Best Coffee For Drip Machine

When it comes to drip coffee, this can be one of the easiest or most difficult things to set up. If you want your hot water to drip easily through the filter, then you can just set it to a slow drip. However, the type of coffee you choose will also be crucial to the final flavor.

Best coffee for drip machine

When it comes to getting the right coffee for your drip filter, then this will all come down to your personal taste. If you prefer a strong coffee, then you’ll need to get a bean that is suitable to sustain the flavor and the potency through the hot water.

So what exactly is the best drip filter coffee? How much will you need to buy to make it flavorsome? How much will you have to pay for a decent drip filter coffee?

Well, if you want to know the answer to these questions and a lot more, then we would suggest that you keep reading.

Best Drip Filter Coffees

Kicking Horse Coffee

Now, if you are a fan of dark roast coffee, then you can be sure that you’ll have everything that you need in this rich bean. It comes with a deep chocolate flavor that will actually complement the chocolate taste.

This is grown and harvested in Central America. This coffee is ethically sourced, so for those of you with a social conscience, this coffee will be right up your street.

This is roasted high up in the rocky mountains, so you can be sure that it is fresh, organic and totally free of additives.

This is great for drip coffee, as the strength of the flavors will certainly be preserved even after you have strained it for around half an hour.

This has a complex blend of rich flavors, which is great if you are going to be pairing it with something simple like sponge cake or a few cookies.


  • Ethically sourced – this is very hard to come by and will certainly appeal to anyone who wants to limit their carbon footprint and offer free trade to growers.
  • Roasted in organic spaces – at a high altitude and watered by natural rain, you can be sure that this coffee is rich and oily and free of artificial ingredients.
  • Decent price – you can get a single bag of this coffee for a fairly decent price, although you might be paying more for shipping.
  • Darker bean – if you like to brew a strong coffee, then this is a great one for your drip machine, as it will preserve its flavor profile.


  • Too strong – if you prefer your coffee milder, then you might want to opt for a different blend.

Allegro Coffee Organic Breakfast Blend Ground Coffee

Next up, we have a breakfast blend of coffee that you can be sure will perk you up in the morning.

This is a much milder blend of coffee, so if you prefer your coffee weak but with a host of rich flavors, then this is the one for you.

This has hints of caramel, citrus and milk chocolate, which are great counterpoints to the very same food in real life. You should try mixing this with dark chocolate to get a contrasting flavor profile.

This coffee is also grown using sustainable methods and is completely ethically sourced.

This is a great coffee to put in your drip filter, especially for drips that are left to percolate over a few hours. This comes with a full-body flavor with creamy notes that will be great for those who do not like much milk in their coffee.

This coffee comes in a very generous portion, which is great if you do not want to spend that much money every month topping up your coffee supply.


  • Great for those who like a light roast – if you prefer a milder coffee that is not too overpowering in the morning, then you should definitely opt for this breakfast blend.
  • Great for drip coffees – if you are looking for something that will really shine through a drip filter system, then this is the perfect coffee to have.
  • Great flavor pallet – this is the creamier end of the flavor spectrum, coming with notes of caramel and milk chocolate.
  • Good price point – you can get a lot of beans in the bag for this one, which is great if you want to keep your coffee budget every month very low.


  • Too light – if you are going to opt for a longer-term drip filter, then you might find that this drip coffee loses some of its pep after an hour or so.

Ethiopian Bright Light Roast Grade 1

Next up, we have a coffee that will really knock you off your feet, giving you everything that you need for an incredibly aromatic flavor.

If you like a bright coffee during the morning, then we would definitely recommend this one. It comes with a wide range of flavors that will pair well with many types of desserts.

This comes with notes of lemon and honey, which is great for anyone who prefers their coffee sweeter. We would recommend that people pair this one with bitter flavors such as dark chocolate.

This company has certified that they want to brew their coffee in much smaller batches to ensure a more potent flavor. If you are not a fan of the big-box coffee companies that make large batches of dry and flavorless beans, then why not get a bag of these as an alternative?

This is a very bold coffee, making it more than capable of being able to withstanding the dip filter process. You can brew this one for a few hours and it will taste just as good from the first cup to the last.


  • Very sweet taste – if you are looking for something that will give you that rich and sweet flavor, then this is the coffee bean for you.
  • Bold and smooth – if you like your coffee with that fully-rounded flavor, then we would certainly suggest this one to you.
  • Good for drip coffee – this one will be able to preserve its flavor, even after a few hours of percolating.
  • Great refund policy – if you are not a fan of this coffee, then the manufacturers have stated that they will guarantee you a decent return for your money.


  • Too light – this might be too light for certain people’s tastes. If you prefer a dark roast, then you should make sure you have a bean that states so on the tin.

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend

Next up, we have a coffee that has been manufactured by the might Lavazza brand, which is known to grow high-quality beans for drip filters and coffee grinders.

This is a very creamy bean that comes with hints of nuts and other flavors. If you like a lot of milk in your coffee, then this is a good bean to use.

One of the best things about this coffee is its flavor preservation. If you are going to be running these beans through your drip, then it will preserve an intense flavor.

This is also produced in a nut-free zone, meaning that if you do have a nut allergy and are worried about this filtering into your beans, then you have the Lavazza guarantee that this will not happen.

