How Lack Of Sleep Can Make You Lose Your Mind

Many people believe that in order to produce more you need to sleep less, and that is the furthest from the truth on the short and the long run, if you sacrifice your sleep you’re definitely going to get burnt out and your focus will be low and your stress levels are going to be high, which all is going to lead to a low and unproductive working hours that it would be better spent sleeping and recharging.

The most successful people, if you dig behind their successes, you’ll find that they have a consistent sleep schedule, espcially athelets. To get the most as a physical performer you need to push your boundaries and also give your body the rest it needs to grow and benefit from the working hours.

As a scientist, you cannot think clearly if you are not sleeping well, and thinking is the core of your job as a researcher or scientist.

Each and every single role in the community will need sleep, and sleeping well is needed in order to perform your role with high quality.

What’s Going To Happen If You Didn’t Sleep Well

Mainly three things are going to happen:

  • you will lose your patience
  • You will lose your focus
  • you are going to be stressed out

You Will Lose Your Patience

when you are tired and stressed and burnt out it’s going to be hard on you to keep your patience, and patience is required for everything and in everywhere.

You Will Lose Your Focus

Your ability to focus is tied with lots of variables and sleep is one of them, sleep resembles recharging your battries for the new day.

You Will Be Overly Stressed

Stress levels get increased when you are awake and get decreased when you are asleep, if you have a sleep disorder or your sleep is low quality you are not allowing this cycle to happen, instead what is happening is that stress hormones are accumilating in your blood stream and you are starting to be overly stressed and overly sensitive to your stress triggers.




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