Fabula Life Weighted Blanket Review

Do you or a loved one struggle with sleeping at night? As today’s society is plagued with the culture of hustling, it is becoming more and more common for people to have less than 6 hours of sleep.

Fabula Life Weighted Blanket Review

Whether you suffer from insomnia, anxiety or simply struggling to turn off your thoughts to get a good night’s rest then a weighted blanket could be your savior.

A weighted blanket has become a necessity for those who struggle to feel comforted and grounded during the night.

We have reviewed the Fabula Life Weighted Blanket to ensure that this blanket will help you get a refreshing night’s sleep. We will look at the materials used, the weights available, and even the benefits of using a Fabula Life Weighted Blanket.

All you have to do is decide if it’s right for you.

Fabula Life Weight Blanket Materials

When you receive your Fabula Life Weighted Blanket you will immediately notice how soft and luxurious it feels. The Fabula Life Weight Blanket is made of 100% cotton.

As it is made from cotton this weighted blanket is extremely breathable meaning that as you sleep and your body temperature regulates, this blanket will not keep you extremely warm.

Although, as the weather becomes warmer during summer, cotton may not offer as much breathability as other materials.

When it comes to blankets, synthetic material doesn’t breathe very well, so it traps heat and maintains it inside the blanket, causing its temperature to rise and maybe making it more difficult for you to fall asleep.

The filling is only made of both glass beads and poly pellets. The glass beads are a similar texture to sand making it feel like you are holding a bean bag in your hand.

Glass beads are small and ensure the weight blanket feels smooth to the touch rather than bumpy and uncomfortable.

The use of poly pellets allows Fabula Life to keep the price of their weighted blanket more affordable. However, they do feel like small pebbles which can be rather uncomfortable for some.

The poly pellets also take more room than glass beads meaning that they may be more noticeable.

Fabula Life created this design with a 7-layered design which prevents the beads from leaking out of the blanket.

In order to ensure a completely seamless, smooth feel the Fabula Life Weighted Blanket could have been made from glass beads. However, it would be extremely expensive. The use of poly pellets makes this blanket more affordable.

Weight & Size Options Of The Fabula Life Weighted Blanket

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, everyone has their own preferences. From white noise to needing complete darkness we all have our own needs. Your weighted blanket is no different.

Fabula Life Weighted Blanket comes in a range of weights from 5lbs to 25lbs. It is important that you select the correct weight for you. If it is too heavy, you will feel hot and constrained.

The Fabula Life Weighted Blankets deep-touch technology won’t work as well if it is too light.

A general rule of thumb for selecting the perfect weight is that your blanket should be 10% of your body weight. For example, someone between 120-180 lbs would find a blanket of 12lbs the most comforting.

If you are buying for a child then it is best to go for a light blanket of 5lbs. Otherwise it may be too heavy for your child and can have negative effects on their breathing.

Adults also find that selecting a blanket that is too heavy leaves them feeling trapped and begins to cause their anxiety to increase rather than decreasing and becoming more relaxed.

Select the correct weight and can be expected to have a comfortable, deep sleep throughout the night.

The Fabula Life Weighted Blanket also has a range of sizes. In order for the weight distribution to be done correctly, the heavier your blanket the bigger the surface area of the blanket.

For example a 5 lbs blanket is 36 by 40 inches whereas a 15 lbs blanket is 80 by 60 inches.

Benefits Of The Fabula Life Weighted Blanket

The Fabula Life Weighted Blanket comes with a host of benefits. From a deeper night’s sleep to reducing anxiety.

By replicating a cozy embrace from a loved one, the Fabula Life weighted blanket for kids provides excellent all-natural sleep assistance. Your body will naturally support this sensation, allowing you to have a peaceful night of dreaming.

This weighted blanket can be purchased for both adults and kids that have difficulty falling and staying asleep. You will experience a sense of calmness which is often not felt with regular blankets.

Weighted blankets distribute an even amount of pressure across the body, calming anxiety and allowing your nervous system to relax and slowly fall asleep.

The Fabula Life Weighted Blanket has also been documented to help ease the stresses of those with autism spectrum disorders.

In times of over stimulation, they can use the weighted blanket to focus on the weight and pressure instead of the other sensory stimuli surrounding them.

Even in situations that could be too stressful for them, this pressure might give them comfort and allow them to unwind.

Children with autism frequently choose to use a weighted blanket, despite the paucity of studies on its supposedly beneficial effects on sleep.

Another benefit of the Fabula Life Weighted Blanket is that it makes for an incredible gift. For a birthday, Christmas or just to show someone that you are thinking of them this weighted blanket is an excellent choice.

Children and adults can use the blanket whilst sleeping, relaxing when watching TV or reading, or just to feel a sense of security.

Let someone know you are thinking of them and give them the Fabula Life Weighted Blanket.

Washing The Fabula Life Weighted Blanket

Much like other popular weight blankets on the market, the Fabula Life Weighted Blanket has a set form of instructions regarding its care.

You will find the direct washing instructions on the tag of your weighted blanket. However, often washing a weight blanket in a washing machine can be a health concern.

Due to the glass beads and poly pellets, washing the blanket in a washing machine can cause the blanket to burst and the small pellets to leak out.

If you feel that your blanket is in desperate need of a wash, it is recommended that you hand wash the blanket with a gentle soap and detergent or stain remover.

Allow your Fabula Life Weighted Blanket to air dry in order to avoid the beads falling out in the tumble dryer.

A solution for this issue that is faced with many other weight blankets is to purchase a duvet cover. This will mean that when it comes time to wash your blanket you only need to remove the duvet cover and place it in the wash along with your other bedding.

Depending on whether your weighted blanket is composed of cotton, polyester, rayon, wool, or another material, and if the fill contains glass beads, plastic pellets, or organic components, different care instructions may be applicable.

The instructions for cleaning your weighted blanket should be on the tag that came with it, in the owner’s guide, or on the manufacturer’s website.

Fabula Life Customer Care

Fabula Life pride themselves on offering a high standard of customer care. If you are not satisfied with your weighted blanket for any reason then you are free to contact them and make the arrangements to solve your issue.

You can contact Fabula Life through the review section on Amazon or the contact information on your delivery package. Making it simple to resolve any problems whether you require a new blanket being sent out to you or have any queries regarding the product.

Traveling With The Fabula Life Weighted Blanket

Traveling can be an intimidating experience for anyone. From flying on a plane to taking a road trip, you never know when you may need a sense of security in order to get a good night’s sleep.

The Fabula Life Weighted Blanket comes with a travel bag allowing you to fold it up, pop it in the bag and take with you wherever you go. Perfect for those who struggle to sleep on a moving vehicle.

Final Thoughts

A weighted blanket could be just the thing to ensure that you and your loved ones are gifted with a wonderful night’s sleep. And Fabula Life is here to supply you.

This cotton weight blanket is breathable and comes in a range of weights and sizes.

Once you select the right size for you (10% of your body weight) you will feel grounded and secure.

It is important to remember when machine washing your blanket to lay it out flat to air dry and to check for any open seams where the beads could escape.

We recommend purchasing a duvet cover to save you the trouble and time of washing and drying your weighted blanket.


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