Best Nespresso Capsules For Americano

While you believe that the world of coffee has become overrun with fancy drinks. From caramel iced lattes to mocha frappes, it all seems so sweet and filled with sugar.

Best Nespresso Capsules for Americano

Well, the rich, dark velvety taste of an Americano is back on the rise. More and more people are opting for the warm, bitter taste of a simple Americano over the sickly sweet, sugar infused iced lattes and frappes.

However, finding which capsules will make the best Americano from your Nespresso machine can be difficult. With each coffee bean offering up its own blend of flavors, you may still find that certain capsules just aren’t to your tastes.

Below are 5 of the best Nespresso Capsules to make a stunning Americano. All you have to do is check them out.

Nespresso OriginalLine Ristretto Intenso

If you enjoy a coffee that has a delicious flavor profile while really packing a punch then you will enjoy the Nespresso OriginalLine Ristretto Intenso.

Numerous of the best coffee beans are present in it, including some from Brazil, Colombia, a little bit of East African Arabica and Robusta, and more.

You will get an enhanced coffee blend with these capsules that has a light and delicate contrast between fruity and acidic notations and bitterness and power.

As you pour your espresso shot you will be welcomed with a range of strong flavors that are finished with sweet, fruity notes.

While this coffee is strong on bitterness, as it is diluted with water it becomes more fragrant and light while still offering a powerful richness.


  • Price. For under 40$ you can have 50 of the Nespresso OriginalLine Ristretto Intenso capsules. Perfect for everyday use.
  • Flavor. Intense, bitter, and rich with notes of sweet and fruity aftertaste.
  • Coffee Beans. Beans from Brazil, Columbia, and East Africa are all infused into each capsule.


  • Machine. These pods will only fit and brew with commercial machines such as Gemini, Zenius, Aguila etc.

Nespresso VertuoLine Variety Pack

If you are still searching for that perfect americano to wake you up in the morning then you may prefer one of Nespresso’s variety packs. The VertuoLine Variety Pack includes pods of Altisso, Diavolitto, and Voltesso.

Each blend of coffee provides a different flavor profile for you to test out and discover your perfect aroma. Voltesso is a mild roasted coffee with a low intensity that is filled with sweetness and a biscuity note.

Diavolitto is a powerful, intense blend of robusta and arabica beans. However, the power and deep intensity are complemented with a smooth texture thanks to a leisurely flow and a high extraction temperature.

Altisso brings together a dominating tasting blend of Vietnamese and Indonesian robusta beans with a pinch of Colombian arabica. With a delicious acidity to keep the beans bitter and a slight nutty note.

Buying this assortment of Nespresso VertuoLine capsules will do nothing but challenge you to explore the flavors of coffee and deliver a delicious Americano.


  • Variety. From light and sweet to instead and nutty this pack has a large variety of coffee blends to try.
  • Price. A range of flavors within 30 pods all for less than a typical pack of Nespresso capsules.
  • Quality. A blend of coffee beans from coffee destinations all over the world.


  • Usage. These pods can only be used with a VertuoLine Nespresso Machine.

Nespresso Vertuo Double Espresso Selection

Do you need something strong and powerful to help wake you up on those cold winter mornings? The Nespresso Vertuo Double Espresso Selection is for you. Containing both Chiaro and Scuro, you are about to be taken on a wonderful journey.

As you open your Chiaro pod you will be welcomed by a balanced range of woody and earthy notes. However, as it pours there will be notes of blond caramel to caress the senses. Perfect as an Americano or even more indulgent as a latte.

Double Espresso Scuro is a dark roasted coffee blend of robusta and arabica beans. The intense roasting of this blend provides a strong cocoa flavor that is embodied with a smoky, hearty base. The subtle notes of vanilla bring balance to the intense flavors.

These Nespresso capsules are not for the faint of heart but they are smooth, creamy, and intense making them perfect for brewing as an Americano.

These pods are also double espressos meaning you are getting two shots of espresso with every pour. You will never miss that 9am meeting with a Scuro or Chiaro Americano again.


  • Variety. Both Scuro and Chiaro are strong, dark roasted coffee blends however, there are some notes of sweetness to provide a gorgeous balance.
  • Price. 20 pods for less than $1 each makes this pack very affordable.
  • Quality. Coffee beans for Central America allows you to know that these pods really pack a punch.


