How To Sleep On Pillow To Avoid Neck Pain

Waking up in the morning to a neck pain is annoying and unhappy feeling. Worse is waking in the middle of the night due to neck pain. Neck pain is a serious problem for those who suffer from it and it really frustrates lots of people for many different reasons, so rises the question how to sleep on pillow to avoid neck pain?

whatever your pillow shape looks like or whatever the material of your pillow is, the most important thing about your pillow is that it must? provide good support and proper alignment for your spine. Spine misalignment is one of the main causes of neck and back pain problems, your muscles and tissues gets stressed out due to wrong sleeping positions which leads you to wake up with cramps in your neck and pain in the next morning.

which sucks ..

How to sleep correctly on a pillow

Waking up with pains in your neck or your back is not fun at all, your sleep quality is low, you may wake up late at nights, and you don’t get enough rest or be refreshed in the mornings the way you should.

how to sleep on pillow to avoid neck pain

to sleep correctly on a pillow so you can avoid neck pain you have to make sure your spine is properly aligned and you neck is getting enough support. In order to do that you may use a pillow with proper thickness that lets your neck be in a neutral position.

When your neck is in a neutral position this means your spine is aligned properly and your muscles are not stressed out.

For Back Sleepers :

If your pillow is too thick your head will lean forward causing your spine to be misaligned which applies strain to your neck muscles which causes the pain and stiffness.

Also if your pillow is too thin your head will lean backward which again will cause your spine to be misaligned.

So the right thickness of your pillow that makes your spine properly aligned, which means that your head, neck, and back are at the same level, is what you are looking for in a pillow for avoiding neck pain.

How To Sleep On Pillow To Avoid Neck Pain

For Side Sleepers :

If you’re a side sleeper you will need a thicker pillow than the back sleeper would, that is because you are lying on your shoulder thus your neck is higher so you will need to choose the proper hight that supports your neck properly.

For Stomach Sleepers :

If you are a stomach sleeper you will have hard time avoiding neck pain because you cannot sleep on your face facing the pillow directly so you will have to turn your head to the right or the left which is an uncomfortable position for your neck and spine.

Conclusion :

In a nutshell, the most important thing to sleep correctly on a pillow to avoid neck pain is to make sure that your spine is properly aligned. Make sure you are using the proper thickness for your pillow that provides support for your neck and head.

If you are looking for a pillow that reduces the neck pain you are suffering from I highly suggest you check our pillow recommendation for neck and upper back pain.

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