Sleep Your Way To Good Grades : Sleeping Tips For College Students

Many college students have really bad mindset and mentality when it comes to their sleeping, and many of them think that when we sacrifice sleeping we tend to do better in projects and exams.

which actually is not correct and it’s quite the opposite …

Sleeping Tips For College Students

Sleeping is one of the most important biological functions that our bodies do to make us survive and thrive, and when we lose sleep and become sleep deprived we become vulnerable to lack of focus and productivity which certainly affects our learning abilities which are the essential skills that we need in college to succeed.

so in this article we are going to give you a set of sleeping tips that can help you go through a successful college life without losing your sleep :

Consistent Sleep Schedule

Having a consistent sleep schedule is essential for maintaining great sleep habits, it’s the cornerstone that you are going to need for a healthy sleep.

Consistent sleep schedule means that you are having a defined wake up time and a defined sleeping time and ideally a defined napping time. Now of course things go wrong all the time but if you try to defend your sleeping schedule the best you can you will be rewarded with the greatest benefits of sleep.

Consistency will teach your body and your brain that at a certain time of the day it’s bedtime, no excuses, no staying?late with your friends. By being consistent with your body for a sufficient period of time it will be more automatic and easy for you to fall asleep at bedtime.

Sleeping tips for college students

A Regular Bedtime Routine

A regular bedtime routine is similar in effect to your sleeping schedule. It programs your brain that if certain events are happening then it’s time to sleep.

Having a regular bedtime routine will help your brain when to expect we are going to sleep thus it can slow down the thoughts and the stress and let you actually sleep and draft away in your dreams.

A Sleep Friendly Environment

By that I mean an environment with no noise or lights, having a TV in your bedroom is not allowed because it violates both of the rules.

A quite environment helps your brain to settle down and relax and helps your body producing the hormones you need in order to sleep.

Having light in your sleeping space basically tells your body it’s wake up time. Our 24-hour culture is just not the norm when it comes to sleeping, our bodies are created to wake up in the morning and to sleep in the night and we differentiate between day time and night time through the presence or absences of light, if there’s light then it’s day time then it’s wake up time. So if you are trying to sleep you have to do the opposite.

Sleep Only When You Feel Sleepy

This might feel like it’s contradicting with the first rule to have a consistent sleep schedule, but actually it’s complementary.

When defining your sleep schedule you should adjust it based on when do you want to wake up and when do you regularly feel asleep, based on those two points of time you determine your sleep schedule.

Don’t try to force yourself to a specific sleep time, if you are not feeling sleepy simply get up and do some activities until you are feeling it’s time.

but you should be consistent and clear with your wake up time no matter what, you have to wake up on a specified hour every day, because that’s the foundation of your sleep schedule that you don’t want to miss with.

Use Your Bed Only For Sleep

You have probably noticed it by now, consistency helps you build habits and habits can make your life easier. So when you use your bed only for sleep and you are being consistent with it, not just a night or two, your brain will establish a relation between bed and sleep, so your brain will go from 😕 “what are we supposed to do now , … oh we’ve been lying in bed for an hour now it’s definitely bedtime.” To something like : “okay we are lying down on bed now, it’s bedtime“.

Exercise Early On The Day

Exercising is one of the most beneficial things you can do in order to sleep well, it drains out all of your energy so that when you lay down on bed at night you are ready for sleep.

It also helps organizing your body’s internal clock (which is called the circadian rythm) which is responsible for your sleep cycle, a healthy circadian rythm means good nights sleep. Many factors affect your circadian rythm one of them is exercising regularly, this helps identifying the morning hours from the night hours so your body is ready when it’s bedtime.

Control Your Diet

how healthy eating habits can prevent insomnia

What you eat, and drink, affects lots of aspects of your life and sleep is one of them, avoid consuming caffiene before bedtime because caffiene is a stimulant that makes you active and not in a good shape for sleeping.

You should also avoid smocking because also noctine is a stimulant that will not make you in a good shape to sleep.

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