ZIMASILK Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Review

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ZIMASILK mulberry silk pillowcase is another one of the best silk pillowcases you can find online, it has a variety of sizes and lovely colors and it has a high quality material that delivers what it promises with the softness and the quality of the silk used to make the pillowcase.

ZIMASILK pillowcase has silk on both sides so you can switch sides regularly, this basically means it will last longer.

You can check out the pillowcase from here.

Thread Count

ZIMASILK has thread count of 600 which is the average thread count for silk pillowcases. Thread counts relate to the fineness of the pillowcase and the higher the thread counts the higher the fineness of the pillowcase.

Though it’s not always the case because there are many other factors that determine the fineness of the fabric.

That said, the thread count is still one of the major factors that can reflect how fine and soft is the pillowcase, and with 600 thread counts for the ZIMASILK pillowcase this will be a quite fine pillowcase to sleep on.

Momme Weight

Momme weight is the second factor used to judge the quality of the silk in the pillowcase. Basically the momme weight is the weight in pounds of 100 yards of silk 45 inches wide.

ZIMASILK pillowcase has a momme weight of 19 momme which means the weight of 100 yards if silk used in the pillowcase that is 45 inches wide is 19 pounds.

Momme weight simply means how much silk do you have in your pillowcase, the more silk you have the more luxury you are going to feel when sleeping on your pillowcase and also the more durable it’s going to get, which means that your pillowcase is going to last longer with you and? it can take more abuse.

Higher momme weight has it’s disadvantages also, it makes the silk warmer and less breathable due to the material added, and it can make the pillowcase feel crispier than a lower momme weight pillowcase, it’s still going to be soft but it is just crispier compared to a lower momme weight pillowcase.

Momme weight of 19 momme is kind of the sweet spot between durability and softness, so the ZIMASILK silk pillowcase offers the best balance for a soft silk pillowcase that can last long enough for you to enjoy it’s softness.

Design of The ZIMASILK Silk Pillowcase

The ZIMASILK silk pillowcase has a hidden zipper design that many people loves. Silk pillowcases in general has an annoying issue that the pillowcase slips from the pillow every night, so a hidden zipper that solves this issue without running the luxury shape of the pillowcase is a bonus.

The slipping issue won’t be deterministic and won’t be a big deal if you love your pillowcase of course, but having this simple issue solved can add to the favor of the ZIMASILK pillowcase.

However, slipping can be a big thing if you move a lot while you are sleeping, this is going to? be big for you because moving means slipping the pillowcase inch by inch until you end up sleeping on the bare pillow.

Variants of The Pillowcase

The ZIMASILK has a wide variety of different sizes and lovely colors. It offers so many options to choose from so you can find what fits your pillow and matches your taste so you can be totally satisfied.

The different sizes that the ZIMASILK pillowcase offers are :

  • Queen : 20×30 Inches fits most Queen size pillows
  • King : 20×36 Inches fits most King size pillow
  • Standard : 20×26 Inches fits most Standard size
  • Toddler : 14×20 Inches

And it has a collection of 14 different lovely colors you should defintely check them out on the amazon website.

The design and the color are secondary factors for choosing your pillowcase but it definetly can make all the difference between a pillowcase you are sleeping on and one you are falling in love with.

How to Take Care of Your Pillowcase

The best method to wash the ZIMASILK pillowcase is hand-washing, you can also use machine washing in soft mode.

In case of hand washing here are some things to take care of :

  • Don?t use harsh detergents that contain bleaches or brighteners.
  • Use cold to lukewarm water and mild soap.
  • Add a few drops of hair conditioner to the final rinse water for an extra silk feel.
  • Never spray silk with perfume or deodorant.
  • Never Bleach SILK

for the rest of instructions on how to take care with your pillowcase you should check the website.

Customer Opinions

At the time of writing this post The ZIMASILK silk pillowcase has 621 reviews on amazon with 82% 5 star and average star rating of 4.6, That is almost 500 people are falling in love with the pillowcase.

Some of the customers have reported that sleeping on this pillowcase is one of the best experiences they have tried and their only regret was not trying them earlier.

Others have loved the colors and the neat design of the pillowcase and are happy with what they have got from ZIMASILK, and some people have noted that the packaging of the pillowcase is really great it can be a gift for your friends or the people you like.


Nothing in this life is perfect, and the ZIMASILK silk pillowcase is no exception, things can go wrong even with the best products and the best brands on earth and that’s what happened with the 3% of the unlucky customers that have purchased the pillowcase.

We can summarize the problems that the customers have complained about into two sections : washing and packaging.

Some people of the customers have reported that the pillowcase got teared and ruined after the first wash of the pillowcase even though they have followed the manufacturer instructions.

Others have noted that the colors of the pillowcase have paled after they have washed it and it’s not the same as they have first purchased.

Also a few things have gone wrong with packaging for some customers, some of the pillowcases have been badly packaged that they got damaged and not as lovely as the ones that have been properly packaged.

Of course ZIMASILK offers a warranty on the pillowcase and the customers that are not happy with what they have got can return it and have their money so there is no risk.


The ZIMASILK silk pillowcase is one of the top competing silk pillowcases, it has a wonderful silk quality with 19 momme weight and 600 thread counts and it also has a wide variety of sizes that can fit everyone. ZIMASILK offers a lovely collection of colors that you can choose from. Take care though that things can go wrong with you like the unlucky customers have reported, the packaging can have some problems.

Also pay special care when washing the pillowcase and be sure you are following the instructions correctly so your pillowcase does not get any damage and can last long with you.

If you loved this pillowcase and want to try it out you can purchase from here.

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