What is Sleep Hygiene and How to Improve It

What is sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene is the habits and rituals that you practice that relates to sleep, it can vary from exposing to light in the morning to having an exercise rutine or eliminating caffiene afternoon or before bed by 6 hours.

what is good sleep hygiene

a good sleep hygiene consists of the following:

  • Having a consistent sleep schedule, your body has it’s way of automating things and tasks and by having a consistent sleep schedule you help your body know when to automate the sleeping process.
  • Exposing to light in the morning, by exposing to light in the morning you are signaling to your body that this is morning time so it starts producing wakefulness and alertness hormones, this also helps regulating your wake/sleep cycle.
  • Having an exercise routine, exercise , espcially at morning, helps regulating your sleep/ wake cycle and it also relates to the point of exposing your self to light in the morning which can also help you sleep.
  • Cutting caffiene and nicotine close to bedtime, cutting it has been proven that caffiene stays in the blood stream for 6 hours so avoid drinking caffiene afternoon.
  • Sleeping in a sleep-friendly environment, sleep friendly environment means sleeping in complete darkness and no noise around.
  • Avoid exposure to light close to bedtime, this includes telvisions, smartphones and tablets.
  • Using the bed only for sleep, this has to do with your body automating things so it knows when you’re in bed it’s sleep time and nothing else.


What is Poor Sleep Hygiene

A poor sleep hygiene consists of the opposite of the soul of these tips which means doing things that confuses your body and your internal systems from working in a coherent manner.

For example making your bed a multi-purpose object would be included in the poor sleep hygiene list because your body will get confused about what are you willing to do when you’re in bed.

Exposing to blue light from smartphones or T.Vs would also be considered a poor sleep hygiene because exposing to light stops the production of melatonin which is a hormone that helps promting sleep.

Sleeping in a non-sleep friendly environment would also be considered a poor sleep hygiene because your body would struggle to sleep when light is on or when there’s noise around the corner.

Drinking caffiene close to bedtime is also considered a poor sleep hygiene because it promotes wakefulness and alertness which is the oppiste of what you want shich is sleepiness.

Having an inconsistent sleep schedule is a huge one because then what you are doing is that you are confusing your internal systems about when to make you awake and alert and when to make you feel tired and sleepy.

Sleep Hygiene Tips

The most important tip I have for you about your sleep hygiene is : be patient.

your sleep won’t get fixed overnight even if you tried to but by adopting these new habits you will gradually sleep better and better every night, the process will be slow at the beginning but by being presistent and consistent with your habits you will get there where you sleep easily without the struggle.

If you are in hurry and you can’t wait for your body to adapt to the new habits, or if you can’t make your body adapt all of these new habits for one reason or the other then you might need a supplement or a medication that may help you fall asleep faster or stay asleep longer.

The last,but not least, option is to visit a sleep specialist, he will better diagnose your case and deal with it in a customized way for your case.

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