Best Coffee Machine Germany

While the actual taste and texture of coffee is more often than not linked to Italy where it has been refined over centuries to form some of the most popular types of coffee that we love so much today such as the espresso, this overshadows one of the giants when it comes to the machines that produce coffee, that being Germany.

Best Coffee Machine Germany

Since they have been tinkered and improved continuously over several decades, there are now a huge amount of state of the art German coffee machines on the market all with their own unique features and compartments that can make it hard to find one that suits the kind of coffee you want to make.

Therefore to make this easier, we have compiled some of the best German coffee machines that you can pick up and start using right now.

Mueller 12 Cup Drip Coffee Maker

A lot of German coffee makers available today feature so many built in features and extra additions that they can be incredibly pricey to the point where it can feel like a real undertaking just to pick one up.

This is not the case with the Mueller 12 Cup Coffee Machine which not only has an extremely generous price point, but is also incredibly easy to use brewing up a rich and delicious coffee with just the press of a button.

It also comes with a few other quality of life additions which make it easier than ever to brew up a coffee and keep it warm and ready to serve when you most need it.

The permanent filter included for example eliminates any need to keep buying costly paper filters as this one can easily be removed and washed ensuring it remains effective in the long term.

This product also ensures that when making some coffee you don’t make a mess on any surfaces thanks to it’s built in anti-drip and anti-slip features that keep the machine steady while in use as well as a ‘Keep warm’ warming plate feature that retains the coffee’s heat once it’s ready so you can drink it when you feel ready.

With a glass carafe that can serve up to 12 cups of coffee at a time, this is an excellent German coffee machine with some great extra additions for when you don’t want to break the bank.


  • Very cheap price point
  • Excellent 12 cup capacity
  • ‘Keep warm’ feature to retain temperature
  • Anti slip and anti drip prevents mess


  • Metal material is very sharp
  • Does not have auto shutoff

KRUPS Thermobrew Savoy Programmable Coffee Maker

KRUPS have been the experts in coffee and food preparation in Germany since 1846, and you can tell with how refined and effective this coffee machine is featuring a FlavorMix tube which stirs the pot elegantly as the coffee is brewed, creating the perfect balance between taste and temperature so you don’t get a cup of coffee that is just a little too hot.

With enough capacity to prepare 14 cups of coffee, it also comes featured with a pause and serve system so that you can stop a cup of coffee exactly when you want to while the brewing process is still ongoing.

Not only does the built in keep warm feature keep a cup of coffee nice and hot for up to 4 hours, there is additionally an auto-off feature so that you can save energy when the machine is not in use.

This is all not even mentioning what is perhaps the main reason for buying this German coffee machine, the ThermoBrew technology which features a three step process that the machine follows to produce rich, aromatic coffee that is bursting with flavor each and every time, making for one of the most consistent German coffee machines you can find.


  • Amazing 14 cup capacity
  • FlavorMix makes for great balance between temperature and taste
  • Auto-off feature included
  • ThermoBrew feature creates aromatic and delicious coffee each time
  • Keep warm feature retains temperature


  • Can be difficult to clean in long term

KRUPS XP1500 Coffee Maker

While not as cheap as the previous KRUPS product on this list, if you don’t mind spending a bit more to get some of the very best quality and extra additions built in to your coffee maker, then it’s hard to find many machines that serve this purpose better than the KRUPS XP1500.

With an incredible 10 cup capacity allowing you to prepare a lot of coffee with just the press of a button, this coffee maker also comes equipped with a steam nozzle and removable drip tray made of stainless steel making for easy pouring when the delicious coffee has been brewed.

Part of the reason the quality of this coffee maker is so good is just how much control you get over the brewing process, allowing you to create the perfect coffee that you feel like drinking on that particular day.

These features include a water level indicator and brew pause so that you can stop the process when you feel it has been mixed to your liking.

Not to mention, this product features some of the easiest to use controls at the front of the machine which can be illuminated on and off for when you’re craving a cup of coffee at night.

With both a coffee and an espresso feature on the machine so that you can make the delicious beverage that you want there and then, you can be sure this German coffee machine will serve you well for years to come.


  • Great 10 cup capacity
  • Illuminated easy to use controls
  • Separate coffee and espresso compartments
  • water level indicator and brew pause for excellent user control


  • Quite cumbersome and not the easiest to take apart

BRAUN KF717OSI BrewSense Coffee Maker

This Braun Coffee Maker uses a unique carafe lid to seal in and retain all the freshness of the coffee beans by minimizing air exposure as much as possible to create the flavor which is the perfect mixture of temperature and taste so that it tastes rich without the heat diluting any of the flavor.

The anti drip system also allows for precise pouring every time you use it making sure there is no mess left behind on any surfaces.

You also get the choice of either a ‘Bold’ or ‘Regular’ brewing choice depending on how strong you like your coffee in the morning, and giving you the choice to spice it up when you want a change from the norm.

One of the best parts of this BRAUN Coffee Maker is just how simple it is to use and how it can make getting up in the morning so much easier especially thanks to its 24 hour programmable timer which automatically prepares a piping hot cup of coffee waiting for you in the morning.

It also has an incredibly clear and easy to understand digital control panel on the front of the coffee maker where you can set the temperature, strength and even the timer along with all of the other added features, making for an incredibly easy to use German coffee maker that you can be sure will make a satisfying warm cup of coffee every time you use it.


