How To Sleep Correctly On A Pillow

How To Sleep Correctly On A Pillow?


In order to sleep correctly on a pillow the first thing you need to determine is your sleeping position.

Each sleeping position has it’s own unique challenges.

The most important thing however in every sleeping position is that your head, neck, spine, and back are properly aligned together in order to avoid unnecessary stresses on your muscles, nerves, and discs.

So the question of “How To Sleep Correctly On A Pillow” becomes how to keep my head and spine properly aligned together in my favorite sleeping position, and this is what we are going to answer in this article.

How To Keep Your Head And Spine Properly Aligned Together In Your Favorite Sleeping Position :

As we mentioned, each and every sleeping position applies stresses on your body in a different way than the other, so the approach we are going to use to tackle this problem is? to explain separately the best advice for each sleeping position.

How to sleep correctly on a pillow

Side Sleeping :

The most important thing in any sleeping position you are going to be sleeping in is that you need to keep your spine aligned. Any bending or wrong misalignment of the spine will cause you pain if it lasts for a long period of time.

So in the side sleeping position will neck will be up in the air because you are sleeping on your shoulder, so will need to put the pillow(s) as high as they can support the neck so it’s not bent upwards or downwards.

In addition to that you will need to make sure that your head is at the same level of your neck, so the part that supports the heads needs to be lower than the part that supports your neck in order to achieve that goal.


Back Sleeping :

When you are back sleeping we will also have the same goal of assuring that the spine is properly aligned, we will follow up a similar procedure to the one we did with side sleeping position.

So you will need the pillow you are using to support your neck, but this time you will be sleeping on your back so the supporting part will be lower that the one you use when you are side sleeping.

Your head will also need to be at the same level of your neck so you will need the supporting part for the head to be lower than the supporting part of the neck.

Spine misalignment

Spine misalignment can cause you a lot of problems and pain, that’s because the spine has lots of nerves and any misalignment in the spine applies stress on those nerves and that’s where the pain comes from. You generally want your nerves to be at the lowest stress possible by supporting the pain points and the parts that get the most stress with proper pillows.

Here is a video that will demonstrate what we have explained in this article :


Conclusion :

The most important thing you need to take care of to correctly sleep on a pillow is to keep your head and neck at the same level, this will make your spine properly aligned which lets the nerves connected to your spine to relief. Pressure on the nerves due to wrong sleeping positions is what causes pain so you need to make sure that those nerves are rested in order to get a comfortable sleep.

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