Top 5 Best Espresso Machines For Making Americanos

If you’re a coffee addict, then you probably spend a lot of your hard-earned money in coffee shops or cafes just to get your daily fix.

Top 5 Best Espresso Machines For Making Americanos

But with a home espresso machine, not only can you save money in the long run, but you also have delicious coffee on tap whenever you want!

With an espresso machine in your home, you’ll be able to satisfy your cravings for espresso, Americano, lattes, or cappuccinos without having to go anywhere.

Home espresso machines allow you to pull a shot with a decent “crema” (the creamy, light-colored surface of an espresso) in a fraction of the time that it takes to pull a shot with a traditional coffee shop machine.

Espresso machines are also far smaller and easier to use than traditional coffee machines.

Some espresso machines will automatically grind the beans for you, pack the grounds, and prepare your cup with the push of a button, while others will require you to do a bit of the work yourself, but can still make an excellent espresso.

If you’re looking for a new way to have your coffee in the morning, then check out this list of the top 5 best espresso machines for making americanos!

De’Longhi La Specialista Espresso Machine

The La Specialist is a brilliantly designed coffee machine that gives you the ability to create consistently exceptional coffee-based espresso beverages without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

The brand has combined four innovative features to make the process of making espresso’s more streamlined and individualized while still allowing you to make authentic coffee and Americanos.

This expertly designed coffee machine allows you to confidently prepare coffee just how you prefer it, with no additional time spent warming it up and minimal clean-up required.

Both of La Specialista’s heating systems are completely independent of one another, so even if the unthinkable happens and one breaks down, the machine can still run, though your coffee might not be as hot.

The use of a single thermoblock for extracting espresso and a free warming framework for frothing milk or steaming ensures quick preparation of coffee beverages.

In addition, for even more convenience, you may create a genuine Americano with the help of La Specialista’s unique boiling water spout.

If Americano and espressos aren’t your drink of choice, then you’ll be happy with the Advanced Latte System.

This ensures the perfect milk surface for cappuccinos and lattes, which gives you cafe-quality drinks.

This coffee machine created by La Specialista is designed for the coffee and espresso drinker who is always on the go.

It also is perfect for those who like a bit more control over the coffee-making process.


  • Grinder and milk frother included – this takes a lot of work out of making any type of coffee.


  • Milk steamer takes a while – you might find that you’re waiting around a bit too long for the milk steamer cycle to finish.
  • The tamping arm can be easily damaged – this is the weakest part of the machine, and can break if you aren’t careful.

Espresso Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

This coffee maker features a very large 7-inch HD touch screen with programmable fermenting options for espresso, lungo, americano, cappuccinos, latte, warm milk, hot water, Milk froth, as well as a programmed clean system.

It also features a predetermined location for the level of wastewater, an automatic alarm for when the water needs to be filled, when beans need to be added, when the brew bunch needs to be installed, when the drip plate needs to be installed, and when the grounds box needs to be cleaned.

The Espresso machine has a very effective grinder and siphon.

The long-lasting processor with customizable settings grinds beans directly, delivering the freshest output to the cup while maintaining the greatest flavor and providing a fantastic taste.

A 19-bar skilled Italian siphon separates espresso to offer the best flavor, and it creates a rich velvety coffee with a smooth taste.

In fewer than 30 seconds, your espresso will be ready.

It’s very easy to remove and clean everything because the mixing unit, milk frother, water tank, and wastewater plate are all detachable.

The capacity of the water holder is also outstanding at 60.87 ounces (1.8L).

The coffee machine features an automatic cleaning system that can be set to run whenever the machine is turned on.

This not only helps save time but also reduces the amount of work that needs to be done.


  • Loads of settings – with this machine you can make almost any type of coffee in any way that you like.
  • Easy to clean – all of the parts of this machine are detachable, making cleaning a breeze.
  • Makes espresso quickly – in just 30 seconds, you’ll have the perfect espresso ready to drink.


  • Weaker flavor – A coffee’s flavor will be significantly watered down if an excessive amount of liquid is added to it.

Brim 19 Bar Espresso Machine

Baristas in Italy are credited with pioneering the specialty coffee industry and have been perfecting their technique for decades.

The Brim 19 Bar Espresso Maker is fitted with an Italian siphon, and it allows all espresso experts to prepare a superb cup of coffee without having to travel overseas.

The Thermo coil system ensures that every cup of coffee is served piping hot.

This product comes equipped with a steam wand that rotates a full 360 degrees to produce a perfectly textured microform on top of the espresso.

The heated water dispenser features an instantly heated water gadget wand that is perfectly able to make Americanos and other types of hot beverages.

A warmed pass on the cast-iron top plate to maintain the temperature of your cups as you are making the drink.

The drip plate, the steam wand tip, and the enormous 71-ounce water tank can all be removed for straightforward cleaning which is a very convenient part of this machine.

This precise machine brings an unparalleled level of sophistication to any kitchen.

It features an incredible warm loop framework as well as a 360-degree turn arm and steam wand for producing microforms of restaurant quality.


  • Excellent design – this coffee machine is very user-friendly and easy to understand.
  • Can control the pressure – this will help you make the perfect coffee no matter what type you’re making.


  • Shot button sticks – this has been a common problem for a few previous customers, and you may have to give the button a few presses before it works.

Coffee Espresso Machine

This section-level coffee, cappuccino, and latte maker have all of the essential capacities for somebody simply starting in the world of coffee.

Even though it might be a bit annoying to use sometimes due to the design, its low price might be enough for you to look over this flaw.

In contrast to other machines, maintaining the cleanliness of the Mr. Espresso machine requires a fair amount of effort because of the milk supply.

This is in contrast to other machines on this list, though a lot of other ones are far more expensive so you’d expect them to be able to clean themselves.

Even if the milk supply can be stored in the cooler, it still needs to be cleaned regularly.


  • Ideal for beginners – this machine only makes a few types of coffee, making it perfect for beginners who don’t want to be overwhelmed by choice.
  • Cheap – this is the perfect option if you’re on a budget.


  • Have to clean it yourself – this machine will require regular cleaning by hand, but this is part of what helps to keep the cost of the machine down.

Philips 3200 Automatic Coffee Maker

The Philips 3200 coffee machine’s control board is very straightforward and contact-based, which simplifies how to use the unit.

Simply choose the variety of coffee that you want to have and the machine can make the beverage in a matter of moments.

By maintaining the water temperature between 194 and 208 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the preparation process, each cup has an espresso with a wonderful aroma, crema, and temperature.

You can have your coffee prepared just how you like it by selecting one of the 12 different settings on the processor.

A burr grinder made of earthenware will ensure that your espresso is ground to perfection every time.


  • Versatile – this machine can make 12 different types of coffee beverages, so they’ll be an option for everyone.
  • Needs very little cleaning – this machine will hardly ever need cleaning due to its fantastic design, and when it does it will let you know.
  • Can adjust temperatures – while the espressos come out piping hot, if you want to be able to drink them fast you can turn down the temperature at which it’s made.


  • Odd shape – while the design of this coffee machine is pretty good, a lot of taller mugs and glasses may not fit on this device.


If you are a coffee lover and are looking for your next espresso machine, then try any of the ones above to make your perfect cup of coffee.



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