How To Sleep On A Body Pillow While Pregnant

Have you ever wondered how to sleep on a body pillow while pregnant ? being pregnant is a different experience that if it’s your first time experiencing it might be overwhelming, in todays article we are going to walk you step by step through sleeping on a body pillow when you’re pregnant.

What Is Special About A Body Pillow ..

A body pillow is a mattress-sized pillow that provides support and comfort to the whole body if it is well manufactured. They provide support to your back and relief to your body’s pressure points such as knees and elbows.

Why Does The Body Pillow Pits Pregnant Women ..

The best sleeping position for pregnant women is side sleeping on the left side. The benefit of side sleeping is that it removes the pressure and stress of your weight from your internal organs and vines which can cause you a whole package of health issues. The general advice is to start sleeping on your side starting from month 4.

Because the liver is one of the most important organs of the human body and it resides in the left side of the body, it’s suggested that when you’re sleeping try sleeping on the right side of your body. Sleeping on the right side reduces the pressure on the liver, which is a good thing that we want, it’s not dangerous to sleep on the left side but it would be just better for your health to sleep on the right side as the doctors suggest.

The body pillow provides the support you need to rest on either of your sides and it offers comfort and relief for your body and organs, so choosing the body pillow is the way to go.

How To Sleep On A Body Pillow While Pregnant ..

There are so many ways you could use a body pillow, if it’s a C shaped pillow there are mainly two ways you could use it : the billy basic sleep position, and the back to back sleep position.

The billy basic sleep position is basically putting the pillow in front of you, this way the pillow provides support to your upper body and helps with your body alignment.

The back to back sleep position provides support and relief to your lower back so if you are feeling pain at the lower part of your body the pillow can offer you comfort.

If the pillow you have purchased is U shaped then you could use it to lay on either of your sides or as a support when you’re just sitting, the U shaped pillow provides great flexibility in it’s usage so that it can offer support on all of the sleeping positions.

How Does A Body Pillow Helps ..

A body pillow is a game changer for a lot of ladies, it offers the support your body needs that you may not be able to find with regular pillows.

Regular pillows can’t support your whole body and offer relief for you and your baby like the body pillow does, and that support isn’t just a luxury, feeling comfortable when your sleeping is very important for your health and for getting into sleep in the first place. Feeling comfortable also means that your baby is comfortable and that two is a good sign.



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