  • Intensity. The strong flavor and impact of these pods may not be suitable for everyone.
  • Usage. The capsules within this duo pack can only be used with VertuoLine Nespresso machines.

OriginalLine Master Origin Variety Pack

When looking for an excellent blend of coffee to brew the perfect Americano there are a few things you will want to experience. This OriginalLine Master Origin Variety Pack has something for everyone.

With coffee from Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, and Nicaragua, this variety pack really captures the essence of coffee.

With 10 capsules of each blend all ranging from light, medium and dark roasts, you can experience something different everyday.

This pack was created to allow you to delve into the different blends of coffee from around the world. Each blend offers something unique.

The Master Origin Nicaragua has processed “Black Honey” coffee which is one of the hardest blends of the process. This blend has a smooth honey texture with sweet cereal overtones.

While the Master Origin India capsules encompass Robusta Monsoon. A coffee bean native to India.

Only the southwest coast of India experiences monsoons. The beans are periodically swollen and dried by monsoonal winds over months. It resembles the route that ships once took to reach Europe.

However, there is no need to board a ship. All you have to do is brew one of the Master Origin espresso capsules in your OriginalLine Nespresso Machine to experience the unique blends and flavors of coffee from around the world.


  • Variety. Light, medium, and dark roasts are all contained within this pack allowing you to experience something different with each cup of coffee.
  • Price. 5 packs of 10 capsules of each Master Origin Nespresso Capsule makes this variety pack extremely affordable.
  • With Or Without Milk. Each capsule can be enjoyed with a small amount of milk or on their own as a rich, intense Americano.


  • Intensity. The stronger coffee capsules may not be to everyone’s tastes and may get wasted.

Nespresso Genova Livanto Coffee Capsules

Are intense flavor profiles with undertones and overtones making coffee too complicated? The Nespresso Genova Livanto Coffee Capsules are simply rounded and balanced.

Some of the best Latin American Arabicas were welcomed at Genova’s international entryway to produce this sweet medium roast. You’re now welcome to have a taste!

If you love the smell of coffee as the beans are just freshly out of the roaster then you are sure to love not only the smell but the taste of these coffee capsules. Caramelized, toasted, and rich, these capsules are simply divine.

On their own or with some frothy, silky milk you are sure to enjoy the aromatics of this coffee blend. Not too strong but not so weak that there is little taste, the Genova Livanto Coffee Capsules are sure to be loved by the entire family.


  • Flavors. This blend of coffee is simple and well-balanced with caramel and toasted cereal.
  • Intensity. These capsules are the perfect sweet spot of being powerful without being overwhelming.
  • Usage. Brew with boiling water for a delicious, authentic, Americano, or froth milk for a delicious cappuccino without the need for sweeteners and syrups.


  • Price. While you do get 50 in a pack, the price of these capsules for 1 blend is rather expensive.

Buyers Guide For Americano Capsules

When searching for the perfect Nespresso capsules to make a delightful Americano, you don’t want to purchase the first one you come across. This can lead to large amounts of waste.

We have devised a simple buyers guide to ensure you know what to look for when it comes to purchasing the best Nespresso capsules for an Americano coffee.

Nespresso OriginalLive Vs VertuoLine

Throughout this guide you may have noticed that there are 2 types of Nespresso capsules: OriginalLine and VertuoLine.

It is important that you are aware of the differences between them and why you cannot use an OriginalLine capsule in a VertuoLine machine.

The VertuoLine Machine was created for those who prefer a larger cup of coffee. These machines can brew for mugs of up to 14 ounces.

To accomplish this, the Nespresso VertuoLine machines use a new extraction technique with distinctive barcoded capsules. Nespresso OriginalLine machines, on the other hand, can only make ristretto, espresso, or lungo.

The Nespresso OriginalLine Machine was created for the brewing of espresso over larger beverages such as lattes.

This is the more popular choice between the two machines as the OriginalLine machine is often less expensive when it comes to pods and comes with its own milk frother.

Ensure that when you are purchasing your chosen capsules that you purchase for the correct machines. The VertuoLine capsules are dome shaped and simply will not fit into a VertuoLines cartridge.

Both machines, when provided with the correct capsule can create a smooth, rich Americano.

