CuteKing Weighted Blanket Review

Weighted blankets are becoming the go-to solution for sleep problems, many people are starting to get better and better nights of sleep due to weighted blankets. The effects and benefits of weighted blankets are so many and the result is almost the same: faster, deeper, longer sleep.

CuteKing weighted blanket is one of the reputable brands in the weighted blankets market, that’s why we have decided to give it a full review so you can gain insights about their product and decide for yourself whether it’s the best weighted blanket to purchase.

Check the CuteKing weighted blanket now and come back to continue reading the article.

Weights Of The Blanket

CuteKing offers 3 weight variations and they are:

  • 15 lbs
  • 20 lbs
  • 25 lbs

The general guideline when picking a weight to go with is to pick a weight that is 10% of the users ideal body weight, so it should go like this:

  • 15 lbs for 120-180 lbs person
  • 20 lbs for 170-230 lbs person
  • 25 lbs for 220-280 lbs person

These are just guidelines and it’s not hard rules to follow, so for example if your doctor has recommended a specific weight for you then you probably should follow his advice.

It’s important to note that weight is one of the most important choices you are going to make when buying a weighted blanket, choosing the wrong weight have ruined many experiences with weighted blankets.

A too heavy weight on you can make you feel trapped and suffocating under the blanket and instead of feeling calm and secure under your blanket you are going to feel stressed and anxious.

If you know your preferences and that you prefer heavier weights, then you should definitely go with what you like, but if it’s your first experience with weighted blankets my recommendation for you is to go with lighter weights until you get used to it.

Fabric Used For The Blanket

The fabric used for the CuteKing weighted blanket is cotton. Cotton is a natural and breathable fabric that is great to use for weighted blankets because it helps regulating the temperature of the blanket.

A weighted blanket can be hot all by itself, so using a synthetic material as the main fabric of the blanket will only make matters worse, synthetic materials don’t breathe well and hence it will trap heat inside which will raise the temperature of the blanket to unbearable levels and will lead to keeping you up at night because it’s too hot.

So using cotton as the main fabric will help cooling the blanket down and it won’t be trapping heat, so it will be as cool as it could be and the temperature won’t be an issue to worry about.


Filling of the CuteKing weighted blankets is glass beads filling, and this is one of the best quality options for filling.

Glass beads are extremely tiny and have a smooth texture that promotes comfort and relaxation, they are like sand in how soft they are.

Due to it’s tiny size, glass beads filled blankets take up less space compared to other kind of fillers which results in a slim and elegant weighted blanket.

What Customers Loved About The Blanket

Customers have extremely adored the experience that the CuteKing weighted blanket made them go through.

Many customers have confirmed that the blanket made their sleep enormously better.

The calming effects of the blanket have helped many customers improve their sleep quantity and quality, and many have confirmed that the relaxation they feel after using this blanket can help them go through highly stressful moments and can make a difference when they are anxious or just want to sleep.

Some have said that the blanket made them totally overcome insomnia and sleep troubles while others haven’t got to that degree yet they still love the blanket because it has improved their sleep quality.

Common Causes Of Dissatisfaction

Even though the majority of the customers have loved the blanket, it’s important to have a look at the complaints in order to have an understanding of the potential product flows.

The most common cause of complaint about the blanket was the low durability it had, many customers have complained about the product getting torn down and glass beads getting everywhere.

Indeed weighted blankets are pretty fragile and delicate product and any damage done to the fabric can lead to ruining the whole product.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, you may purchase a duvet cover with the blanket and when you want to wash it you only wash the duvet cover, and if for any reason you wanted to wash the blanket itself you will probably want to dry clean or hand-wash it and to hang dry.

These tips will ensure the longevity of your blanket.

Another common compliant was the blanket being too hot, even though the blanket is made of cotton fabric it can be hot and the weight itself might be among the reasons why.

The tip to overcome this issue is to use temperature control if you are a hot sleeper, any kind of fan or AC unit will do the job of cooling you down.

How This Blanket May Help you

CuteKing weighted blankets may make your life better in different ways:

  • You are going to sleep better: when the quality of your sleep increases many things can happen to you, your focus will increase, you feel fresh and energetic in the mornings, your productivity will increase, and you will be there in the moment instead of drowning in the thoughts of “Sorry, I can’t enjoy, I didn’t sleep well last night”.
  • You will have a new relaxation method: weighted blankets can help relax your mind and give you a comforting feeling that will help you during your anxious and stressful moments.


CuteKing weighted blanket is one of the best weighted blankets available in the market right now, it is going to help you sleep better, get more restful nights and more energetic and fresh mornings.

The company offers 3 weight options of weighted blankets filled with high quality glass beads that provide the smooth texture of the sand and gives the blanket a slim and elegant look.

The blanket is made of cotton fabric that helps regulating the temperature of the blanket and keeping it as cool as possible so the hot sleepers could also enjoy the benefits of the blanket.

Purchase the CuteKing weighted blanket now, or if you would like to check more options here’s our favorites list:

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