Does Lavender Help You Sleep? End Your Sleep Suffering

Do you ever go through the experience of being extremely tired but not able to sleep?

At the end of the day when you are extremely tired and the only thing you need to is sleep stress and anxiety can prevent you from having it and can lead you to become more tired and stressed out.

lavender: a natural sleeping aid

Stress has many bad effects and one of them is lack of sleep. When you lie in bed stress doesn’t leave you alone or go away and your mind just doesn’t shut off, you keep thinking about what happened through your day, what you should have said in the conversation you had earlier in the day, going through the memories or maybe worrying about the future.

Stress happens for so many reasons and in some cases it just doesn’t leave by its own. Happily, there are solutions to that and one of the most effective solutions to your stress problems is lavender. Lavender is a purple flower that grows in northern and eastern Africa, the Mediterranean, and southwest Asia. It has a long and diverse history in the healing arts. The Ancient Egyptians, for example, used it in many of their cosmetics, and the Ancient Romans used lavender for healing wounds, headaches, and even in their washing.

Lavender As A Natural Sleep Aid:

Lavender can help you sleep better and can improve the quality of your sleep. It does so because it has a soothing effect that can help you relax and unwind, which is huge when it comes to sleeping.

One of the common reasons people complain about lack of sleep is stress and anxiety. Stress can indeed prevent you from sleeping even if you are extremely tired, you lie down on the bed and you just can’t fall asleep or stay asleep because of the anxious thoughts that are coming to your head.

Also, stress has a compounding effect meaning that when you are lying down on bed not able to sleep you can be more stressed about your lack of sleep and what will you do when you are sleep deprived which leads to more stress and lesser sleep.

Lavender in situations like this comes in handy, it works in the opposite direction of stress, it helps relax your mind and slow down your thoughts and gives your muscles a chance to get some relief and allows your body to sleep. Lavender has a sedating effect that can help you relax and can alleviate the stress, and that’s exactly what you need to sleep, to be in a relaxed state of mind.

A sleep study done by Dr.Angelea S. Lillehei from University of Minnesota has shown that lavender indeed does help to increase the quality of sleep and applying it can help you feel more refreshed and productive the next morning. Lots of sleep studies have been conducted about the effects of lavender on sleep shows that indeed lavender has calming and relaxing benefits that can help you get better quality of sleep.

so how to use lavender to improve your sleep?


5 Ways To Lavender For Sleep

1- the first way you can do it is applying one drop of lavender essential oil on your pillow before you go to sleep, the aroma of the oil will help you relax your mind and fall asleep faster

2- Take a warm bath before bed and add a few drops of lavender essential oil into it, this method has a bonus method which is the warm bath which is already helping relaxing your body and putting you in a sleepy mood, adding lavender oil to your bath will increase this benefit and help you get even more sleepy.

3- rub your hands with lavender essential oils before you go to sleep

4- use a diffuser in the room you are sleeping in and fill it with drops of lavender oil so the aroma can fill in the room and you are surrounded in a sleep encouraging atmosphere.

5- Rub the bottom of your feet with a few drops of lavender essential oil so the aroma can slowly rise up to the body.

These are some tips to using lavender to help you sleep. There are other benefits for lavender not just for sleeping, it is used in cosmetics and wound healing and so many different ways.

Conclusion :

Lavender can really be helpful for solving your sleep problems, it has a calming effect that allows your body to relax and unwind from the daily stress ,that we all go through, which is exactly the mood you need to be if you want to sleep. Adding a few drops to a warm bath before bed is my favorite way to use lavender since you get an extra benefit with the warm bath that helps relaxing your body even more.

If you are having sleep problems lavender can really be effective for you specially if your sleep problems is because of stress, there are many other reasons you may be having sleep problems so if you have tried lavender before and it didn’t work with may be you sleeping issues is caused by a different reason.

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