wrap the folded sheet around your entire waist or torso once, then bring it around your back and over your shoulder on the next pass.
  3. Take the first corner and meet the second over your left shoulder and tie them in a knot

These are the simple steps required to make yourself a toga out of bed sheets, but take care that bed sheets aren’t the best material for a toga so you will need to take safety procedures, like wearing shirts under your toga, so your bed sheets don’t let you down.

Here’s a Youtube video that illustrates the steps that we have just discussed:

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