Molekule Air Purifier Review: A Device From the Future

A device from the future, that’s what Molekule air purifier is all about, it’s one of the fancy stuff that you would imagine people in the future would own, well, the future is now and the Molekule air purifier is between your hands. It’s an air purifier that gets the job done in a neat and classy way so you breathe clean air and enjoy the beautiful design.

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Construction of Molekule Air Purifier

The path to clean air in the Molekule air purifier starts with the intake, the intake in this device is different than the others, it’s a 360-degree air intake which means it can collect and clean the air from every direction increasing the efficiency of the air purifier performance.

Next is the pre-filter where dust and large pollutants get trapped while slowing down other pollutants such as VOCs and viruses before they get to the PECO filter.

The PECO filter is the star in this process, this is where the magic happens, with 25 years of development research scientists have reached to this filter that works to clear the air from the most stubborn most harmful air pollutants that other air purifiers can’t remove.

The PECO air purifier utilizes free radicals ?the same radicals used to destroy cancer cells?to break down pollutants at a molecular level, including VOCs, bacteria, mold, viruses, and allergens. By using nanotechnology, PECO can destroy pollutants 1000 times smaller than the standard filters must meet to qualify as HEPA.

What the HEPA filters do is that they only capture the air pollutants until they get dirty and need to be replaced, the PECO filter on the other hand destroys the air pollutants and leaves no traces behind.

PECO destroys pollutants at a microscopic scale, including VOCs and viruses 1000x smaller than what the HEPA filter standard tests for. With no ozone byproduct, Molekule air purifiers safely destroy a vast range of indoor air pollutants. As a science company, Molekule conducts extensive testing of its technology through its own labs as well as certified third-party laboratories.

It can combat every kind of air pollutant that comes to your mind, you may want to check their website for further details.

The outer side of the Molekule air purifier is designed with aluminum which makes it smooth and sleek and gives it a neat look, with a thick leather hand so you can carry it around the house.

The Molekule air purifier has a touch screen that by tapping it twice you can access the menu and switch between the modes to pick the one that suits you the best.

Molekule air purifier is truly interesting to buy…


The height of the Molekule air purifier is 23 inches and the diameter is 8.25 inches, it is considered a large device that weighs around 18 pounds, it is easy to carry around with its flexible leather hand but still with these dimensions you would probably end up using it in one room most of the time.

It can keep a room-sized 600 sq.ft. clean, so if it can be used in large spaces such as the master bedroom or your home office.


Molekule is a technology brand that cares about the details, they won’t forget an important one such as noise levels. Due to its unique technology, the Molekule Air purifier is very quiet compared to conventional air purifiers. Their unit is designed to be quiet enough to sleep while it is running. The noise level ranges from 41-65 decibels (dBa).

Power Consumption

Molekule Air uses 20 watts at its lowest speed and 80 watts at its fastest speed, comparing it to an average fan that consumes 200 watts you can find that the Molekule air purifier is quite reasonable and efficient when it comes to power consumption.


CADR is Clear Air Delivery Rate or how fast can the air purifier provides air, it is measured in cubic feet per minute.

There’s no clear data concerning the CADR rating of the Molekule air purifier which is considered important information to judge the efficiency of the air purifier’s performance, .


It’s easy for you to carry the air purifier around with its simple design and thick, flexible leather hand you can carry it to any place in the house.


  • Auto Mode: This mode takes your inputs, like room size, to identify the ideal airflow for your device. The fan speed will be set at a consistent level to maintain optimal air quality.
  • Boost: In Boost Mode, the device runs at its maximum speed. Use this mode when you require a strong clean, like after dusting and cleaning the house.
  • Silent: You Molekule will be whisper quiet in Silent Mode. Even as the speed of air flowing through the device is reduced, it still cleans the air thoroughly.
  • Dark Mode: Dark Mode turns off the Molekule light?great for light-sensitive people. Since the PECO-Filter needs that light to break down pollutants, we recommend only using Dark Mode when necessary. Once Dark Mode is turned off and the light comes back on, captured pollutants will then be eliminated.

What You are Going to Love

The product does a great job at removing odors, many customers are happy with its ability to get rid of the unwanted smell and are satisfied with the performance.

It works for allergies as well, if you suffer from allergies this device could be a lifesaver, many customers have reported that it has helped them get over their allergies and enjoy the nights calmly and peacefully.

It is easy to set up and easy to use, it’s not complicated, there are no tons of buttons to click, just a touch screen and four modes to pick from, it’s hard to get confused about using this device.

It has the most powerful technology combatting air pollutants, this is the only PECO filter air purifier I know and it’s patented, PECO air purifier technology is the best for destroying pollutants it leaves no traces behind.

What Might Disappoint You

The most obvious negative point about the Molekule air purifier is that there is no clear CADR rating, the idea is that it has the best purification technology but is there enough air reaching the purification stage in the first stage? That’s the unanswered question.

The second thing that might disappoint you that the filter replacements are expensive, you have to change the prefilter once each three months and the PECO filter once every six months, so that’s going to add up fast.


With these advantages that it offers and with the positive experiences that others had with the Molekule air purifier it’s safe to say that it is one of the best air purifiers in the market and that it deserves your consideration…

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