Baby’s Sleep Dilemma

One major reason for sleep deprivation for adults is their newborns, newborns going to sleep is a major challenge for lots of parents and the lack of sleep for the baby means the lack of sleep for the parents, both of them, because the baby will keep crying and protesting until his problems are solved.

Specialists have different approaches for tackling this problem, some of them suggest to let the baby depend on him/her self and cry his way out to sleep, and some of them have no cry methods and strategies, and both teams have evidence and arguments that their methods work effectively.

Personal Preference

For me personally I prefer the no-cry methods rather than the cry it out methods. I feel that cry it out methods is so robotic and pragmatic in their approaches and totally ignore the feelings and emotions of individuals. I prefer a lower success rate at sleeping and I prefer sacrificing some quality time with my friends if that’s going to help me bond better with my kid, rather teaching my kid that she/he is alone from the first tough moments and experiences in his life and he has to be depend on himself even if he’s just a little baby.

I prefer being sleep deprived for a little while rather than crying out my little kid to sleep, I just feel this is too harsh, even if the success rate is higher.


My talk is not science or statistics based but it is more of human based, humans have emotions and those emotions should not be neglected out of the way, because we are not machines we are not pieces of metal gathered together and the way we treat human beings should not be the way we treat machines.

I am not suggesting giving full control to emotions also because that’s going to be too wild and also not so helpful. What I do suggest is to rationalize and take emotions into our calculations, thinking and analysis to reach a better decision. Because instincts are not always wrong so it’s better to take them into consideration.


In the end, this is just an opinion of mine you are free to consider or dismiss it as you want. In the next set of articles I am going to discuss more about both methods, the cry it out and the no cry methods, their pros, cons, success rate, duration of the processes and more, stay tuned and if you have an opinion about which method would prefer please mention it in the comments section so we can discussion about it.

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