The Importance Of Sleep In Your Weight Loss Plan

Getting our bodies into the best shape possible is a target for all of us, everyone wants to be in the best shape that she/he can be in but not everyone puts the effort.

Putting effort in order to get the things we want or need is the hardest thing on one’s self, even if you’re used to putting effort and doing the work it’s still a hard task to keep doing it on a consistent basis.

Wouldn’t it be sad if that ever was a wasted effort? after overcoming all those hard barriers and forcing yourself to do your workouts and keep a healthy diet but you still aren’t getting any results?

Even if you are getting some results, wouldn’t it be better for you to get better results on the same effort and the same workouts and the same diet? Becoming more efficient is mandatory if you are going in for the long ride because you need to make every sweat drop you make worth it by helping you achieve your goals.

That topic is a wide one, so we are going to cover a slice of it in this article which is: The Importance Of Sleep For Your Weight Loss Efforts.

Your Sleep Affects Your Workouts

“A great day starts the night before”

If you are putting too much effort into your daily or weekly workouts but you are not getting the results that you want, you might want to check your sleep.

Sleep has to do with efficiency every aspect of our lives because sleep is about rest and recovery which are essential elements for any growth or development, especially for the long-term plans.

If you run in a marathon with the same mentality of running in a sprint, you will definitely lose, because marathon is about saving and keeping balance of your energy for the longest time possible so you can compete in every stage, while a sprint is only one stage so you don’t need to save energy for anything beyond that single stage.

That’s the difference between short-term and long-term plans.

Your sleep is essential for your long-term plans if you want your plans to be efficient and effective because if it’s not then you will burn out at some point and you will give up and surrender which is considered failure.

So if you want your effort at the gym to be effective and efficient then you will definitely need to sleep and to have a high quality and restful sleep so you wake up refreshed and recharged to do more of the effective workouts that you want to do.

And Your Diet…

When You are not sleeping well you tend to eat more, why does that happen?

When you are sleep deprived your energy balance gets corrupted and your body starts to think you are in survival mode, it starts to think that resources are scarce so it tries to consume as many of it as it can.

If you were in a true survival situation this strategy would be extremely helpful, because you would indeed want to be as efficient with your resources as possible because they are limited.

But if survival mode is fired up in the wrong situation it will lead to negative consequences, because resources are not scarce yet your body thinks it is so it never stops consuming more of it.

Also, by corrupting your energy balance your body is not getting recharged, so you’re only losing energy, so your body is trying to compensate the loss of energy by consuming more high energetic nutrition.

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