How Often Should You Wash Silk Pillowcase

The features of your silk pillowcase are the main factors that cause the changes into your face and skin. To make sure that you will be comfortable in your sleep is to have a silk pillowcase that is clean and fragrant. Meaning, you need to wash your silk pillowcase often to prevent the buildup of your sweat and makeup.

Reasons to Wash Your Silk Pillowcase More Often

  • To remove the stain that can result from sticking the pillowcase into your face. People must know that the hair holds more dirt that can be placed into your pillowcase if you directly lean into your pillowcase. So, it is important to change your silk pillowcase to prevent the acne and block spots into your skin.
  • You need to wash your silk pillowcase to remove the body sweat that is absorbed. Your silk pillowcase can absorb the sweat you produce while sleeping, and it helps to make your pillowcase dry. It also makes you feel cool in leaning your head into your silk pillowcase.
  • The smell of your silk pillowcase when it is long used. Silk is breathable, so it allows the odor to enter into your pillowcase and release the good air. However, if you will not wash and change it regularly; it will lessen the breathable properties of your silk pillowcase.
  • If you continue not to wash your pillows often, it will be your habit to sleep with a dirty pillow. Not washing your silk pillowcase often means it will not absorb your sweat anymore. This can lead to your skin irritation, blemishes help, and bad conditions of your skin.
  • It will make your allergies worse. Using your pillowcase that has stain can irritate your skin.
  • To have a fragrant smell of your silk pillowcase. Not washing your silk pillowcase with stain for many days can create an odor that can distract you from sleeping that is the reason why we want to lean on a clean and fragrant silk for comfort.

When to Wash Your Silk Pillowcase

  • You need to wash your silk pillowcase often every two days.
  • If ever your silk pillowcase has stains, wash your silk pillowcase and remove the stains.

Factors that indicate that you should Wash Your Silk Pillowcase

Grass Stain

  • Choose the detergent that you will use to remove your stain.
  • Add vinegar to remove the excess detergent in fiber.

Red Wine

  • You can use detergent to remove the stain on your silk pillowcase so that you will be able to have a clean pillowcase again. Use it for a few days and then change your bed silk pillowcase.
  • In removing the red wine stain from your pillowcase, you need to soak it overnight.


  • Drop the ultra-stain release liquid detergent to the part where there is a stain and gently move it into a circular motion using your finger or toothbrush that you are not using anymore. This should avoid the spreading of the chocolate stain.
  • Use the washing machine to remove the stain.
  • It is always possible to have a chocolate stain on your pillowcase because you want to eat while you are sitting in your bed.
  • Changing your silk pillowcase is necessary to avoid the ants crawling and biting your skin.

Chewing gum

  • If there are kids who love to chew the gum, they will be naughty and place their gums into your pillowcase.
  • Usually, gums can?t be easily removed from your hair, and you will always end up deciding to cut your hair or else it will damage your hair.
  • You need to change your silk pillowcase to prevent the gum from sticking into your hair.

Fruit Juice

  • It is always possible when you have breakfast in your bed.
  • If you accidentally throw up the juice, it will get wet and will leave your pillowcase with stain.
  • You need to change your pillowcase so that you will not smell the scent of juice that dried up into your silk pillowcase.

Benefits of Washing Your Silk Pillowcase

  • You can have a clean and fragrant pillowcase to use.
  • It can help you to prevent having itchiness and redness into your skin.
  • Changing your silk pillowcase regularly can keep your skin healthy.
  • You will feel comfortable in sleeping.
  • If you keep on prioritizing to change your silk pillowcase, it will help you to improve the fiber, and you can ensure that your silk pillowcase will last for one year.
  • It will help you to remove the sweats absorbed from your body.
  • Always practice to change and wash your silk pillowcase
  • Your silk pillowcase will be able to maintain its luxurious look.

Tips to Get Out the Stain

  • You need to change your silk pillowcase to treat the stain quickly.
  • If you didn?t check your pillowcase, it would result from having a dry stain that you will find it difficult to remove.
  • You can use the paper towel so that you can mark and remove the stain in your pillowcase.
  • Always practice to change and wash your silk pillowcase
  • There are various detergents that you can use to have a whiter and shiner silk pillowcase, so it is important that you will choose wisely.
  • Drop a little amount of detergent and use your finger to move the detergent into a circular motion to prevent spreading the stain.
  • Rinse it with water to remove the detergent and stain.
  • If you notice that there is still stain, you can repeat the process to have a whiter and brighter pillowcase.
  • Washing and drying can ensure you to have a silk pillowcase to use in having the routine of often changing your silk pillowcase.

It is important that you should often change your silk pillowcase because you are the one who will benefit from having a good amount of sleep. Consequently, you will also suffer the consequences of failing to do so. You can be an effective and efficient person who continues to aspire to have a clearer skin. There are different stains into your silk pillowcase that will always serve as a reason to often change your silk pillowcase.

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