  • Unique carafe lid retains freshness of beans
  • Anti drip for precise pouring
  • ‘Bold’ and ‘Regular’ setting to adjust flavor intensity
  • Easy to use digital control panel
  • 24 hour programmable timer


  • Lid needs to be tight to prevent coffee building up

MIELE CM 5310 Silence Automatic Coffee Machine

If you don’t mind spending a bit more to get one of the very best coffee machines on the market manufactured by the German coffee company MIELE who are known for designing state of the art coffee products, then this machine features all the components and additions you could ever wish for, making it an excellent choice for the long term so you don’t need to worry about replacing it in a few years.

This coffee maker features an incredibly dynamic brewing system which retains all the natural flavor and aroma of the coffee beans along with a quiet grinder which is very durable being made of wear-resistant steel and being nearly entirely silent so you can be sure it won’t make a racket while you brew up a few cups of delicious coffee.

Security is also a big feature of this coffee machine and being able to really call it your own without other people using it at their leisure when you might not want them to just in case they damage it.

Luckily it comes equipped with a commission lock so that you can securely and reliably use the machine when you want to, rather than turning it on accidentally.

The drip tray and leftover container are incredibly easy to remove and clean which also makes this a great long term option, and not to mention the machines ability to add a creamy froth to the coffee when you want a cappuccino or latte macchiato, making this one of the cheaper MIELE machines that still has incredible quality for its price.


  • Dynamic brewing system retains maximum flavor
  • 100% silent when brewing
  • Security lock
  • Easily removable compartments are easy to clean
  • Added creamy froth feature


  • Quite expensive

Buyer’s Guide

To ensure you get the exact coffee you want with all the flavor and texture that you desire, it’s important to keep a few key things in mind when picking one up as with so many coffee machines on the market right now, it can be hard to narrow down which are most suitable for the type of coffee you enjoy.

Here are some key factors to always consider when choosing a new coffee machine.

Type Of Coffee

While all coffee machines will be able to brew up a standard coffee in no time with it’s smooth and rich taste that so many of us enjoy, if you are a big fan of cappuccinos and especially espressos then it can be worth checking if the machine is able to brew them up as well as it can save so much money being able to make them at home anytime.

Make sure that the machine you choose can utilize specific beans so that you have the option to form the flavor that you want, hybrid coffee machines can make essentially all types of coffee however they are a little more expensive so always keep this in mind.

Additional Control Features

It is also important to always check if there are any extra additions and built-in functions of the machine that can make it easier to monitor the brewing process as this gives you far more control over how the coffee will taste when it’s finally ready and how strong, creamy or smooth it is.

Water level indicators and stop and pause brew features are some of the best ways you can check on the heat levels of the coffee while it brews and allows you to adjust it accordingly so you can get the perfect balance of temperature and taste that you would like so that you don’t need to end up guessing how the coffee will eventually taste.

Intensity modifiers which are usually labeled as ‘Regular’ and ‘Bold’ on a lot of German coffee makers are also excellent for giving the user more control over how intense the flavor and aftertaste of the coffee is since everyone enjoys this delicious beverage in their own way, so it allows you to be able to brew up the perfect cup for both you, and any guests who like their coffee with more or less of a kick.

Brew Size

The brew size of a coffee maker is much more important than you might think considering a lot of the time, we can have the family over or a few guests who are all craving a cup of coffee at the same time.

Making enough coffee for just one person therefore is simply no good and doesn’t make a coffee machine very optimal for future situations, so the more cups a machine can serve at once, the better.

Of course the brew size is not only important for filling up multiple cups at once, but is also vital to take into consideration depending on the quantity of coffee you like to enjoy in a single cup.

If you and a few other family members like having their cups filled to the brim and nearly overflowing with delicious coffee goodness, then purchasing a machine with a large brew size is recommended while a single cup machine, which is often much cheaper, is good if you want a personal machine that only you are planning to use.


Depending on how much you enjoy preparing your coffee in the morning, choosing a coffee machine that is automatic or programmable can be perfect for when you just want to sit back and let the machine do all the hard work, however if you like keeping an eye on the brewing process and want as much control over the taste as possible, then more hands-on manual machines will be the better option.

One of the greatest features for people who don’t mind the machine doing most of the work are built-in timers that prepare the coffee for you when you wake up in the morning.

These are actually features included in many state of the art German coffee makers and are an excellent feature that allows you to skip the coffee making process completely.

Frequently Asked Question

What Makes German Coffee Machines So Good?

Especially in recent years, German coffee machines have been rising tremendously in popularity, and this is for very good reason.

Many of the most popular German coffee brands including BRAUN, KRUPS and Mueller have been refining their coffee products since the mid 19th century meaning that they are now at the point where their coffee machines are some of the best in the word, often being made of premium materials and featuring a whole variety of added features that just can’t be found anywhere else.

This is also the primary reason why so many German coffee machines are so expensive because they feature built in components and extra additions that make brewing coffee so easy that you barely even need to press a button to get a coffee that is of the highest quality while still giving you a tremendous amount of control over the temperature, texture and taste.


While German coffee machines are some of the best on the market right now for creating a delicious cup of coffee exactly to your liking, it must be said that there are so many on the market at such high prices that it can be hard to know where to start.

These are some of the very best German coffee makers available right now that for their price points, are sure to provide you with the very best quality that you cannot find anywhere else.

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