Ravmix Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Review

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In this article we are going to be looking at Ravmix mulberry silk pillowcase. It’s a silk pillowcase that have been getting a lot of positive feedback so we thought we can have a look into it and piece together the feedback and reviews to give a greater knowledge of what you are going to get when you purchase the pillowcase.

Generally silk pillowcases is great for your hair and skin and can contribute a lot to your beauty compared to cotton pillowcases that may be damaging you skin health, silk pillowcases keeps your skin moisturized and reduces the wrinkles, creases, bed heads, and frizzing hair.

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Quality Of Silk

The Ravmix silk pillowcase is made of 100% natural mulberry silk with no synthetic or chemical additives, mulberry silk is the best and finest type of silk you can have for any silk product not just pillowcases.

It has 21 momme weight, and momme weight is defined as the weight in pounds of 100 yards of silk that is 45 inches wide, it simply measures how much silk is in the fabric and 21 momme is a decent one to go with, it is more luxurious and durable than a 19 momme and more breathable than a higher momme weight pillowcase.

Choosing the appropriate momme weight is a matter of preference actually, whether you prefer a light feeling or a heavier one and whether you prefer the pillowcase to be warmer or more breathable.

The pillowcase has 600 thread counts, and thread counts is a way to measure the fineness of a fabric and 600 is proper number of threads.

Thread counts is not the ultimate evidence of the fineness of your pillowcase but it gives a good indication of how fine it will be.

Design Of The Pillowcase

The Pillowcase has a hidden zipper closure design which makes the pillowcase hold the pillow so it’s not moving around overnight.

this can be a problem with silk pillowcases, if you can’t hold your pillowcase in place then you technically have no pillowcase, so a hidden zipper closure design is a good solution for this problem.

The pillowcase has silk on both sides, which is a bonus point in the favor of the Ravmix pillowcase, so you can easily flip your pillow and sleep on both sides of your pillow without any problems or concerns.

Variants Of The Pillowcase

The pillowcase has three size variants which are :

  • Standard Size
  • Queen Size
  • King Size

And it has 6 color variants which you can check from here.

Ravmix Silk Pillowcase Care Instructions

Backside washing!
Dry cleaning or gently hand washing is highly recommended!!!
Gently wash in cold water(below 30?) with mild soap or special formulated silk shampoos!
Soak time should be under 3minutes!
Wash separately from other items to avoid color mixing!
If washed by machine, washing mode of real silk or gentle cycle only, protective bags are must have!
Do not bleach!

Backside dry!
Wrap the silk pillowcase in a dry towel to remove most of the water.
Roll out the silk pillowcase and straighten it gently at the corners.
Lay flat at a shady place and air dry!
Do not wring dry!
Do not tumble dry!
Avoid being exposed directly to the sunlight!

silk has a bad anti-wrinkle performance, when 70% dry, 110?~120? cool ironing from the backside, or put 1pcs cloth onside.
Don’t spray water when iron!

Daily Care:
Do not spray perfume, deodorant and other chemical liquids on silk.
Keep it clean and tidy when not use.

Customer Reports

The pillowcase has 131 reviews on Amazon with 81% five star rating, that’s 106 people totally happy and satisfied with their purchase and may purchase it again, and the average star rating is 4.6/5.

Customers have reported that the pillowcase is amazing and that it made a difference with their hair and their skin, many people complemented the lovely colors of the pillowcase while others loved the zipper and the general construction of the pillowcase, and over all the customers are satisfied with what they have got and would recommend it for their friends and family.

Cons Of The Pillowcase

On the negative side of the review multiple users have reported that the zippers are weak and gets damaged after a while for some people.

In addition to the two common problems I saw with almost every silk pillowcase til now, the size and washing.

Sizes can be misfit, so the queen size pillowcase fits a standard size pillow and a king size pillowcase fits a queen size pillow and so on, so be sure to double check your measurements and that the sizes fits before purchasing.

Most of the unhappy customers become unhappy after they try to wash the pillowcase, many customers report that they wash the pillowcase and it’s fine with them and nothing wrong has happened so my guess is that the unhappy customers haven’t followed the instructions correctly, the take away is to be careful when washing the pillowcase or even better take it to the dry cleaner.

Summary Of Revmix Silk Pillowcase Review

The pillowcase is one of the best selling pillowcases on Amazon – at the time of writing this article – it has great quality of silk and fine fabric of 19 momme weight and 600 thread counts.

It has a hidden zipper closure design that helps holding the pillowcase in place so you can sleep peacefully, there’s silk on both sides of the pillowcase so you can sleep on both sides, and the pillowcase has lovely variations of colors so you can choose what matches your preference.

Purchase the Ravmix silk pillowcase from here.

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