Quility Premium Kids Weighted Blanket Review

Quility premium kids weighted blanket is the #1 best seller in Sensory Motor Aids category on Amazon, and it is definitely one of the best on the market. Many customers of this weighted blanket are happy with their experience and that’s why I decided to give it a full review so you can take the right decision for yourself.

Weighted blankets make you feel like you are being hugged, making it easier for you to relax and calm down which help you sleep faster and stay asleep longer through the night.

If you want to check the Quility weighted blanket you can do that from here.

Weight Of The Blanket

The blanket has 3 weight options which are :

  • 7 lbs
  • 10 lbs
  • 12 lbs

It’s not many options because it is intended for young kids and the same brand offers an adults version of the blanket which you can check from here.

For the weight selection, you can choose whatever weight you like and prefer, there are no hard rules about how you choose your weighted blanket, but as a general rule you should choose a weight that’s 10% of the ideal body weight of the person who is getting a blanket, so you should choose :

  • 5lbs blanket for a 30-70lbs person
  • 7lbs?blanket for a 50-90lbs person
  • 10lbs?blanket for an 80-120lbs person
  • 12lbs blanket for a 100-140lbs person
  • 15lbs?blanket for a 120-180lbs person
  • 20lbs?blanket for a 170-230lbs person
  • 25lbs?blanket for a 220-280lbs person

These are general guidelines and there are no hard rules about it, and if you are purchasing this for a medical case you may want to check with your medical provider before you make your purchase.

It’s important to note that many customers who complain about their weighted blanket say that it is too heavy for them, so if it’s your first time purchasing a weighted blanket you may take a while until you find your preferred weight.

A too heavy weighted blanket can weeds out all the comforting feelings and benefits of a weighted blanket and it starts feeling annoying, so take that in mind.

Filling Of Quility Weighted Blanket

The filling of the blanket is glass beads, and glass beads are one of the top quality filling material for weighted blankets.

Glass beads are very tiny and take less size compared to other filling material, making the same weight blanket that’s filled with glass beads becomes slimmer compared to blankets filled with different material.

Glass beads also have a smoothe texture that feels like the sand which makes sleeping on a weighted blanket filled with it a great experience and gives you a comforting feeling.


The blanket is made of 100% breathable natural cotton material, which means that you are going to get a breathable and cool blanket that regulates its temperature based on the environment and one that doesn’t trap heat.

This resonates efficiently with hot sleepers, a blanket that traps the heat is the last thing you want when you are sleeping because it will make you sweat a lot and will actually prevent you from sleeping because it’s too hot.

What Customers Have Loved About The Blanket

Majority of customers who have bought the Quility weighted blanket are happy with that decision.

The blanket has succeed on achieving it’s mission and goal of helping customers sleep better and more soundly, the quality of sleep for many have increased after purchasing this weighted blanket and they are even falling asleep faster.

People with various kinds of sleep issues are happy that the blanket could help them sleep better and make them feel more relaxed and calmed down. People with insomnia, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and even people who have stressful jobs or moms who have difficulties keeping their kids asleep at night are finding the blanket really helpful and it is indeed making a difference.

Also, the blanket is made with high quality that made lots of people fall in love with it, it is sown in a way that keeps the weight evenly distributed and the fabric and the material are soft which many people have liked.

Quility weighted blanket has a unique advantage which is the duvet cover that comes with the blanket included in the initial cost, so you don’t have to pay more for a duvet cover. The duvet cover has a soft touch and feel and it makes the task of washing the blnaket a lot easier since all you have to do is to only wash the duvet cover.

Common Causes Of Dissatisfaction

Though the majority of the customers are happy with what they’ve paid for, there are some customers who have had troubles with the Quility weighted blanket and having a look on those experiences can give you a more wholistic view on the blanket and help you take the right desicion.

the most common compliants was that the blanket itself was not machine washable, the blanket is too hot, or it’s too heavy.

The duvet cover that comes with the blanket is machine washable but the blanket itself needs to be hand-washed or air dried and this indeed can be a disadvantage to the Quility weighted blanket.

Complaints about the blanket being too hot or too heavy are completely valid complaints but they are subjective, a blanket that’s hot for someone might be just warm for another, or a blanket that’s heavy on somebody might be just the right weight for another.

Important Purchasing Notes

The important thing to learn from the experiences of others is that choosing the right weight for you is extremely important for you becoming a satisfied customer for this weighted blanket, or any other blanket. My advice if you are not sure about the right weighted blanket for you is to go with a lower weight because at the worst case scenario it will be like a regular blanket.

Choosing a heavier blanket made some people feel more anxious and stressed since now they feel they are trapped under the blanket and it’s too heavy on them, so in my opinion, go with the lighter weights if you are not sure about it.

Also, it’s important to note that any size of weighted blankets is designed to be used by just one individual and won’t work effectively if shared by more than one.

How Quility Weighted Blanket Can Help Solve Your Problems?

You are probably shopping for a weighted blanket because you have some kind of sleeping problem, whether it’s insomnia, anxiety, stress, sleep apnea or many other.

Quility weighted blankets job is one thing, is to simulate the feeling of being hugged, this feeling helps to calm you down and reduce your stress levels which allows your body to relax and finally be able to sleep.

The feeling of being hugged can be a huge relaxing factor even if you are just hanging on the living room, it’s still great to feel like being hugged and many customers go with their weighted blankets everywhere when they’re in their homes.


Quility weighted blanket has succeeded in making many customers happy with what they’ve paid for, it has helped many overcome their sleeping struggles and finally get the refreshing sleep they’ve been missing for a long time.

The most important step in purchasing a weighted blanket is picking the right weight for you, majority of the dissatisfied customers are complaining about the weight being too heavy and they’re feeling trapped under the blanket, so choosing the right weight and size is important for a great experience.

If you click the link you can go directly to the Quility weighted blankets product page so you can make the purchase, or if you want to check out other products here are our suggestions:

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