However, if using a larger mug with the OriginalLine machine you want to invest in Double Espresso capsules your coffee could end up being over diluted with water.

Roast Level & Intensity

Light, medium, or dark roast levels are what you look for when purchasing coffee beans because they directly affect the body, mouthfeel, and flavor of your brew. Nespresso provides both a Roast Level and an Intensity.

There is a difference between the roast level and intensity. While both work together, they are not the same. The intensity rating, which uses a scale of 1 to 13, provides you with more details about the coffee than just the degree of roasting.

Stronger flavors and smells, more concentration, and a heavier body are characteristics of more “intense” coffees.

According to a general rule, dark roasted coffees range in strength from 9 to 13, while medium roasts fall between 6 and 8, and light roasts range from 1 to 5.

It is important to consider both the roast and intensity level when purchasing Nespresso capsules. All of which offer different flavor profiles which can heavily impact your preference.

For a deep, rich Americano we recommend either dark or medium roasted coffee betweens with an intensity level of 6-11. Light roasted coffee beans are more suited to sweeter, fruity drinks such as ice lattes.

Coffee Beans: Arabica Or Robusta?

The two types of coffee grown in abundance are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica beans typically produce smoother, sweeter, and more complex flavors, which is why connoisseurs view them as being of higher quality. Lighter roasts are a better choice for it because they will highlight its intricacies.

Robusta is a more common type of coffee beans to be found in chain coffee shops and offers a depth to medium to dark roast espresso blends.

Robusta coffee gives a blend a fuller body, a deeper crema, and the deep, earthy aromas that make classic Italian espresso so distinctive.

Additionally, it increases the amount of caffeine because Robusta coffee has roughly twice as much caffeine as Arabica.

These are the two most common types of coffee beans used by Nespresso for their capsules.

Origins & Flavors Of Coffee Beans

The origins of a coffee bean can have great effects on the taste. This can be influenced by the roast and processing method or even the region where the bean is grown.

The most common regions for growing coffee beans and their flavor profiles are:

  • East African Arabica Beans. Their fruity and flowery flavors are well-known. They are frequently compared to wine or even tea. Making it perfect for those who prefer a more subtle coffee taste in their beverages.
  • Sumatran Coffee Beans. These beans are more earthy with a deep, heavy body due to the damp climate they are grown in. This is unusual for coffee beans as they typically require a drier environment.
  • South and Central American Coffee Beans. South and Central America are heavily involved in the production and trading of coffee beans. They are renowned for their crisp flavors of ripe fruit, cereals, nuts, and chocolate. They frequently have elements of caramel, honey, or brown sugar and are sweet.

Nespresso has created a range of capsules that encase coffee from all over the world. Meaning there is a large variety to choose from.

This can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you are new to the flavor profiles of coffee.

To begin, it is recommended to enjoy the sweet, toasted flavors of South and Central American coffee beans. These blends will have a profile similar to that which you will find at your local coffee shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting the best Nespresso capsule for an Americano can be a difficult task. With so many options available it can become intimidating to figure out which roast and intensity you like, your preferred blend of flavors, and what price you should be paying.

We have answered some of the most commonly asked questions to make navigating the world of Nespresso capsule just a little easier.

Can A Nespresso Machine Make An Americano?

You can quickly make an americano whether you have an espresso machine or a Nespresso machine.

You can omit the stages of measuring and grinding your own coffee bean if you choose a more convenient method of preparing an espresso shot, such as using Nespresso compatible pods.

Are Lungo And Americano The Same?

When the water is added after the espresso, it is referred to as an “Americano.” A long espresso is called a “lungo,” which means “long” in Italian. Lungos continue to run for anything between 45 and a minute whereas espressos only take 25 to 35 seconds to extract.

Which Roast Level Is Best For Americano?

Dark roast coffee, sometimes known as “Italian” or “espresso beans,” is the greatest option for creating a fantastic americano. It is not surprising that dark roast beans are referred to as Italian beans as the origins of the americano may be found in Italy.

Final Thoughts

From the decadent flavors of Italy to the aromatic savor of India, we have discussed the best Nespresso capsules for an Americano.

Whether you prefer a deep, intense dark roast or the more mild, silky flavors of a medium roast there is a Nespresso capsule perfect for brewing that Americano.

All you have to do is take a look and discover which flavors suit your palette best!

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