Best Weighted Blankets For Adults

Weighted blankets are based on Deep Pressure Therapy, the goal of that therapy is to transfer the body from the state of nervousness and the fight or flight response into a state of relaxation and calmness.

Weighted blankets provide a feeling of being hugged or held which provides a sensation of comfort and relaxation, serotonin & melatonin levels start to increase in the bloodstream while cortisol levels decrease which leads to more relaxation and comfort.

Many have admired the effect of weighted blankets on weighted blankets for sleep and for stress, stress and anxiety are a huge hurdle in the way of anyone who is trying to sleep and weighted blankets destroy that hurdle.

Weighted blankets help people sleep faster, deeper, and longer which leads them to wake up more refreshed and energized throughout the day and being more productive.

So, Here’s a list of the best weighted blankets for adults:

1- YnM Weighted Blanket

The YnM blanket received lots of love from the customers and it made lots of people happy with their purchase and willing to repeat the experience again.

Lots of the buyers have been struggling to sleep well at night and/or stay asleep and enjoy a peaceful night of sound refreshing sleep, it has been a feeling that some have missed for years, but with the help of the YnM weighted blanket they have been able to retrieve it back and have the refreshing sleep that they?ve always wished for.

The blanket is good for reducing insomnia, anxiety, stress, and it can even help to deal with restless leg syndrome. Generally, if you have been going through any type of sleep struggle this blanket offers help.

Here’s a link to the full review.

2- ZonLi Weighted Blanket

The majority of customers have loved the blanket, from people suffering insomnia, anxiety, stress, and it even helped people with brain injury and sleep apnea.

The blanket works for those who are having trouble with their sleep, no matter what the exact situation is. Even if you have no serious sleep issues the blanket can help you get sound and restful sleep with its very soothing and calming effect.

Feeling like being hugged is irresistible for everyone, we all need hugs and love to be hugged and it?s proved by science that the deep pressure therapy behind the weighted blanket does help us sleep better.

You can even use the blanket even if you are not sleeping and you are just sitting in your house, the calming sensation that you get after a stressful workday is priceless and it is indeed worth every scent.

The fabric of the blanket is very soft and comfortable, so you will enjoy the touch and feel of the blanket and have the best experience with it.

And it?s easy to wash and handle since all you have to do is to throw the blanket inside the washing machine and put it on the gentle cycle, washing some blankets can be a heavy duty that some don?t enjoy.

Link To The Full Review.

3- Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket

The majority of customers who have bought the Weighted Idea weighted blanket are happy with what they?ve got for their money.

People have confirmed that the blanket indeed can help you sleep faster, deeper, and longer.

The sleep quality of many have increased after using this particular weighted blanket and their only regret was not knowing about it further.

Whether your sleep trouble is sleep apnea, insomnia, anxiety, or even migraine, the blanket has helped someone similar to you and it probably will help you with your trouble.

Customers have also loved that the blanket is 100% cotton and that it breathes well and doesn?t trap heat inside it, so if you have been worrying about the blanket being too hot for you don?t worry, the cotton provides the breathability you need to sleep well with your blanket.

Link to the full review.

4- Amy Garden Weighted Blanket

What made the customers love the Amy Garden weighted blanket is that it actually solved their problem, many people have slept better, longer, and faster after sleeping under the blanket.

People suffering from insomnia and sleep apnea and those that sleep have been a trouble for them, the blanket helped to improve the situation if not eliminating it completely.

Also, people suffering from anxiety have benefited from the blanket since it is able to reduce anxiety and provide a comforting feeling that helps you overcome the hard moments when anxiety hits.

The comforting and relaxing feeling that the Amy Garden weighted blanket offers has helped many, kids and adults, improve their sleeping, reduce their anxiety, and relieve the stress over their shoulders.

Link to the full review.

5- CuteKing Weighted Blanket

Customers have extremely adored the experience that the CuteKing weighted blanket made them go through.

Many customers have confirmed that the blanket made their sleep enormously better.

The calming effects of the blanket have helped many customers improve their sleep quantity and quality, and many have confirmed that the relaxation they feel after using this blanket can help them go through highly stressful moments and can make a difference when they are anxious or just want to sleep.

Some have said that the blanket made them totally overcome insomnia and sleep troubles while others haven?t got to that degree yet they still love the blanket because it has improved their sleep quality.

Link to the full review.

6- Buzio Weighted Blanket

The majority of those who have tried out the blanket have loved it, they loved the sense of calmness and relaxation that the blanket brings in once they are using it.

The weight provides a grounding feeling that helps a lot of the customers calm down and relax, so after a stressful day, they can find their blankets waiting for them to calm and soothe them.

Also, if you suffer from panic attacks the blanket can help, it provides a sense of being secure that can help during your anxiety attacks.

Not to mention, that many have complimented how the blanket raised their quality of sleep, making them sleep faster, deeper, and longer.

Link to the full review.

7- Kpblis Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is supposed to help you sleep better by giving you a sense of calmness and providing a relaxing feel that helps you dive deeper into your dreams.

It provides you with a feeling of being hugged or held which promotes security and grounding and smoothens the process of falling into sleep.

A lot of the times when you are not able to sleep it?s because the level of your anxiety and stress is so high for some reason or another, your anxious mind and stressful thoughts aren?t going away when the lights are out and you are lying on your bed.

That?s when a weighted blanket comes in handy, to help to eliminate those stressful thoughts and anxious feeling by providing you the feel of being hugged, this feel promotes calmness and relaxation in your body and get your nerves down so you become more able to sleep, because it is near impossible to sleep easily when you are anxious or stressed.

Weighted blankets are an implementation of a kind of therapy called Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT) which helps with stress, anxiety, insomnia and lots of other conditions that people may suffer from.

What happens when you sleep better is that your life starts gaining balance that you have lost a long time ago. You will wake up more refreshed, your productivity will rise, your mood generally will be better, you will become better socially and you might even lose weight!!

Kpbils Full Review.

8- CuddleBug Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets represent an implementation of what is called deep pressure therapy. It is the kind of therapy that is made to promote relaxation and calmness to your nervous system.

Weighted blankets are one form of it.

Weighted blankets help you sleep better, so if you are an insomniac or has been suffering from sleep deprivation, weighted blankets can help.

It also helps reduce the stress levels in your body, so if you have any source of stress in your life whether that?s a job or any other source, weighted blankets can help reduce the stress stemming from the source of stress.

Also, weighted blankets promote relaxation and calmness and help your body shut down the fight or flight response and to produce the happy hormones such as serotonin and melatonin.

Link to the full review.

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