How Do I Clean My Bedroom

It?s that time of the week where you have to do that same boring task again, cleaning your bedroom!

It?s necessary but it?s a hell of a boring task, you want to enjoy your time, you want to spend it scrolling on your phone and engaging on social media, or you might watch a movie or a soccer game, anything that amuses you and makes you enjoy your time, not spending your time cleaning carpets and bed sheets.

But it is what it is, it is a task that needs to be done or some disgusting creatures are going to share the room with you and expose you to health risks.

So before we get into the answer to ?how do I clean my bedroom?? there is a more fundamental question that needs to be answered?

How Do I Get Motivated to Clean My Room?

I have two motivation strategies for you in order to clean your room and they are: remind yourself of the good things that will happen if you clean, remind yourself of the bad things that will happen if you don?t.

Remember how good you will feel when you are living in a clean and organized room, the positivity, the efficiency, the organization, the productivity. A clean bedroom is a step towards an organized and productive life, it might not be that huge of a step but small steps add on to leave a huge impact, so cleaning the bedroom will make life easier for you and will actually save you time and help you be more productive.

On the counterpart, not cleaning your bedroom will leave you living in a messy and an unorganized space, wasting your time and making you feel unproductive and unhealthy, there are health risks in living in an unclean space, you expose yourself to different types of insects sharing the room with you which can bring different diseases that can all be avoided if you just invest in cleaning your bedroom.

Another tip I can give is to divide and conquer, do the small stuff that can be done first and then handle harder stuff, starting with the simple tasks is going to help to roll the wheels and getting into the mode of cleaning it is easier for you to get to the finish line because you?ve already started.

How Do You Clean Your Bedroom

Here are some of the good tips on cleaning your room, it?s simple but requires work so get ready for a serious hour of cleaning your bedroom:

The simple process of cleaning your bedroom goes like this:

  • Take trash out
  • Organize your clothe
  • Clean your bed
  • Organize surfaces such as nightstands, dressers, vanities, and desks
  • Clean surfaces
  • Dust curtains and carpets
  • Wipe windows and mirrors
  • Vacuum your bedroom
  • Make your bed

Take Trash Out

Being organized in your process increases your efficiency and productivity, by taking the trash out of the bedroom you are moving forward in your way to a clean bedroom and increasing the speed of how things need to be done.

Scan your bedroom for all the unwanted stuff such as clothing tags or food leftovers all these stuff could pile in your bedroom and make your bedroom look messy and attractive place for insects and uninvited guests such as ants for example.

By keeping a wastebasket in your bedroom you are helping your self to keep things in your bedroom organized and under your control so the cleaning task gets easier to do.

Organize Your Clothes

You clothe should be separated into two groups: used and unclean clothing, and fresh and clean clothing, and there?s a third group and that is the clothes in the middle, the clothes that are used but still somewhat clean, I will tell what to do with all of these.

To make your bedroom look clean you will need to deal with both groups of your clothes, the unclean clothes need to go to the washing machine to get washed and freshened and the clean should be organized and tucked into your wardrobe so you can find your clothes easily when you want to.

The third group of clothes, the used but still clean, should go to your wardrobe also using a hanger to keep them ready for your next wear.

Organizing your clothes is a big step towards a clean bedroom because piles of clothes on your chair or on the bed or even on the floor is a big source of a mess in your bedroom, so once you are done with organizing your clothes you have crossed a great way in your journey to a tidy room.

Clean Your Bed

Your bed is the elephant in the room, this is where you spend the third of your day, and having it clean and tidy is a huge source of positive energy relaxation.

To have a clean bed you will have to strip all your bed linens from bed sheets to pillowcases and comforters, wash all of them in the washing machine on the proper temperature degree so dust and dust mites are removed from them and you are able to sleep peacefully on your bed again.

You will need to also dust your bed and mattress so any remaining dust is cleaned and you are sure that the objects you are sleeping on are safe and clean and the chances of dust mites sharing the bed with you are reduced.

Organize Surfaces

So now you have done 80% percent of the work, you have taken the trash out of your bedroom, organized your clothes, and cleaned your bed, Great Job!

Now you need to take care of the remaining 20%, your surfaces contribute to the overall look and feel of your bedroom, and getting the surfaces organized is a huge win if you want to have a clean bedroom.

Keys, cosmetics products, jewelry, your perfume, and more are all objects that can occupy your surfaces, make sure you keep only the necessary stuff that you use frequently and get rid of the rest. And organize what remains in a neat and proper way so it doesn?t look like a mess.

Clean Surfaces

Pick a cleaner of your choice and wipe surfaces clean, clean the tops and the legs of the objects in your bedroom so everything is the bedroom is cleaned appropriately so there is no chance for dust to pile over any stuff.

Dust Curtains and Carpets

Curtains and carpets are dust magnets that need to be washed and cleaned carefully especially if you have allergies, make sure that you dust and wash them in the washing machine on the appropriate temperature degree so it is cleaned appropriately and there is no dust hiding between the weaves of your stuff.

Wipe Windows and Mirrors

Now your glass is a huge indicator of how clean your bedroom is, you will need to wipe your mirrors and windows with a cleaning agent so the light can go through your windows again and your mirror does its job of reflecting objects in an appropriate way.

Vacuum Your Bedroom

Vacuuming will swallow up all the dust that is around your bedroom and will make sure that your bedroom is free of dust and is a clean space that you can relax in.


Move your stuff and get to every corner of your bedroom so it is cleaned and free of dust, move the tables and chairs, and clean under your bed and around your wardrobe.

This way you are making your bedroom a clean and dust-free space that you can enjoy your time in.

Make your bed

Now that everything is ready you can take your bed linens out of the washing machine and the dryer and make your bed again so you enjoy a great night of peaceful sleep in a clean and tidy bedroom.

How Long Should It Take to Clean a Room?

It will take about an hour to two hours of work if you want to clean your room but that if you have a good routine that keeps your room organized through the week.

If your bedroom is messy and you haven?t cleaned for a while it will probably take more than that but a good rule of thumb that cleaning your bedroom will take you an hour and a half on average every week.

How Often Should I Clean My Bedroom?

It should be a weekly task, this will help things stay under control and help you enjoy a healthy bedroom and make you live in a clean space that will promote positivity to you.

Less frequent than that and things will get out of control and you will find yourself in front a hill that you have to cross so you will probably want to do it, and more frequent than that will make you feel bored and overwhelmed with the task.

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