Best Pillowcase Material for Acne

when it comes to the best pillowcase material for acne the choices narrow down to 3 :

  1. silk,
  2. bamboo,
  3. and pillowcases with silver-ion technology.

These materials are the best pillowcase materials for acne sensitive skin because of their excellent characteristics, they’re soft to the skin, they resist the bacteria, and they are breathable which means less moisture which is bad for your skin.

The 3 material differ between each other and there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to pillows, so if you are looking for the best material for your skin we advice you to check these 3 and see which one works best for you.

but first let us ask : How does acne happen in the first place

Best Pillowcase Material for Acne

How Does Acne Happen :

Acne has many forms, blackheads, whiteads , pimples, and cysts. They commonly occur? during puberty but it can happen to anyone at any age.

Acne happens due to the natural oil in our skin being clogged in the pores of our skin. The pores can get closed for any reason such as dust or dirt, so when the pores get closed the oil gets clogged under the skin and it starts to cause the different kinds of acne. Also the baceteria can get involved to make the case worse and starts multiplying under the skin.

How Can The Pillowcase Affect Acne :

how does your pillowcase contribute to acne you ask ? when not washed your pillowcase can accumulate dirt, oil, heat, and sweat. When your skin gets exposed to a pillowcase like this it gets irritated and acne happens.

Actually any surface that is not clean enough and your skin gets exposed to it regularly can cause you acne, this type of acne is called?acne mechanica.

So the pillowcase plays an important rule when it comes to acne because your skin gets exposed to it each and every day for 8 hours per day on average.

Best Pillowcase Material for Acne

How did we decide the best material :

So based on the explanation above the best pillowcase material for acne should be the material that:

  • Collects the least amount of dirt so your skin doesn’t catch these dirts and the pores get clogged.
  • The material that’s breathable and cool so it doesn’t cause moisture and sweat for because that contributes to acne.
  • And the material that is soft because friction irritates acne and can cause problems for your skin.

Best Pillowcase Material for Acne :

So after looking at these criteria and specifications for the best pillowcase material for your skin we can safely come to the conclusion that bamboo, silk, and pillowcases with silver ion technology are the best.

these materials are the best material when it comes to bacteria fighting, cooling, and softness, of course there are pillowcases made of other materials as well and it can be good and helpful but the best for this job are the ones we mentioned based on our research.

Product Recommendations :

if you are looking for a pillowcase to buy here are the ones that we recommend :

Bamboo Pillowcase:

Silk Pillowcase:

Silver-ion Pillowcase:

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