This will develop that extra froth, even if you have not added milk.

You can pair this one with many different types of sweet treats. We would recommend having this milky coffee with some buttered croissants.

This has been said to have a flowery and fruity note, ideal if you are looking for a brighter flavor that will really wake you up in the morning. This is also a great summer coffee.

This coffee also comes with great packaging that will preserve the integrity and flavor of your bean over a long period of time. Even after a few weeks, your beans will be oily and flavorsome.


  • A bright coffee – if you are looking for a coffee that you can enjoy during the summer, then why not try this blend?
  • Great for cappuccinos – if you like your coffee super frothy, then why not have a coffee bean that will complement the milky flavor?
  • Great for drip filters – if you want your black coffee to resemble more of a latte with a thicker texture, then you can’t go wrong with this one.
  • Good packaging – if you want a foil packet that will keep your coffee fresh over the long term, then you can’t go wrong with this packaging.


  • Not that strong – for those of you that like a real kick in the tastebuds when you are drinking a coffee, then this might not be the one for you.

Kicking Horse Coffee

Next up, we have another dark roast coffee that comes with strong notes of chocolate and hazelnut, which will pair great with sweet treats.

This is a decaf coffee, which is great if you are particularly sensitive to caffeine. If you like to have that coffee taste without the shakes and nausea, then this is the one for you.

This is brewed with Arabica beans, which make for a very fully-rounded flavor that is perfect for drip filter coffee.

This is great if you want to use many different styles of brewing coffee, such as drip filter, cold brew and french press coffees.

This comes with a wonderfully smooth taste that will really linger on the pallet. If you do not like your coffee to be too acidic, then this is the one you should opt for.

This coffee bean also comes with ethical elements. They use all of the profits from their company to help increase the quality of the living standards of coffee bean farmers.


  • Chocolate and hazelnut flavors – if you are a fan of these sweet notes, then you can’t go wrong with this coffee bean.
  • Great for drip filter coffee – if you are looking for something that you can brew over the long term, then this is a great bean to have.
  • Smooth texture – if you are looking for something that will go down a real treat, then this is the best coffee that you can have.
  • Ethical – this coffee is ethically sourced and the proceeds will go to help improve the working conditions of farmers.


  • You cannot reseal these beans – if you are looking for coffee beans that you can keep fresh, then you might want to opt for a different brand, as this does not come with a resealable packet.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to having the right coffee beans for your drip filter, then you’ll want to think about the type of coffee that you prefer and how the dripping process will affect the final flavor of the coffee.

A drip filter usually takes time, so you’ll have to be aware of the loss of flavor during the filtering process. You should also be aware of the flavor that this coffee bean will provide for you.

Here are a few things you should be looking out for when you are buying your next coffee for your drip filter:

How Strong Is It?

The strength of the coffee will determine its final flavor, especially when you are running through a drip filter. This is because the amount of time that it takes for the water to drip through the coffee, the flavor will naturally diminish.

If you are going for a dark roast, then you can be sure that a lot of this flavor will be preserved in the final cup. Milder coffees might lose their flavor, although if you put it through a longer filtering process, then it should be fine.

How Much Does It Cost?

One of the worst things about regularly buying coffee is the price that it can incur. This goes double if you are paying for shipping of a particularly expensive bean.

However, if you are buying cheaper coffee, that does not mean that you have to sacrifice quality. You can get a coffee that is very affordable and will still have that incredible flavor.

How Many Beans Do You Get In A Packet?

The number of beans that you get for your money will be very important, especially if you are paying quite a lot of money. You should try and get a packet of coffee beans that will at least last you a few weeks, although this will obviously depend on your consumption.

Are They Designed For Drip Filters?

Some of these coffee beans are only designed for espresso machines, although you can get some that are especially aimed at drip filters. These beans are usually more robust as they are designed to let the flavor seep out slowly through the filtering process.

Make sure that you are putting the right type of beans in your filter. If your beans are designed for an espresso machine and you put it in your drip filter, you might end up with a very flavorless and muggy coffee.

Can You Reseal The Packet?

The ability to seal the packet will be important for preserving the flavor and the texture of the bean. If you cannot seal the packet after you have used it, then your beans run the very real risk of going stale in your cupboard.

If you are sealing up your beans after using them, you aren’t letting in any excess oxygen or allowing any precious moisture to escape.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Coffee Do I Need For A Drip Filter?

This will all depend on how much coffee you are going to be consuming on a daily basis and how big your filter machine is. Most filter machines will indicate the maximum capacity for coffee beans.

What Types Of Roast Beans Are There?

There are three main types of roasts: light, medium and dark. The dark one is the strongest and is usually for people to like to have their coffee with a splash of milk.

Dark roasts also suit drip coffees better, as they will preserve the flavor, although you can get milder blends that will preserve the flavor also.

A light roast comes with less oil on the surface, as the beans are not roasted long enough for the oil to be released onto the surface of the bean.

The medium roast is often known as the American roast and is another non-oily bean that comes in a light-brown color.

The darker blend of coffee comes with more oil on the surface as it is roasted for a very long time. This is very bitter to taste, which is great if you are looking for a bean that will cut through the water of your drip filter.


We hope that this article has helped you to decide which is the best bean for your filter coffee needs. Make sure that you know what roast to get beforehand and how much you are willing to pay per bag.

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