Best Acne Treatment for Teenage Males

Acne is among the most common problems of teens going through hormonal changes and puberty. But, although many teens do have acne, the whole experience tends to be extra difficult for teenage boys.

You can always hear girls talking about skincare, but you won?t find boys exchanging tips on how to have clearer skin with their best buddies. Guys may find it a bit embarrassing to seek help when it comes to their skin concerns. Sadly, there are not a lot of information on male acne and how to prevent it.

There are actually some basic things teenage boys should know about acne.

The Basics of Acne

Contrary to popular belief, acne doesn?t have much to do with personal hygiene or dirt. Teen acne is the result of the male hormones androgens that girls and boys alike produce the moment they reach their puberty age. Boys, however, have more androgens, making their teen acne worse than girls. Androgens cause the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil. This then gets mixed with the dead skin, clogging your pores and resulting in pimples.

Acne patterns, including the duration and severity of breakouts, may be genetic as well. It means that your experience with acne may be the same as your parents?. However, this doesn?t mean that this is a problem out of your control.

The secret here is to destroy acne bacteria way before pimples reach the skin surface. This can be done with the use of the best acne treatment for teenage males.

How Do You Treat Acne in Teen Boys?

The best acne treatment for teenage males will depend on how severe your acne problem is. If you have a mild to the moderate problem, a good skincare regimen combined with effective topical solutions are often enough to get significant or even complete clearance of acne in just a few months.

For severe acne cases, topical treatments can improve the problem, although full clearance might require additional oral medication.

Follow these simple tips to combat your acne problem:

  • Start with Topical Acne Treatment

Different topical skincare products are now available with subscription and over the counter that have been proven to help prevent and treat acne. A visit to the dermatologist might be quite expensive, though, as well as trial and error with acne treatment products from drugstores. You can begin with medications containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide that can kill acne vulgaris bacteria, clear pores, and treat acne.

  • Say No to DIY

Forget those tricks of drying your pimples using toothpaste, exotic extracts, and rubbing alcohol. Although natural and plant-based ingredients can supplement your acne treatment routine, DIY hacks often do your skin more harm than good.

A simple search online for natural acne remedies will give you tips on using ingredients in your kitchens such as lemon juice, garlic, and cinnamon. But keep in mind that although these sound appealing, improper skin applications can lead to irritation and even serious danger.

Save your skin from chemical burns, breakouts, and rashes caused by undiluted essential oils. Instead, stick to proven effective and safe ingredients for acne treatment.

  • Avoid Spot Treatment

While spot treatments like pimple patches and drying lotions can effectively heal individual blemishes, they can?t do anything to prevent future breakouts. It is best to apply medicated acne treatment on the entire area or areas affected with acne.

  • Shave with Care

A clean and proper shave plays an important role in acne treatment. When done correctly, shaving can help unclog skin pores to allow anti-acne treatment products to penetrate better into the skin. Teenage males with acne should shave every other day or every day.

  • Pay Attention to Your Diet

Evidence revealed that diet could also affect acne development. Consumption of dairy products, particularly skim milk, and foods with high glycemic index might aggravate or trigger acne breakouts. Protein supplements are common triggers in teen boys, especially those with whey protein. Some good alternative for protein for teens prone to acne includes free-range eggs and organic grass-fed meat.

  • Don?t Forget About Your Hygiene

Excess dirt and oil that accumulate during the day will not just result in acne but may further exacerbate it. Aside from washing your face two times daily during morning and evening, see to it that you also wear clean clothes and caps. Shower right away after exercise to get rid of acne-causing bacteria, sweat, and dirt.

  • Stay Away from Hair Products

Hair sprays, gels, and oils may look great when applied on your hair, but these can cause some serious problems once they come into with the skin. Try reducing the consumption of these hair products. In case you need to tame your hair, opt for non-comedogenic and oil-free products.

  • Consistency is the Key

It is not enough to just buy acne treatment products. You will only see results if you use these consistently. If you find it hard to stick to a routine, you can set up alarms or reminders to avoid missing a treatment. You can also put the products besides your toothbrush so you won?t forget your evening and morning treatments.

  • Patience is Always a Virtue

It may take a few weeks before you notice the initial improvement when using an effective acne treatment. Optimal results might be achieved within 10 to 12 weeks at least. Some may also experience worsening of their acne condition at first or called purging because of the rapid acne bacteria destruction. Power through, be patient and expect to see improvement in a matter of weeks. If you don?t see any improvement after months of following your routine, visit your dermatologist to make necessary changes to your products or routine.

Acne can be nothing be but just a nuisance for some teenage males. But for others, it can be a serious struggle that has a severe impact on their day to day lives. Don?t worry, though, because, with the right treatment, you can finally say goodbye to your worries.

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