Pine & River Weighted Blanket Complete Review

These days it seems like everyone owns at least one weighted blanket.

Since first becoming popular a few years ago, this sleep aid can now be found in the homes of many restless sleepers around the world.

Pine & River Weighted Blanket Complete Review

Weighted blankets are currently flooding the market in the name of self-care, and the weighted blanket has evolved into a necessity for cozy warmth and relaxation.

With it being such a loved product, you should be able to find the perfect weighted black for you somewhere out there.

Weighted blankets are so popular because the increased pressure caused by their weight is very similar to a treatment method known as “deep pressure therapy.”

This, much like a warm embrace, causes the production of serotonin and dopamine, which are collectively referred to as the “happy chemicals.”

As a result of this effect it has on our bodies, many individuals discover that using a weighted blanket is beneficial in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and helps them in getting a restful night’s sleep.

Because there are so many weighted blankets on the market today, it can be difficult to decide which one to purchase, particularly if it is your first time buying one or if you are looking to replace an existing throw.

Weighted blankets can also be very expensive, with some costing over $200.

To help you make the right decision for your needs, today we will be reviewing a far cheaper weighted blanket alternative, the Pine & River Blanket.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this amazing blanket so that you can choose for yourself whether or not this is the ideal blanket for you.

Weight Options

Choosing the weight is the most significant step in the process of buying a weighted blanket.

The weight of the blanket should be equal to or slightly less than ten percent of your ideal body weight.

The Pine & River Weighted Blanket comes in two weight options, 15lbs and 20lbs.

The lighter option is ideal for a person who weighs around 120 to 180 lbs, while the heavier version is for people weighing 170 to 230 lbs.

If this is your first time buying a weighted blanket or if you don’t know what your preferences are, then you should go with the lighter weight.

People who have no experience with weighted blankets often find that a heavier weight can be too much for them, causing them to feel trapped under the blanket, which makes them more anxious and less sleepy.

Because of this, opting for the lesser weight, to begin with, can be a wise decision to make so that you don’t experience feelings of being overpowered by the heavier weight.


The Pine & River Weighted Blanket has the ultimate luxury Minky texture and feel.

Snuggle up in this cozy weighted blanket at the end of a long day and fall asleep without a care in the world thanks to this super soft material.

This blanket is made of Ultra-Plush fabric.

Since it is made of 100% synthetic material, this means that the blanket will keep you warm and cozy for longer.

In general, you should look for synthetic materials in your blankets as these can trap heat inside of them, which in turn causes the temperature inside of the blanket to increase.

If you use a blanket out of natural materials, it will let more heat escape because natural materials tend to breathe well and do not trap heat inside of them.

You may be worried that because this blanket is made out of synthetic materials, it might keep you too warm.

What if you want to use this blanket to help you sleep in the summer? Will it be too hot? No!

Crafted using the highest quality fabrics and using Climacool cotton through its construction, this blanket allows for pleasant wear year-round, in both the summer and the winter.

Overall, the Pine & River Weighted Blanket is made of a material that is soft to the touch, warm, and cuddly.

It is easy to work with and very comfortable to get wrapped up in. It works well in the wintertime or in any other season or location where the evenings are typically cool.

This is Pine & River’s most comfortable fabric to date.

After just one brush across the cloth, you won’t want to let go.

This makes this blanket a perfect addition to any bed or couch.

Size And Design

When looking for a weighted blanket, you want one that is the perfect size to get wrapped up in.

Pine & River Weighted Blankets come in two sizes.

Their larger blankets are ideal for queen-sized beds (60″x80″), while their smaller blankets can usually cover a small person’s/child’s body.

When deciding on the weight of the blanket, this will depend on the individual’s preference for whether it should be heavier or lighter; alternatively, you can choose 10% of their body weight.

This weighted blanket is a huge improvement on Pine & River’s previous weighted blanket, which was also a very popular product.

This new and beautiful design features some of the smallest weight pockets in the industry.

This stops the blanket from moving and sliding around you when you are trying to get cozy in bed.

Now you won’t have to worry about constantly adjusting and can focus on getting a good night’s rest.

It should be pointed out that this item is not a comforter, and as such, it will not hang over the sides of the mattress.

What’s In The Blanket?

Have you ever wondered what’s inside a weighted blanket that makes them so heavy?

Some weighted blankets have a more classic cotton weave, but the greatest weighted blankets are constructed from fabric with quilted pockets that are packed with glass beads.

Because of the pockets, the weight is dispersed more uniformly across the throw, and the glass beads don’t get clumped together in any one particular area, providing you with a perfectly balanced weight distribution.

The Pine & River Weighted Blanket is stuffed with glass beads for its filling. Glass beads have the consistency of sand and are so small that they make the weighted blanket feel very smooth.

Additionally, because the beads are so small, the weighted blanket made using these is smaller than weighted blankets made with other types of materials because the glass beads take up less space.



This weighted blanket can be washed in a machine using a low and moderate setting using cold water only. Do not dry clean or iron the blanket. Hang to dry.

Buyers Guide

Here is a quick guide on what to look out for when buying a weighted blanket.

The Filling

The majority of weighted blankets use either plastic poly pellets or glass beads as their filling.

Glass beads are typically the size of grains of sand or smaller, and they are significantly heavier than their plastic pellet counterparts.

Because of their smaller size, they take up less space in the blanket, which results in the product having a slightly thinner profile compared to blankets with plastic pellets.

Because plastic granules are larger, the blankets are bulkier.

Some companies use plastic pellets instead of other materials because they are more cost-effective.

In terms of which filling is better though, there is very little difference between the two, and it will come down to personal preference.

Some weighted blankets feature polyester fiberfill, similar to that found in a comforter, which helps the blanket retain heat.

Choose a blanket without fill if you’re looking for something that’s not only more breathable but also cooler.

Can It Be Cleaned?

Because of how heavy they are, weighted blankets can be difficult to clean properly.

Using an industrial washer and dryer is the best option for cleaning blankets that weigh ten pounds or more.

Look for a blanket that has a cover that can be removed if you think it will become stained or covered in fur from your pet.

Most coverings are constructed from cotton or a plush Minky material.

Cotton is the most breathable material, whereas Minky is warmer and cozier.

While some manufacturers include a cover with the purchase of their weighted blankets, others make the cover available as an optional accessory.


Your body should be completely covered by weighted blankets from the neck down, with very little excess material remaining.

Most people require a blanket that is twin size for this purpose.

Look for a child’s weighted blanket if you are smaller, which typically comes in a smaller size and is lighter in weight.

Keep in mind that your weighted blanket should not dangle over the sides of your bed if you want to use it for sleeping.

This could make it slide off you as you sleep.


Pine & River’s mission is to offer the most effective and cost-effective sleep products to people who struggle to get a good night’s rest.

To help you with sleeping, Pine & River’s Weighted Blanket is made of the highest possible quality.

If you give this weighted blanket a shot, you’ll get the deepest sleep you’ve ever had.

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