How To Overcome Depression And Anxiety


When you fall down it doesn’t mean that you will be down forever. When you fall in a hole it doesn’t mean that this hole has become your entire life.

depression and anxiety are mental wholes, they don’t define your life and they don’t define who you are.

And when you fall down some times you can stand back up on your own or somebody gives you a helping hand, that’s what this whole website is about, a helping hand for those who can’t stand back up on their own.

What Does Depression Look Like

Depression feels like everything is grey, nothing tastes and nothing matters. Depression is the state of total surrender to the ugly reality, abandoning your own dreams and your inner voice talks it doesn’t matter, you’re never going to achieve that.

Depression is about lack of motivation to live, you don’t want to do what you are doing but you’re doing it anyway because you have to.

Surrendering yet still getting beaten up by life every day and maybe every moment.

That is what depression feels like …

What Does Anxiety Look Like

Anxiety is about constant worry.

Constant fear.

Anxiety feels like you’re crossing the sides of deep valley on a worn out bridge, any second you could fall and the fall is going to be painful and you’re closer to death than ever before.

That’s the summary of feeling anxiety.

Being afraid of any error or mistake that may lead to unwelcomed consequences.

It doesn’t matter if those feelings are close to the reality or not, what matters is that those feelings exist in the heart and soul of many people, many people are depressed and many people are anxious, whether the situation deserves to be truly depressed and anxious that doesn’t matter, what matters is that there are people who are feeling depressed and anxious and we need to get them out of that state.

How To Overcome Depression And Anxiety

The way to overcome depression and anxiety is to not let emotions in the drivers seat.

Don’t let emotions lead your life because when emotions are in control the matters only gets worse.

So, who should be in the drivers seat you may ask.

The answer is: Rational Thinking.

Rational thinking is the best way to lead your life with because it is based on facts and data, it works for the long term benefit, and it is more stable than emotional thinking.

Emotional thinking is verstail, because emotions are verstail. One hour your mood is great, the next you feel miserable. One day you feel good, the next you feel terrible.

This bumpy way does not allow for any plan to continue until it reaches the maturity stage, this way there’s no true change that happens in your life. And when there’s no true change, your emotions won’t change, you will feel more depressed and more anxious as time goes on and on.

The Challange With Rational Thinking

The challange with rational thinking is to always try to keep the balance between rationallity and emotions.

Your emotions won’t go away when you start to think and act rationally, and in the end we are human beings and emotions are a huge part of us, so ignoring them is not helpful also and my do harm as much as letting emotions in the drivers seat.

What I would recommend you to do is to take your emotions into your decision making equation, even sometimes you can make it the main part of the equation.

This way you are properly addressing the emotion you have with the other circumstances that are related.

You will make mistakes, that’s the only thing I am certain about if I am a futurist, mistakes are part of us too, so when you make them try to learn from them and not repeating them again, that’s how life goes.

This was “How To Overcome Depression And Anxiety”

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