Best Espresso Machine to Make Mocha

Coffee and chocolate … is there a better mix!

Imagine the two most seductive things in the world get mixed into one, that’s what we call mocha.

Drinking a cup of mocha gives you the joy of chocolate and the flavor of coffee, if done with care a cup of mocha can do a lot to your mood.

If you decide to drink it in the morning, it won’t be only for getting alert but it will be for the taste and for the flavor.

Theoretically, this is the best type of coffee you could drink unless you don’t like chocolate and that would be a rare case.

So what is mocha exactly? And what is the best espresso machine to make mocha?

Best Espresso Machine to Make Mocha

A Quick Glance Over the Best Espresso Machines to Make Mocha

What is Mocha?

Mocha is a variant of the latte drink, a milk-based espresso drink, the difference between the mocha and the latte is the chocolate.

Mocha is made of single or double shots of espresso, ⅔ of milk, and chocolate or chocolate syrup.

But mocha is made of a special type of beans and that is mocha coffee beans. It is a coffee bean that has natural chocolate in its flavor profile. It comes originally from Yemen and it is a type of Arabica bean so it is sweet and has a low level of caffeine.

In order to improve the chocolate flavor of the coffee made with the mocha coffee beans, baristas would add some chocolate into the recipe. It can be in the form of chocolate syrup which is the most common choice by coffee shops to add some sweetness, or it could be cacao powder to get an intense hit of chocolate in the drink.

Types of Espresso Machines

Before we get into the details of what are the best espresso machines to make mocha, you need to know what are the types of espresso machines available.

There are three main types of espresso machines: semi-automatic, automatic, and pod-style machines.

Each one of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The semi-automatic espresso machine gives you full control over the espresso you are preparing, you select your own grind, tamp your coffee, and the time your shots. It’s an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time, you control everything but you have to do everything.

Automatic machines will do everything for you, it will grind the coffee beans, tamp them and make the espresso ready for you. All you will have to do is to provide the machine with the coffee beans and water, it will take care of the rest.

What Are We Looking for?

Our requirements to find the best espresso machine to make mocha are simple, we want the machine to make espresso and to froth milk because as you already know mocha is a variant of latte, and latte is made of a single or double shots of espresso and ⅔ of frothed milk.

So these are the main things that we want to focus on, of course, there will be additional features that will make one machine unique over the other, but if it is making espresso and frothing milk it can make a mocha.

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine

The Breville barista express espresso machine doesn’t only fulfill the requirements we are looking for but it also comes with great features that make it an irresistible choice for anyone who wants to brew coffee at home.

The Breville barista espresso machine comes with a built-in grinder so the grind can be as fresh as possible and the flavor is at its best. The grinder has dose control so you can grind just the appropriate amount to prepare your cup of coffee. It grinds the beans into the portafilter so you can then extract your espresso from those ground beans using that machine. 

The grind size is also controllable so you can grind the coffee at the size that you prefer, the size of the ground coffee is important and makes a difference at the extraction of flavor stage, so if your coffee doesn’t suit your taste you might want to change the size of grinding. 

The Breville espresso machine comes with a great feature which is PID control over the water temperature which makes the extraction of flavor precise and accurate, this will make a difference when you taste a cup of espresso or mocha that is rich in flavor over a cup that is weak in its flavor.

This espresso machine doesn’t only come with a grinder but it also provides the ability to manually texture milk foam, milk is the key to a mocha drink alongside the espresso itself, so a well-textured milk foam is essential for a good tasting cup of mocha and this is what the Breville espresso machine will help you achieve.


  • Beautiful stainless steel
  • Amazing frother
  • “Clean me” light reminder
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Has a pressure gauge 
  • Well written instructions


  • Not self-explanatory, you need to read the instructions
  • Not a standalone purchase

Check the price of the Breville barista espresso machine.

DeLonghi Magnifica Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

You may enjoy going to the coffee shop and having your favorite cup of coffee made for you but you can’t be there every hour of the day. Or maybe you’re an introvert and prefer to be alone and you’re trying to minimize the amount of human interaction you go through your day but at the same time, you are a coffee addict.

The DeLonghi espresso machine has got you covered, it helps you prepare high-quality espresso and espresso-based drinks so you can enjoy great coffee in any way you like.

There are many factors that make purchasing the DeLonghi espresso machine the right decision, the DeLonghi has a built-in grinder which means your beans will be freshly ground and the taste of the coffee will be at its best.

A manual frother will provide rich and creamy milk which will help you prepare the best cup of mocha that keeps you delighted and elevates your mood.

Consistency of brewing is a great feature in the DeLonghi espresso machine, long gone the days where you have a great cup of espresso one time and the second time it tastes awful, the DeLonghi machine will brew your coffee to the perfect temperature, richness, and density.

Easy to clean, easy to control, customized one-touch espresso drinks, adjustable manual cappuccino system, and even a coffee specialist support. The DeLonghi machine is just screaming buy me, it is truly hard to beat this machine.


  • Customization
  • Control
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Takes up less space


  • Similar buttons for the single and double shots
  • No setting for “Always on”

Interested? Check the price of the DeLonghi espresso machine.

Gevi Espresso Machine

The Gevi espresso machine provides you with the perfect espresso and espresso-based drinks in one of the most compact ways possible.

It doesn’t take much space to own and operate a Gevi espresso machine and you will love how easy it is to use and how simple it is to prepare your favorite cup of coffee with this great machine.

Unlike the other two, the Gevi machine doesn’t provide grinding so you will need to have a separate grinder or you can buy ground coffee. But if you decide to go with buying ground coffee make sure you buy freshly ground coffee 7 days max because it starts losing flavor and tastes off after that period of time.

The Gevi espresso machine uses two thermostats to control temperature and provide the most precise temperature possible at the most affordable price. The precision of the temperature and the quality of the drink is nearly identical and lots of customers are happy with what they get with the Gevi espresso machine.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast Brewing
  • Affordable


  • No built-in grinder

Interested? Check the price of the Gevi espresso machine on Amazon.

Calphalon Temp iQ Espresso Machine

Prepare your mocha cup the right way with a Calphalon espresso machine, this machine has everything you will need to make the perfect mocha cup.

A cup warming tray, you need your cup to be warm before you start brewing espresso into it and with the Calphalon all you will have to do is turn the machine on and put your cup on the top of it and it will get warmed and be ready to be used.

An enlarged portafilter that evenly distributes ground coffee so it allows the perfect extraction of flavor and thus having the perfect cup.

Thermoblock heating technology and PID temperature control, precise and accurate control over the temperature of the water will help you enjoy the perfect cup of espresso.

The Calphalon even comes with a stainless steel milk pitcher, tamper, and cleaning pin (Cleaning Pin located in the ‘Accessories’ storage area under the Drip tray )

But one thing to note is that the Calphalon espresso machine doesn’t come with a built-in coffee grinder so you will need to purchase a separate grinder or buy freshly grounded coffee.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • High quality
  • Quick
  • Consistent espresso shots


  • Complex instructions
  • Steam pressure too powerful

Interested? Check the price of the Calphalon espresso machine on Amazon.


If your goal is to prepare the perfect mocha cup and enjoy the luxury of having a barista-level coffee at home then the machines mentioned in this article are what you are looking for so just get one and start living the dream.

If I had to pick only one to go with then I would definitely pick the Breville espresso machine because it doesn’t only make a mocha cup but it makes it with style. I love how it looks and I love that it has a built-in grinder, the control it provides helps you prepare the perfect cup and it offers all the options that you will need so you can customize your drink to fit your taste.

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