Luna Weighted Blanket Review

Weighted blankets solve a problem that irritates many which is helping them sleep better. A weighted blanket provides a sense of being hugged which has a calming effect over the person who is using it, this calming effect helps relaxing the body and reduce the stress and anxiety of the day which helps falling into sleep and staying asleep.

Luna is a weighted blanket brand that has been getting lots of positive feedback lately, so we have decided to give it a full review so you can decide if this is the right product for you.

Here’s a quick link to Luna weighted blanket.

Weight Options

For the weight Luna only offers two weight variations and they are:

  • 15 lbs
  • 20 lbs

It’s recommended that you choose the weight that’s 10% of your ideal body weight so it should go like this:

  • 15lbs blanket for 120-180lbs person
  • 20lbs blanket for 170-230lbs person

“The blanket is too heavy” is one of the most common compliants about weighted blankets, so if this is your first time purchasing a weighted blanket or if you don’t know your prefrences yet it is recommended for you to go with the lighter weight until you get a sense of how the blanket feels like.

A blanket that’s too heavy can make you feel trapped under it and instead of reducing anxiety it increases it and you have a bigger problem now, so choose the weights wisely.

Filling Of The Blanket

The filling of the blanket is glass beads. Glass beads are like the texture of sand, they are extremely tiny and they make the weighted blanket feel very smooth, and due to the tiny size of the beads the size of the weighted blanket becomes less compared to weighted blanket filled with different material.

The other common option you will find for weighted blanket fillers is poly-pellets. polly pellets are small and round pieces of plastic that have a texture similar to tiny pebbles, which can be irritating for some people.

The poly-pellets filling is a more economic choice but the downside of them is that they take more space and they feel like pebbles, generally glass beads are higher quality than poly-pellets and thus more expensive.


The fabric of the blanket is cotton, cotton is breathable natural material that keeps the blanket as cool as possible, it breathes well so the blanket doesn’t get warmed up and the temprature of the blanket doesn’t keep you awake all night.

Synthetic material don’t breath really well when it comes to blankets, so it traps up the heat and it keeps the heat inside the blanket so the temprature of the blanket rises which may lead to making it harder and harder for you to sleep.

That’s why Luna choose cotton as their fabric, so the temprature doesn’t get high under the blanket and you can enjoy the blanket as much as possible.

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